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  1. Stalled again This time after getting the ignition coil replaced. The shop said it's probably an electrical issue. Had to get it towed this time, so I brought it to my auto electrician. Didn't get a chance to snap pics of the engine compartment. Glad it's getting another look by a professional sooner rather than later I suppose! I had the shop check the U-joints, and they didn't think they needed to be replaced. It's a 2WD Will do some more research on the open cooling system. Thanks y'all!
  2. I believe the steering box bracket is still stock. Looked up "the cure," I would need four of these right? I did have the shop replace inner and outer tie rod ends so I'm assuming they would have changed the linkage? Steering Stabilizer has not been changed. I have some Sylvania xtravision head lights to put in. Going to ask about differential fluids. Transmission fluid has been changed, and radiator is new so assuming that has a new cap too. Truck is at the shop right now so I can't look to check on things at the moment. Is the pressure bottle the coolant reservoir? I know the previous owner had issues with overheating. Radiator, water pump, coolant, hoses, and thermostat have been swapped. I just looked over a "closed to open system" thread and trying to make sure I understand the process, does it mean adding an overflow bottle? Is this difficult to do?
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! Definitely have been appreciating all the resources and knowledge this forum has to offer. Yep slow and steady sounds good. Yeah! At the top of my list.
  4. Hah so went to pick up the truck just now, pulled out and drove a few blocks then stalled out, refused to start. The shop had done the following work: - replaced the steering box, old one was shot - transmission fluid change - oil change + oil filter They sent someone out to me and they got it going. Said it was probably a bad ignition coil and are going to replace it free of charge. I guess it's better that it happened now and not later. I reaaalllly want to get to the confidence inspiring stage! Planning on taking it in to another shop for a AAA 40 point inspection (free in socal right now!) hoping to knock out some of Cruiser's tips before that though. Am I being realistic here?
  5. Three used Cooper Cobra Radial G/T Tires! $50, located in zip 90042. Still got some life in them, were too big for my wheels. I'm not a pro at judging, so pricing them low to get them outta my place. I'm moving so they gotta go! Make an offer, thanks!
  6. Anyone have a short bed camper shell up for grabs in decent shape? I can pick up anywhere from Southern California to the Bay Area. Thanks!
  7. Haha. Ok I think I grabbed a good one. Here are my materials so far, in addition to a decent Crescent tool set. I have a can of DeoxIT coming in the mail too. Missing anything else? What kinds of eyelets do folks normally use? Will probably need a few other wires too. Also going to get a gas can, fire extinguisher, and jack kit for the road. Trying to have an outlook of monetary abundance hopefully won't regret it later!
  8. Almost just picked up a multimeter earlier but they were out of stock! So self-ranging = auto ranging right? Fluke like this one?
  9. Nice! Just checked out the Dakota writeups. Lucky for me, my friend pulled a bench out of another Manche. Hoping it'll go in easy
  10. Yep, I have the electrical volume that has the wiring diagrams. I just reached out to a buddy who is an electrician so I'm hoping he can help me grasp the electrical theory. Gonna grab those other items for my Cruiser's toolkit, thanks!
  11. I do have the factory service manual, so that will be helpful. It's a lot of information Will try to break it down and google! Found a few helpful videos already. Thanks for the tip. Nice!
  12. One other thing- there is an over rail truck bed liner currently on. I have to remove this in order to put on a camper shell right?
  13. Following! I'm about to try swapping a bench in where my bucket seats currently are too.
  14. Good to know! Checking on the steering box. Totally! I just upgraded my AAA membership to premium I am interested in doing more of the work myself in the future, with time hopefully I'll gain the know-how. I've been a little overwhelmed by Cruiser's tips. I don't know my way around under the hood so I'm not really sure how to start. Anyone in the LA area want to mentor me on this? Can supply beers! Some other additions I'm trying to fit in are a new radio, going to try to add an aux to it with a kit from @Minuit (very helpful information on all the radios, thank you!!), also a camper shell, and a bench seat. I found an s10 shortbed topper for sale for $550... would be cool to find one cheaper but will see. I now have 18 days before I hit the road!
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