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  1. Got the new wheel installed late last night. It's a bit worn, but it matches the rest of the interior for now so it's good I'll probably get a radio from JRE once I scrape money together. Also, since I won't be doing any offroading in this, I am considering selling off the fuel tank skid to someone who needs it more.
  2. I also forgot to mention that I have a fuel tank skid plate. Not sure if that's a cool thing to have or not but it adds some peace of mind.
  3. Yeah. I can't wait until 5 years from now when I look back on how silly I was But really, I hope I have my Comanche for a long time. I want to to college in Europe, which really leaves me with the option of selling it or shipping it to my new country... But that's in a while, so I'll enjoy my Jeep now while I still have it
  4. I honestly like the way the paint fading looks. Anyways, that's one hell of a find! It doesn't deserve the "for parts" destiny
  5. The speed isn't too important since I can just match nearby car's speeds, but clocking miles is really important. If I get some more energy later today I'll put in the old speedo, I didn't consider that.
  6. Got to work on the truck with my Dad today We found the issue of the fuel leak. The o-ring was super loose, so we got to work tightening it and there should be no leak anymore I'm happy it was this easy. Next, we started working on the interior. We don't have a steering wheel puller so I can't change the wheel until tomorrow, hopefully. The new cluster (which is older, so the old cluster? ) has been installed except the speedo cable. The plan is to drive without a speedometer to the yard tomorrow to pick up the speedo cable, oil pressure&temp senders. Other than that though, all the gauges work . We also need to get an original radio, I want to restore this Jeep to its former glory and the 2003 aftermarket radio is too fancy and stands out too much. Once I fix the door latch not opening from the inside, the Jeep will be problem free! (for the most part)
  7. The needle was moved about when I cleaned it up. After cleaning, it was at 20, then I pulled it, and put it back at 20. I am a newbie when it comes to cars, so as time goes on I'll quit doing stuff the stupid way
  8. I've got some rustoleum matte black spray paint for my bumpers - I was thinking about painting the grille and header panel chrome, do you guys think that would look good? If not, then I'd just paint it with the same black as the bumper.
  9. Okay, thanks! Do you know where I can pick up an appropriate cable? The one from the car would be nice but the yard is only open on Saturdays, and I'd like to have this working sooner than that. I won't see my MJ for a month or two after this weekend
  10. Wait, is the thing poking out the back the speedo cable?
  11. Should I go back to the yard and get the original cable? It's still there.
  12. Not the best photo but I took it apart and cleaned it up. The odometer is exactly 23,000 miles low. If the speedometer cable doesnt work, then I'll just swap in the speedo from my old cluster not the mot then
  13. Ah, regular maintenance and checks I said. I went to a nearby junkyard today and scored some awesome stuff! I got this wheel for only $25. It's in good condition for the price. I also got this badge just to keep in my room, maybe put it on Sunny if she gets a 4wd swap. And I got my favourite cluster! I've cleaned it up and it's going in soon. I was so stoked to find one so quickly. There was some other things I wanted to get, but my wallet said no... (time to get that job ) One was a pair of chrome door handles for $50 And a chrome grill in perfect condition for $100. Which is still overpriced in my opinion. I've also decided to stick with my bench seat for now. Comanche total costs: $25-New steering wheel $40-New cluster
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