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  1. This is it few days after I got it and washed it up and the blue mj build is a buddy’s 86 mj he built for Baja and i know I wouldn’t be able to make mine quite as sweet as his but it’s an idea for what I’d possibly like to do,, we own a built 95 two door and a built 99 two door xjs and then my 89 mj I’m building and dd, 🙂👍
  2. Just did my first clip swap 1989 to a 2000 front end. Swear it looks like I’ve done it before lol
  3. You guys rock! Thanks tons i traded my 87 2 door xj for this gem and it sat for last 22 years! And i got it from the original owner and here's the kicker it has heavy duty 3 in trailmaster lift with lca drop brackets adjutable upper and lower control arms and i just hit 84,800 miles! My emissions matience timer lit up too 🤟🏻😁
  4. So this is my build sheet?
  5. Thanks guys!!!! Here it is my 1989 AMC jeep Comanche 4x4 ax15 five speed long bed
  6. Hey there been going crazy looking for a build sheet or the paint color code for my comanche any info really helps thanks!! Charles 1989 jeep comanche pioneer 4x4 vin 1J7FJ36L0KL616578
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