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  1. I was thinking sticking with the same one. I mean a saw a post on Fb of a guy running something very similar to it. He said everything was stock that you just need to "tap" into the sensor. Makes me wonder tbh
  2. Hey fellas! So its about time to guve my interior some love so I'm planning on a 97+ dash swap, and then I came up with this idea for a new cluster setup. https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/41290/10002/-1 With this to as well https://www.autometer.com/jeep-tj-direct-fit-gauge-panel.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQiAno_uBRC1ARIsAB496IX0EsV4JSA5wCuEHb0OfepNnHWuwW5S-c7uIoAfzY-i68mvxa6mZeEaAvkDEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Si what do you guys think? Doable? Crazy idea? Keep the oem ones? Btw 1987 swb 4.0 4x4 All stock renix things
  3. Sounds good to me. Ill send you a pm!
  4. How much would you part with one of them?
  5. Are you keeping the TC?
  6. I will look into that thanks pete! Yeah my ultimate dd would be 94+ ax15 external slave Tc from a 97 Dif from a 97 as well 3" lift well done (done already) 8.8 at the back lsd with 4.11 gears 30" or 31" tires I'm almost done just need the 4wd swap and I'm set😎
  7. Yeah pretty sure I'm going to need to drill one, bcs I'm aiming for a 94+ ax15 with the external slave. But over around my area finding stick xjs its a bit tricky to say the least Yes I'm looking for a 94+ ax15 with an external slave, will look for a tc on the same year range aswell. But xjs with manual trans are kind of hard to find around here. And I found one online trans with a matching tc case but wanted 700 bucks for it and I though that was abit steep
  8. Hey fellas! So I've been doing my research to do my 4wd swap. I mostly know what I'm going to need to do it which is: Ax15 4x4 manual tran Transfer cafe Transmission crossmember from the ax15 Both shafts (rear and front) D30 dif which I'm probably going to need to change the gears ratio to 4.11 (I have an 8.8 4.11 gears on the back) But here's whsts been bottering me, its the transfer case transmission specific? Like manual on manual, or automatic on automatic? If any of you with more experience would like to chime on this it would be great! Thanks! Btw picture of my baby
  9. Not hijacking this treat or anything, but at topic at hand its actually not that hard if you take your time to do the research and not just here at CC, but also at Naxja etc etc. And I'm saying this because I think I'm on the same boat as you are my friend, mine its also a 4.0 2wd trying to convert it to a 4wd very close to Pete's specs actually. And not an accomplished mechanic or anything but this truck are so straight forward (not counting electronics; those are a PITA) that after all month of research I decided to pull the trigger on parts. Ax15 94+ come with the external slave (you want that trust me) And the transmission thing that volts into it (forgot the name) you need that aswell. Come on man! Lets do it
  10. Is it to late for this?😬
  11. Pm sent and paypal as well Thanks pete!
  12. Well I though like u going over there so Ill send u the money and you buy it for me and send it (obiously with a fee for service) but if u have one I'm more than interested! Ill send u a pm.
  13. Humm hey Krusty~ would u ship thoe? Cuz I'm super interested on the woodgrain dash (the darker one)
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