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Found 2 results

  1. June 2020-JMO413's 88 Pioneer "Ratricha" Build Thread https://comancheclub.com/topic/56932-ratricha-the-88-pioneer/ Year/Model - 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer Drivetrain- Renix 4.0 /BA10-5/ NP231/ Dana 30/Dana 35 Mean Lemons Bored Throttle Body, 4 Hole Bosch Injectors, HO Exhaust Manifold, EGR Delete, Brown Dog Motor Mounts, 90 ECM, New Clutch,flywheel, and Complete clutch Hydraulics. All new exhaust with a Thrush fully welded muffler,flex pipe added, and HO down pipe. POSI locked added to delete CAD vacuum servo. Cooling- Still closed system. All hoses have been replaced along with Coolant pressure bottle and a Napa cap. Mopar water pump and thermostat. Electrical/Ignition- Dirt-Bound battery tray, 34 Series battery, Delco 100 AMP Alternator, Military style battery terminals, custom battery cables, Multiple grounds added, Taylor ThunderVolt wires, and a new distributor. Suspension/Steering- Rusty's Off Road 4.5" Kit with rear springs, Bilstein Rear Shocks, front Bilstein in garage to go in with new to me front diff, Extended stainless steel brake lines, Rusty's HD adjustable track bar and mount, Rubicon Express rear shackles, Iron Man adjustable control arms(upper& lower), Iron Man steering box spacer, & M.O.R.E steering box brace. Steering is all ZJ components from Moog. Interior- Factory gray interior-Buckets,full console, Full cluster, Mopar slush mats, and a JVC Cd player. Brakes-Reman Calipers ,new rotors, Wagner pads, completely overhauled rear drums(everything is new), stainless extended lines, and all new parking brake cables. Lighting-New turn signal lens, clear corner lights, reconditioned tail lights, new Sylvania headlights, headlight harness added, front LED off road lights, and rear LED lights mounted under the bed. Exterior- Lots of work needed! I have POR-15 most of the rust so far. Someday i will get around to cutting it all out and replacing it. For now its just trying to preserve whats left. Floor pans have been replaced. New Westin rear bumper. Wheel & Tires- old school American Racing Torq Thrust D 15X8.5 I think(Craigslist find)-31x10.50-15 Thunderer Trac Grip MT Misc- @krustyballer16 hitch and all of @cruiser54's tips done. Best MJ story- My story comes from the first day I saw and bought my truck. I saw an ad on craigslist for my truck and immediately called. The seller told me it had a few issues but ran and drove fine. They were selling it because his son didn't like to drive a stick. So off I go. We pull into this driveway and there she sets. It was all I could ever want Black, gray interior with buckets, 4.0, 4WD, and 5 speed. I looked it over not nearly as good as i should have. My buddy that went with me jumps in with me and we take it for a test drive. It has a few issues and some rust but nothing I couldn't live with. I hand the guy the $1200 bucks I had in my front pocket and he takes it. We head to the local gas station to fill it up for the drive home and off we go. I'm following my buddy in my WK because one of the problems with the truck was the speedometer was in-op. I was quite impressed with how she ran i was doing 55-60 no problem. Then I hear the worst bang/clunk ever as I hit a descent bump and the truck is all over the road. At this point i think its the running boards that are all but falling off and just kept going. I was also guessing the severely dry rotted and cracked tires were not helping. After the drive home I pulled into my driveway thrilled i made it. I decide to cut off the running boards that were making all that racket. This is the point i realize how luck i was. The passenger leaf spring was not only broke it wasn't attached to the frame. My buddy said it was fun watching me in the rear view going all over the road. That day the frame got patched and then I started the never ending hunt for parts. CC is Awesome!- This forum is absolutely the best place on the internet! The only thing that is better than the MJ's on the Comanche Club are the people. There knowledge here is unbelievable. The want to just help people is amazing. The true love for Jeep and especially the Comanche is second to none. I have been personally helped by multiple members multiple times. I just wish the rest of the world/internet could be this nice and helpful to everyone. Thank you Pete and every other member here at CC! So really CC is awesome because of the amazing Jeep Comanche and the great people here who love them. (^Best mod right there) Congrats @JMO413, you deserved it! Also, thanks for getting us all build sheets for our trucks!
  2. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but how do you make a submission towards MJOTM? I've been on this forum since January and have seen a lot of awesome, deserving MJ's and their respective owners. I'd like to a take a stab at it as I feel like I may have a chance given then transformation my MJ has had in the past 11 months.
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