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  1. can you post a picture with something next to it for size reference?
  2. @MeanLemons @Pete M sorry for the delay on replying. Is it literally pull out the electric cables and plug in the mechanical speedo? are we talking about these gears? maybe I'm over . complicating but I want to make sure it's not a ton of trouble.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking at picking up the np231 out of a '97 XJ that @MeanLemons built and i had a quick question - does anyone know if there's an issue with the later year NP231s having a different speedo output style, and if they are able to bolt up with earlier years? It doesn't look like it's a problem but want to be sure. Novak has this on their website: Early 231s from 1988 through 1991 featured a conventional mechanical (cable) drive speedometer output. In 1992, Jeep introduced a three-wire, digital square wave Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), in the vein of modern automotive systems.
  4. @Egm89 it's a pretty generic kit. They send you several sizes of uncut hoses and you cut to fit.
  5. cool. is that via ups? Double checking on the spline count for my truck and let you know. Want to have this on deck for when I do my suspension!
  6. do you happen to have the spring perches? looking to get a couple sets for backups. shipping to 90019. thanks in advance
  7. A local MJ owner (thanks hector if you are on here!) hooked me up with a sick MJ hood with the Mach 1 mustang hood scoop, inspired by the JCR manche. I believe it's an original hood scoop with the original turn signal lenses. A little work needs to be done above/below to clean it up but it's functional and I love the look. My old hood had some damage around the corners from an accident the PO had. Still debating the bedliner stripe... I also will be redoing my posi-lok system this weekend as it broke last trip out. I called posilok/sporttruck and they warrantied it and are sending me a new cable, which is awesome. I figured I'd replace my t-case linkage while I'm at it, so I got the Azzy's kit. The quality is top notch and the MJ decal is sweet. Too bad nobody will ever see it!
  8. i went and checked out that MJ. Topper is def. not for a comanche. nowhere near a tight fit. I grabbed a lot of the good parts but there's still b-pillars, rear flares and fuel sending unit/gas tank as of friday.
  9. ISO dana 44 spring plates, shipping to 90019. anyone got a set laying around?
  10. welcome! looks like an awesome truck and all intact. The topper is sweet. What are your plans with it?
  11. Hit the JY today again. Only thing gone since I went Tuesday was the 2.5l engine. Grabbed the tailgate, a piece of trim for @Swampy, a headliner board and some other little odds and ends. The fuel sending unit and rear flares are still there, wish I brought an impact gun. Will post pics tomorrow!
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