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    Please post your VIN and one of the guys will get you a build sheet.
  2. Wow, you’d think it would have lasted longer than that. Thank you. Thank you. I always read that the 8.25 was a great axle.
  3. I’ve heard about them dripping valve seats. It is at about 200,000 miles, but is dirt cheap. Thanks guys!
  4. I’m possibly going to look at a 06 KJ tomorrow with a 3.7. I have kept up with Jeff and Pete’s debacles with their KJs, but is there anything really major to keep an eye out for? I already know that this one needs a rear axle. I can think of watching for major rust and fuel and brake line rust off of the top of my head.
  5. So are these like air shocks for the rear? Of course, there are plenty of other parts a cocoa red, but I’m trying to wrap my head around what it is. I know there was something like that for the Eagles with the higher towing capacity. If you can confirm they are the same between Eagle and XJ, I can post in the Eagle FB groups.
  6. Let’s give that a shot then. I never felt like I had as many pics as some, but I have done quite a few more videos lately.
  7. Gosh, I left my truck sit all winter in less than 32 degree weather with the battery hooked up (December-Late March) and it didn’t kill it. Is your glovebox light turning off?
  8. I still think it would be awesome to do a mostly stock exterior with the 2.8. It would be the best of both worlds.
  9. Not that it’s a competition, but my dad, brother, and I can get an engine/transmission/transfer case/wiring harness out of one of these in about 7 hours and then have the body back on the frame and rolled out.
  10. On a related note to eaglescout’s comment: I don’t think their hand is particularly worried about flowers…
  11. The number of bytes that I can upload has been getting smaller and smaller, for no apparent reason that I have found. My mad total size on this post is 758.38 kB. I’m uploading a picture of the last time I posted a pic.
  12. My guess was going to be ABS.
  13. 89 MJ

    College Vehicle

    Some of you have some wild college stories. I don’t know if I want to hear the ones without the vehicles involved.
  14. That looks like a lot of oil for an RMS. I’d check the oil pan gasket first.
  15. We need more pics of it finished though! It is looking great!
  16. She runs!! It just needs exhaust, shift linkage, a throttle cable, and some better wire routing and it will be driveable.
  17. Finally got the front of the car lifted. We still need to do an alignment and it does need some trimming. The car was hit in the front and the fenders have slight buckles under the flares, so I’m not shopping pristine fenders here. Before: After:
  18. 89 MJ


    That was a very low optioned truck, but it looks like a solid one!
  19. I feel like this thread deserves an update.
  20. Could you post pictures of it? Also you should include your location and prices for larger parts.
  21. Looking good. It really seemed to brighten up the building inside.
  22. If those are Wagoneer axles, @Jesse J might be able to help you.
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