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  1. Oh man thanks for offering! My sidekick's destination was actually Richmond, and I parked it in Charlottesville. The other half of the story that I haven't mentioned yet is that I'm leaving the country today for a year for school so sadly I won't be able to work on the truck for a while. Sounds like my dad has some interest though, I might try to get him on here. He's going to try to sort out the slave stuff and drive it occasionally while I'm gone. Hahhh But yes, amazing advice all around, I couldn't have done it without y'all! I'm glad I took the tr
  2. Thanks guys. Ended up calling my last AAA tow to get us the last leg. In a perfect world would have used your tips but we were kinda in the middle of nowhere and both had to get to our destination tonight. Fixes to be continued!
  3. Where is the bell house? If I poured clutch fluid in could I drive for a while?
  4. I’m not seeing fluid leaking in large amounts... but the repairs were done maybe 800 miles ago. This is what I’m looking at:
  5. Also just looked under the hood and I think the clutch fluid is pretty gone, below the low marker. The cap seal appears to be cracked Bummed after dishing out cash to have it fixed!!
  6. Soo we made it to Southwestern Virginia and are having problems again. It seems there’s air in the system that needs to be bled out. Pumping the clutch was working up til now but we may be at a standstill again The good news, I dry shifted once on the road! To get us to a safe resting area. Glad y’all alerted me to that option. Don’t really want to rely on that for the rest of the drive though. Any tips? @Pete M @JustEmptyEveryPocket anyone else? Thanks!
  7. You guys were on the money! They are replacing the master cylinder, slave cylinder, and clutch. Also had a power steering leak.
  8. Thanks for the tips! Is this what’s called dry shifting? The tow guy mentioned that. Haha thanks. So does that mean an 89 will take longer?
  9. The towers have picked us up! They felt out the clutch and think the slave cylinder is bad. We’re on our way to Tulsa to get it fixed. Wish us luck! Any other tips appreciated too.
  10. I’m not sure how the clutch fluid is. Where is that under the hood? It seems inconsistent but right now it’s moving with the engine off. I have a tow coming... hopefully it will be an easy fix?
  11. Update! We are having problems shifting. Seems to have changed pretty quickly. I had just checked the oil and the level seemed good. It’s hard/not possible to move the shifter knob when needed. Any ideas what’s happening? We’re by Bristow, OK right now.
  12. Three days in and she’s running strong! Had to take a break in Mojave to cool down on a grade but otherwise the engine has stayed cool. Ended up camping by Zion the first night and took the recommendation on sleeping under the stars. Was so beautiful! Cruised through Grand Staircase too and stopped at lake Powell. Heading towards TN today
  13. That sounds awesome. Have always wanted to go to Zion! Thanks! Setting off tomorrow AM! Nice! Maybe we can cruise through and say hi!
  14. Destination is Richmond, VA. Planning on sticking to 40 for the most part, still figuring out the last bit. And check out the killer camper shell I snagged yesterday!!
  15. Well wahoo!! I made it from LA to SF and back with no problems. With thanks to my shop for fixing up my cooling system and a few other things they found in their inspection, as well as with thanks to y'all for guiding me through it all. Was grinning driving up the 5. The way back last night felt a little post apocalyptic though on account of all the wildfire smoke. Hope all the Cali folks are staying safe!
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