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    Restoration of British sports cars. Bought the MJ spring of 2017 as a replacement for my IHC Scout that was totaled a few years back. About 95% finished with restoration now (spring 2018) and enjoying this great little truck.

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  1. Installation of the Rostra unit is actually quite simple. Since it is totally "electronic" no vacuum tie ins are required. The system involves just four components: The electronic unit that controls throttle position and is mounted in the engine bay, the control switch mounted in a convenient location near the steering wheel, the magnetic pickup mounted next to the drive shaft, and the wiring harness. If you happen to have the factory VSS sensor in your rig you can tie directly into that and will not need the magnetic pickup at the driveshaft. It ends up being a very clean install and works quite well, at least so far (only have about 100 miles on it to date). I mounted the electronic unit directly to the shock tower between the attachment and lock nuts using the included bracket and installed the control switch to the left of the steering column. Had to make a little cutout on the relay cover to clear the electronic unit and drill a 5/16" hole in the bracket above the throttle control lever but no other alterations to the vehicle. Wiring harness was run through an existing hole in the bulkhead. The Rostra units are readily available and sold by several vendors on eBay. As stated earlier, I have identical units on two old British sports cars and they have been working great for years. Just follow the instructions included with the kit and your all set.
  2. Thanks to everyone for input on this topic. I ended up using a magnet/coil pickup that came with the Roku unit. Just finished the install and will be testing later today. Will post pictures, eventually, for those who want to add aftermarket type CC. I have these electronic units on a couple old British sports cars and they work quite well and due not require a vacuum source.
  3. Quick question on this same subject. I have an 87 4.0/automatic which, far as I can see, did not come with factory Cruise Control. I am planning to add an aftermarket kit (Rostra) and was wondering if all Comanches had to speed sensor and wiring included, even if the cruise option was not ordered?? If so, where in the harness would I fine the blue and gray wires from the speed sensor. Thanks!
  4. Virginia, on my 87, 4.0 Renix it is located near the bottom of the evaporative emissions canister. Looking up from underneath, the end looks like a sort of "pinch valve" and appears to me about 3/4" diameter. Might be different on your 91, but you should be able to find it from underneath in approximately the same position. Use a stiff wire (i.e. coat hanger) to rod it out.
  5. Make sure the AC condensate drain is open. I was getting water in that area, thinking I had a leak, but ended up was actually a plugged drain.
  6. I used the Summit gauge and fittings from Home Depot with a short piece of copper tubing. Been in there about a year now and still works fine.
  7. Euramtec appears to be out of business now but BassCat boat company still has some in stock. I sourced a couple from them last week and they work great. If you want to make this conversion, best order some quick. https://www.basscatstore.com/search.aspx?find=51011
  8. I am usually pretty good about labeling everything as I dismantle to repair or restore. Somehow I missed this interior trim piece from my 87 MJ. Everything else is back in place and would like this to be back in the truck also. I expect is goes on the right side somewhere (RH at the end of the part #) but can't figure out where. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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