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  1. At what point does something like that become no longer a Comanche.? What I see there is really akin to a Nascar car. Yeah.. it might say Toyota on the sticker, but there isn't much there that makes it truly a Toyota.
  2. This month we feature another every day truck with a quality restoration job. Its another great example of what our faithful community members are doing these old warrior trucks! While you are looking at these great pictures, be careful to not sprain an ankle turning around to look at them again! YEAR/MODEL ● 1992 Jeep Comanche Base 2WD (eliminator clone) ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 4.0L High Output Specter Highflow air filter 2.5" exhaust to Magnaflow stainless muffler DRIVETRAIN ● Dana 35 Rear Dana 30 HP Front from a 97 XJ NP231 AX15 External slave 3:07 Gears COOLING ● Stock besides a highflow waterpump But all components are new ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● MSD Blaster Coil Taylor LiveWires Ignition Optima Redtop battery SUSPENSION/STEERING ● BDS 3" liftkit with AAL 2" Chevy lift shackles in the rear to addjust for sagged springs Bilstein 5100 shocks all around V8 ZJ steering INTERIOR ● OEM+ Woodgrain doorpanels from a Cherokee country Woodgrain dash bezel from Cherokee country Center console from a jeep XJ but inlay from a MJ Bucket seats swapped from the same Cherokee country Fancy BMW wooden shift knob with Leather volvo 740 shift boot. BRAKES ● 97 XJ front brakes for simpler servicing Stock Rear brakes but with new hardware LIGHTING ● Hella H4 euro housings Hella Xtreme 55w bulbs Putco H4 relay harness KC 57 Hilites mounted to bumper Random tractor lights mounted to rollbar (until i can find a matching set of KC's) All Lights tied into factory dash switches EXTERIOR ● Factory Bumperettes on front bumper SWB OEM rollbar/Sportbar Chrome edged grille OEM rear mudflaps WHEELS/TIRES ● General Grabber AT2 / 31 x 10.50 R15 American Racing Gambler /15 x 8 3.75 Backspacing MISCELLANEOUS ● Hula girl on dash LED dome lights and cluster bulbs Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ● When I called the old fella who owned my comanche to buy it, he said "sure you can come look at er' this weekend" and when I had told him I was located on the other side of Canada he promptly hung-up the phone thinking I was being a fool It wasn't until I called back and told him I was willing to put a down-payment on it right then and there he knew i was serious. Though, thats one of many memories I have with it. CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ● CC is Awsome cause everyone here is like minded and always willing to help! a vast array of information, and everyone is mature and not childish (well most times! aha) like other XJ/MJ sites And of course... the master and commander of the MJ **Editors not quite ninja edit** I forgot to link the build thread. Enjoy guys!! Your feedback is always welcome folks!!!
  3. whowey

    88 MJ?

    I can't zoom in enough on the emblem, but it looks like the post 86 emblem on the fender with the lower case letters. That however doesn't mean much as it could have been switched or the fender switched.
  4. What part of western IL? I'm a bit east of Fulton. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  5. We have one of those rent a lift places here. Pretty good deal if your not a complete cheap @$$ like me. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  6. whowey

    Dash cams

    So is stopping your car in the middle of the interstate and getting out... and paper license plates with the words License Plate, but that sure doesn't deter Atlanta drivers. I have that 'fancy' Garmin one for $149. I used it when I tried my hand at Uber driving. It worked really well for what it was. My complaint was that only one lens could be active at a time. For my use, I wanted both lenses to be able to be recorded at the same time,
  7. OSHA? Never heard of her.... This looks like the set-up for a Farmers' Insurance commercial.. Janky ladderscaffold-asaurs?? We seen it... didn't cover it.
  8. BTW.. for the sake of posterity, the Dana 35 in Jeeps is 27 spline, not 21. It doesn't matter whether its a C-Clip or non C-Clip axle. The Ford version, I don't remember.. I'm fairly sure its the horrible memories of them being blocked out by my subconscious.
  9. Well, then I read the edited version as this links the version I read.
  10. Reading it.. It was clear, you didn't care for the Gladiator. I thought the quote wasn't contextually used well, but when you include the article structure, I.E. the quote being in the first paragraph and the tone of the second paragraph being negative, it reads much clearer as the quote was intended to highlight Jeep's former innovation vs. the current repackaging marketing focus. I may have to read some of the author's other writing to see if this a trend for him to leave quotes missing context.
  11. Just trying to help you for the next one, or the next guy who wanders across this thread and has an econobox and a budget to match. I assumed that you being in a more civilized area than me, probably have better access to those speciality tools than I do anyway. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  12. Fyi, both Oreillys and Auto Zone have the crimper in their loan a tool program here Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  13. Wal-Mart around here can do the Pats keys for $35. The pressed in hub on the knuckle is supposedly to make assembly faster. I bought a complete assembly when I did ours as i don't really have access to an automotive machine shop anymore. It was about $200 at the time. Crawl underneath and check where the convertor goes into the down pipe. It is bolted with those spring loaded bolts and donut gasket there. I thought it was a cracked or leaking manifold, I found a big chunk of donut gasket missing.
  14. It's a good possibility the harness would break there. It's kinda a strange way it bends there, almost a Chrysler like way. I'm sure it's easier to install that way or uses .0001 cents less wiring. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  15. Our rear hatch switch didn't work. It was absolutely full of road crap/dirt, dried up grease, etc. Once I cleaned it out good and relubed everything it works fine. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  16. Just 3hp is a good increase when you started with 15hp. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  17. Plus that 3/4" suspension lowering on it for extra handling Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  18. That's the sporty model of the older ones Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  19. I think the only colors they came in were red, blue, yellow, white, black and silver. We looked a ton of them and they started to all melt together in my mind from the sameness. Ours has a handcrank sun roof on it. The kid couldn't believe anything ever had a hand crank sunroof. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  20. I have one with the Zetec. The daughter now has it at school. Its an econobox, with the standard econobox stuff. The engine mounts took me about 2 hours to change all three. I put regular rubber ones in both the top mounts and poly inserts into the bottom mount. It REALLY knocked down the weird vibrations in the drive line. The A|C sucks to recharge as the low pressure connection is only accessible through the passenger wheel well. Haven't done a timing belt on it as.. .like you point out, its a non-interference motor, so if it goes, it will get changed then. The next biggest issue is rust. Ours is rusting out in the engine subframe and the uni-body 'frame' rail. Being a southern car, you shouldn't have those issues however. The auto tranny is a like a puddle of mud however... the shifts are very mushy feeling.
  21. whowey

    scam or not...

    I did that also. I broke off more than one or two(only in the Chevy section though ). Stop wrecking my dreams of southern junkyards being filled with rust free gold.
  22. I've bought two foreclosed houses. One from the bank i got the loan from and another from a third party bank. Both times the bank wanted to make the best possible deal for the bank, yes. But and a huge caveat. They could sit on that property and hope someone made a better offer at some point or go to the bargaining table with me and my pre-approved financing. Both times they were willing to bargin with me. The second house, I made a lower offer than another buyer, but having my financing in hand, I could close much more rapidly and the bank took my offer. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  23. whowey


    2.8l auto 4x4. X package. Black on black Chrome trim, door handles, front bumper Factory tow hooks, rear slider In Northern IL awaiting her date with the part out. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  24. I agree.. when I got preapproved, I got a value about twice what I comfortable spending. I could have afforded it, BUT... I would have had to gone with simple things like, lights, hot water and food to pay that much.
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