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  1. Egm89

    Big Johnson Jeep Parts. Indiana

    Well I though like u going over there so Ill send u the money and you buy it for me and send it (obiously with a fee for service) but if u have one I'm more than interested! Ill send u a pm.
  2. Egm89

    Big Johnson Jeep Parts. Indiana

    Humm hey Krusty~ would u ship thoe? Cuz I'm super interested on the woodgrain dash (the darker one)
  3. Egm89

    Misc. MJ and XJ parts

    Cool, lmk
  4. Egm89

    Misc. MJ and XJ parts

    Would you have the 97 ebrake assembly?
  5. Egm89

    Bored throttle bodies

    Whenever you ready to sell lmk, very interested on the renix one👌
  6. Egm89

    Shell, Rims, Tires, Bed swap-San Diego, CA

    Interested on the shell, Ill let you know during the week. San Diegan here
  7. Egm89

    Rookie to rust

    Yeah lol, I called him today and send him the pics, he quoted me 30 bucks lol Sorry man but my truck its still over there, as soon as I cross it ill call you. And probably tom ill send u a video hows that sound. You got your paint?
  8. Egm89

    Rookie to rust

    I did some research on that, i think imma go with the welding route thanks! Yeah thats the route I'm taking thanks for the info man!
  9. Egm89

    Rookie to rust

    And it seems that it was caused by that foam like on the inside of the firewall. Well I think now I have to clean it till i c healthy metal and cut it right?
  10. Egm89

    Rookie to rust

    Yeah turns out it was much worse than expected, now I have a half a fist size hole at the back of my brake pedal.
  11. Egm89

    Little Red Wagon

    Welcome to the club! Kind of miss my ol' 2.5 tbh And that engine bay looks clean!
  12. Hello fellows! Well as the tittle implies, I'm a rookie when it comes to rust, well as I pulled my carpet I found what I think its surface rust. What I'm doing right now its put a wire cup brush on my drill and start "cleaning it" till I see bare metal (or what I think its bare metal) and then clean it with alcohol Ill take better pics tom. So should keep doing the whole thing the same way? Or just where I c the bubbles?
  13. Egm89

    Turbine wheels with new tires SoCal

    I was actually looking again for my new set of wheels but they don't carry them on the size i want!
  14. Egm89

    BIG parts sale from Deep Gap, UPDATE

    And on the dash bezel too!
  15. Egm89

    BIG parts sale from Deep Gap, UPDATE

    Damn, those dark seats looks nice. Pm me too!