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  1. crumbscomanche

    Jeepspeed Class 1700 Question

    update if anyone is interested. I spoke with Mike, one of the co-owners of jeepspeed, about this and the organization for awhile the other day. It all comes down to wheelbase and wheel travel. since the MJs are spring under and are competing with SOA vehicles it supposedly would give comanches an unfair advantage when built to spec. I'm going to be meeting with him in the next couple weeks though to explore class 2700 options for my truck. with any luck I can get involved in the next couple of years!
  2. crumbscomanche

    California Comanche

    I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Unfortunately I think one of the visor springs got broken during the process so now it won't stay up
  3. crumbscomanche

    Forum category idea

    sweet! saw the request in the pub. I'll see what I can dig up!
  4. crumbscomanche

    Forum category idea

    I think this is the right place to suggest ideas.. what about a forum thread or subthread for publications or articles featuring comanches? There's some cool stuff out there from 4wheelernetwork, JP magazine, etc. and it might be nice to have an easy place to go to reference stuff.
  5. crumbscomanche

    Look what I spied...

    beautiful truck. and the backstory makes it all that much better. welcome
  6. crumbscomanche

    Jeepspeed Class 1700 Question

    so any lwb comanche would have to compete up a class in the 2700 I guess? I emailed Mike at jeepspeed but didn't hear back, though I think there's an event this weekend.
  7. crumbscomanche

    Jeepspeed Class 1700 Question

    Hi all, random question. Checking out the jeepspeed organization and the class 1700 rules specifically say swb MJs are permitted. Does anyone know if LWB are not allowed in the 1700 class and, if they aren't, why? Thanks Here's the verbiage: The Jeepspeed Challenge is for short wheel base Jeeps with 6 Cylinder and 4 cylinder engines produced since 1984, excluding Pentastar DOHC engines and 2018 Wranglers which must run Jeepspeed Class 2700. Vehicles must be stock wheel base +/- 2" not to exceed 110.5". (Grand Cherokee WK 108.5, +/- 2") Short w.b. Comanche pickups will be permitted at stock wheelbase +/- 1" but rear wheel travel will be restricted to 10".Two door Wrangler JK models will be restricted to the 3.8 OHV engine
  8. crumbscomanche

    California Comanche

    had the headliner finished and visors reframed by my neighbor who owns a reupholstery shop. looks like new
  9. crumbscomanche

    California Comanche

    hahaha I think they were supposed to be beefier silicone ones. I'm going to need to clean up all the hoses once I have the rest in. Not sure how I feel about the evap to air box line going right over the valve cover.
  10. crumbscomanche

    California Comanche

    more stuff from the summer prep list. new silicone vacuum lines from hspi motorsports. they forgot to pack the couple of T pieces I'll need to finish up but really happy with how this turned out. before: after:
  11. crumbscomanche

    mj intererior

    do you have a grey arm rest? shipping to 90019
  12. crumbscomanche

    California Comanche

    All done with dynamat and reflectix for now, very pleased with the results. I left the truck parked in the sun yesterday to see if I could notice a difference and it sure felt a lot cooler. Just waiting on headliner samples so I can finish the board
  13. crumbscomanche

    Installing JK Wrangler Shocks

    great write up! I had an extra set laying around a few months ago and could've used this to save some money. hope to see more
  14. crumbscomanche

    Original dealer invoice

    I think they changed the name to Premier Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep.
  15. crumbscomanche

    Original dealer invoice

    Look what I found buried in the glove box this week: pretty cool to have the original invoice. I was surprised to see it went for $15k!