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    Cleveland, TN
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    Restoration of British sports cars. Bought the MJ spring of 2017 as a replacement for my IHC Scout that was totaled a few years back. About 95% finished with restoration now (spring 2018) and enjoying this great little truck.

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  1. I used the Summit gauge and fittings from Home Depot with a short piece of copper tubing. Been in there about a year now and still works fine.
  2. Euramtec appears to be out of business now but BassCat boat company still has some in stock. I sourced a couple from them last week and they work great. If you want to make this conversion, best order some quick. https://www.basscatstore.com/search.aspx?find=51011
  3. I am usually pretty good about labeling everything as I dismantle to repair or restore. Somehow I missed this interior trim piece from my 87 MJ. Everything else is back in place and would like this to be back in the truck also. I expect is goes on the right side somewhere (RH at the end of the part #) but can't figure out where. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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