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  1. It has the stock 304 with emissions equipment removed. I'll probably only engine swap if this one has a catastrophic failure or something, it's already a bit overpowered. (atleast it feels like that since I'm a new driver) It's around 10mpg now, so I can't imagine how the 360 would be.
  2. My dad saw the CJ we have now and wanted to trade the MJ for it since he thought it was cooler, and it was a hard deal to pass up. This is the new owner wanting to sell it I guess. I'm trying to keep track of it since possibly I'll want to buy it back in a few years when I have my own money.
  3. This would be mine, but I'm not the one selling. Hopefully it falls in good hands.
  4. Hey! Last month I got this beautiful CJ-5. As with any 40+ year old car, it's not perfect. <Side note>, browsing CJ forums makes me enjoy this place a lot more. People are much more friendly, and the website actually looks like its been updated within the last 15 years. It has a fibreglass tub, and the 304 with emissions removed. 3 speed. It runs great, surprisingly, but it doesn't steer so well. There's a lot of play in steering, and when I got it over 35, I could barely keep it in the lane. From here on out, my dad did the work as I was with my mom. I do get to visit him for two days, so that's nice. We decided to start at the steering box. It seemed that the entire steering system remained unchanged since 1978, so as things were taken off, they basically had to be replaced. This turned into a complete steering overhaul. Here is as it sits now: I got the tie rods and pitman rod in today. Hopefully we can take it to the alignment tomorrow to finish the job and be able to drive over 40mph. While working on it, the hood cracked. That's great. Hopefully the rest of the body doesn't do that 🥺 That's it for now She has no name yet, so if you have ideas, let me know
  5. Here's my newly acquired 1978 CJ-5. I may start a build thread for it, but there isn't much to do besides basic maintenance and some electrical work.
  6. I still chuckle every time I see the code CGW Air Bags - Front, Next Generation** I'm very glad my Comanche has next generation airbags
  7. I've been back to the MJ. For the first time, I've had my driving permit and my Comanche for the first time. So, after 7 months, I finally drove her on the road. Yes, I know, I am going slow in the passing lane. I didn't have my speedometre in at the time so I was just going along at what I thought was reasonable. Luckily there were only two people around. There's a lot of correcting at higher speeds, and the exhaust leak really makes its presence at higher speeds. My shifting isn't very good, but atleast I'm not riding the clutch too much or grinding gears. I also know I started braking far too early for my left turn, which is something I wouldn't have noticed if I never watched the video. Maybe I should get a dashcam to look over my driving as I learn I plan on executing my plan about bucket seats. After hearing the praise about comfort, and the added centre console for an armrest, I decided its worth it. I've always liked the look of the bucket seats over the bench seat too.
  8. Well, I typically only see my dad a few days a month due to divorced parents, and him living pretty far from my mom. I went to visit my father, and my mom is too scared to take me back since I'm exposed to the virus. Therefore, I get to see my dad for the next few months
  9. Sorry to hear, but you will get your job back soon, don't worry
  10. If you post your vin, someone here can get you a build sheet.
  11. I don't even use my phone that much, but I get around one to three scam calls a month. If the caller isn't someone I recognize I just hang up immediately. On the other hand, my e-mail...
  12. I initially wanted to switch to the buckets, but the bench is surprisingly really comfortable. However, I do think buckets and centre console make the interior look much better.
  13. Spotted a really nice (perfect) maroon red MJ in Thornton today
  14. Luckily I'm too young to have to worry much about a financial crisis. I wish you luck with your business
  15. I have plans to get back in the stock market game sometime soon with healthcare and travel stocks. It seems the more populated areas are having more panic.
  16. Spring Break started today, and it's been extended a week, so no school until April 1. Sadly, it seems that they will add another week of school to the end, shortening summer
  17. Hello, I'm looking for some photos of no lift MJs with 31s. I think it looks nice and am thinking about putting it on my MJ. (I know about the WJ lower control arm)
  18. Saw a Comanche today! Was red, 97+, short bed I think. Big lift, maybe 6-7 inches. Doors were off. Near Arapahoe and Parker. Let me know if this was you or know someone with a Comanche like that
  19. Hey, is that radio delete panel still available?
  20. CODriver

    CC Handles

    I didn't want to use my regular username since its... childish so I came up with the most literal thing I could.
  21. Nice . I love adding features to my base model, when I'm bored I go to the Jeep website and "build my own" Jeep, customizing the options. But with the MJ, I can just pull the options from the junkyard or a parts store and install them!
  22. CODriver


    Something must be up, swap? The website has photos, and it shows the comanche having an i6, but that build sheet says V6... Nevermind, it's a reused code.
  23. Hey, I'm back with more questions (soo surprising). So I'm looking to get a new speedometer cable, and I see these pioneer ones. It says it fits the 1986 Cherokee, but then says that it also fits the 87 and 88 I'm wondering if you guys have any experience with these aftermarket cables. https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/speedometer-cable/pioneer-speedometer-cable-ca-3004/1665_0_23377
  24. Little update, I installed the wheel a few degrees too far to the left and now the center steering is a tad bit to the right. Such a silly oversight by me
  25. Got the new wheel installed late last night. It's a bit worn, but it matches the rest of the interior for now so it's good I'll probably get a radio from JRE once I scrape money together. Also, since I won't be doing any offroading in this, I am considering selling off the fuel tank skid to someone who needs it more.
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