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  1. I really wish I could, but my health won't allow it right now. I had enough saved up to be able to make the trip too, but there's just no way I can justify being so far away from my doctors if something does happen.
  2. Bought Baby when I was 16 for $600 not even knowing what I had just bought. It took me until I was 21 to get the title away from my mom because she liked it so much as well. Oldest picture I have of her (circa 2005) Last time I seen her (as Jeepco had her loaded up to go to his place) In between then, she has seen a number of minor cosmetic changes (a lot of which I wouldn't dare do knowing what I do now). When I get her back, she should be only one phase away from being just as I always envisioned her to be.
  3. Does it make me evil if I shock him for over a minute straight? And intentionally make the wrong cut? Oh, and I kept the pill for myself. As soon as I stop seeing little green guys flying around and can get rid of the garden gnomes in my living room, I will let you all know what it was. :banana:
  4. MiNi, that is inspiration. For those of us with XJ's; as that's what it is. Still very nicely done though.
  5. 6'1" here as well, and even in my XJ, with the rocker seats, I still have comfortable head and leg room. I can't say on my MJ though, as it's getting racing seats, but with the bench it had, I had a lot of room as well.
  6. I see what you did there. Most people don't realize that they're misusing their words there in a sentence. Some people do realize it, but do it anyways to see who catches it. Then there are some people that know their differences, and they're the ones to make comments like this. [/end
  7. Add to the list my condolences, I know many an official of the law that are out to do right, and not what the book says is right. He passed away doing what any person should do' protect their own. In that regard, I commend him. I can only wish my passing would be similar to his; saving anouther life. I will openly admit I am not a religious person, but I know full well that he is in a better place than here, and is happy, just awaiting the time to see his family and friends.
  8. It is an addiction that is hard to kick, much like any street drug. Once you have had one, you must have the rest and the best!
  9. Cereal? Green ghey Butt Packers colours on the motor and intake? Blech!! Other than that, I'd say it was a good buy to flip.
  10. yep the center caps make the wheels look real dirty :yes: Looks REAL good though! :brows: Just clean her up a bit more, and she will look great! Glad you accepted he caps, they went to a good home.
  11. Looks good! I can't wait to see how them center caps set it off though.
  12. beaterjeep


    I guess I am in the minority then, I absolutely love it! Imagine that truck with everything that Baby has/will have done to her? :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  13. True enough, that's what sets this group apart from others, the diversity, but mutual respect for one anouther.
  14. Hey, you were first in line, I am a respectable man, so if you can take it, then it shall be. If for some reason that deal falls through, then that's a horse of a different colour, and I shall see if my fundings allow such a transaction.
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