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  1. I’m looking for a complete factory AC assembly for my 1987 6 speed.
  2. Yeah. I was talking to my Jeep guru yesterday about replacing the thermostat housing with one that has the extra hole to install an after market temp gauge. But man it’s so hard to tell if what I’m looking at is actually going to fit my 87. Getting parts it becoming very hard. The Cherokee from that 86-90 era are the same though right?
  3. Comanche chief. I love that you’re doing this as I’m about to do the same thing and I like that you’re doing it in 2019. As opposed to 2011. When this thread began. Where have you sourced your parts?
  4. Here’s kind of a stupid question. I’m concerned that my overheat warning light isn’t functioning and it’s getting hot. Does anyone know how to check this?
  5. Yes. I’m just about to put an AC unit in my 87 that never had it and want all the info I can get. Thanks.
  6. Hi. For some reason I can’t create a post in the wanted section. I hope it’s ok to reach out here. I need an an armrest for an 87 on the passenger side door. My interior is blue but the arm reat doesnt need to be. Thanks.
  7. i got into an accident the other day while it was raining. The car in front of me stopped suddenly and I jammed on the brakes and avoided the car but hit the curb with my wheels turned all the way left. So the rim hit the curb basically flat against it. That bent the rim. But I took it to an alignment place and they said they thought something is bent in the steering gear box because amazingly my alignment is fine but my steering wheel is off center to the left about 20°.
  8. Oh really? I was looking through my chiltons manual. And it said the engine needed to be moved for part of the suspension. The upper sway bar I think.
  9. Thanks. Yeah. I’ve been doing a lot of research this morning. I need to replace the suspension in the front and the steering gearbox. I was hoping I might be able to do it on my own but from my research it involves moving the engine which puts it outside of my capabilities. I was kind of hoping to find a database of Jeep mechanics in my area.
  10. I will need to pay a shop. Unless it’s something that could be done by a novice.
  11. all that plus the gear box not the brakes.
  12. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to rebuild the front end of my Comanche. It’s 2wd standard trans
  13. This is an old thread. Does anyone have any updates on this? I looked into buying a kit from ready made air in Texas but it’s like 1200$. I have an 87 Comanche that I love but the lack of AC is killing me.
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