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  1. Hey everyone. I believe I totaled my 1987 L6 Comanche today. It looks like only the radiator and fan are destroyed but the front end structurally may be very messed up. I loved this truck. I just don’t think there will be any way I can afford to fix it. But before this it was in great condition. It only has 116000 miles on it. these trucks are becoming so rare that I would hate to just send it to the junk yard. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do?
  2. Hi everyone I’m back with questions. I have an 87 L6 manual. the parking brake won’t catch anymore. I’m assuming the teeth on the catch are worn down. does someone make that part? Or has anyone else dealt with this? thanks
  3. I didn’t see the 87 manual on the site. I thought it changed after 88
  4. Do you have any manuals you’d recommend?
  5. I replaced the starter. All good. my old one is caked with old old oil nothing fresh. I will be honest I’m not really an experienced car mechanic. I’m a carpenter. I’m smart and handy. But if this hadn’t worked I would not have known what to do. thanks for responding to my question everyone.
  6. Yes. I’m in neutral. Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
  7. Hi everyone. I’ve seen a few threads on here about starters, but wasn’t seeing one that answered my question. I apologize if I missed one. I have a 1987 6 cylinder manual transmission for the last few weeks every once in awhile when I go to turn it on it has a very hard time turning over and sounds like the battery is almost dead. But it’s not and it will start right up on the next try. Although it has been taking longer for it to fire up. tonight I went out to start it and it kind of turned over but didn’t start and the next time I turned the key there was nothing. No clicking. Not even a slight turn over. I open the door and listened and when I turn the key there is a whirring sound but that’s it. Does this sound like it’s likely the starter? that’s what I would guess but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this. thanks.
  8. Hey. I just saw this. Yeah. How much would you want for one of the units? Thanks man.
  9. Does anyone have any idea where to get a wiring harness? I found this one. It says it won’t work but the connectors look the same.
  10. I’m looking for a complete factory AC assembly for my 1987 6 speed.
  11. Yeah. I was talking to my Jeep guru yesterday about replacing the thermostat housing with one that has the extra hole to install an after market temp gauge. But man it’s so hard to tell if what I’m looking at is actually going to fit my 87. Getting parts it becoming very hard. The Cherokee from that 86-90 era are the same though right?
  12. Comanche chief. I love that you’re doing this as I’m about to do the same thing and I like that you’re doing it in 2019. As opposed to 2011. When this thread began. Where have you sourced your parts?
  13. Here’s kind of a stupid question. I’m concerned that my overheat warning light isn’t functioning and it’s getting hot. Does anyone know how to check this?
  14. Yes. I’m just about to put an AC unit in my 87 that never had it and want all the info I can get. Thanks.
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