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  1. Thanks! Yeah it really glows in the sun. It has a tremendous amount of pearl in it
  2. Did it have the original eliminator striping or how do you know it’s an eliminator? The eliminator was the “sporty” track version of the truck from what I understand and was only offered in 2wd until 91-92 when the option for 4x4 was added. If they were available pre 91 that would be awesome! I have been looking for another MJE 4x4 but have been limiting my search to just 91-92.
  3. Never heard of 4x4 being an option pre 91 on eliminators. As far as I knew that was only an option introduced in 91. What is you build date? Have you registered your VIN?
  4. Color is oem 2019 Aston Martin Cinnabar Orange. Ditzler PPG paint. Can’t wait to get the trim all perfected and reinstalled along with the new tail lights. Going to get the new tail lights clear coated with several coats from the body shop before installing.
  5. Here is a bit of a teaser for the color and mods:
  6. Was able to grab a set of custom made 5x7 headlights with morimoto hid projectors. They were taken off a newer XJ. I’ll polish them up and replace the bulbs. I don’t have a picture but they look almost identical to these:
  7. I’ve seen the 10 hole wheels online also for about $50/ea.
  8. Personally I feel like 31’s or take off JK/JL 32’s work well. I’d recommend not going any wider than 10.5” though as you will see control arm rub as was mentioned before. 31’s normally are ok for stock gearing and stock steering can handle them long term imho.
  9. Hello all, have a pair of tail lights I’ll be getting rid of this next week since I found some NOS ones. They are from my 91 and are all red. They are in “typical” shape. A couple of chips and some general scuff and wear. There is some sealant on them also between the housing and lens. These could possibly be resorted. $150 shipped for the pair. I’ll try to get some closer pictures soon.
  10. I saw two sets of NOS ones on ebay
  11. Thanks, I may have some more shortly
  12. Have a line on some custom projector headlights with morimoto projectors and black shrouds. Hopefully I can grab them and add that to the build. Had a set of the GTR lighting 5x7 projectors in my YJ and they were phenomenal
  13. Managed to find a set of NOS tail lights with the black trim. My spare NOS chrome trim one and originals will be in the for sale section soon. I’ll have the new tail lights clear coated with several coats to protect them. Salt air and intense sun is our killer here on island. Looking into getting a decent car cover also for added protection
  14. My dash unit only uses a single din and there was more space in the dash where the old hvac control went. It was much easier to mold everything in place by moving the head unit down. If you see my thread on that project you’ll see the pics I took and the problems I ran into. Definitely worth it though!
  15. I don’t have access to Facebook marketplace over here either so I can’t see the parts that pop up there. I do search outside of the conus though.
  16. And I’m in Guam lol! Very rigorous searching I suppose. I will mention though that I’ve been starting to search global supplies. Suffice it to say, I’m grabbing them up as I find them.
  17. Found a NOS matching black passenger side so that one will be for sale shortly in the classifieds
  18. Suspension: rear soa with 4x4 4leaf packs (would like to swap a couple of leaves out for some xj ones to lower the back a bit. front RE 5.5 coils full Artec bracketry for my original non-disconnect Dana 30 jks track bar Moog ZJ steering linkage (will upgrade later but not sure with what) RRO control arm brackets metal cloak control arms all new moog bushings
  19. Here is my modified dash. Tried to keep the overall look as oem as possible. Most of the time when I see this swap they remove the center vent. I have a whole new ac system and want every vent to work as it should so there was no way I was going to remove it
  20. A hint of things to come! I really appreciate all original build also but like I mentioned, this is a Resto-mod. I want to make sure every factory option works as it should and that every part is like new. However, I am adding some special touches along the way. I want it to be a clean build though. Kind of reminiscent to the reproduction CJs and FJs that are being custom built.
  21. At the paint shop getting some much deserved body work
  22. I’ve though about just turning the chrome one into a black version but I can’t bring myself to do anything to that original survivor.
  23. Or I would trade both for a new set or all red tail lights. Seems like the chrome one is one of the rarest especially NOS
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