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  1. In case you don't know, there's also a light for the cigar lighter that lights up the green ring around the base. It clips onto the metal base behind the panel.
  2. fiatslug87


    The '87-'90 parts catalog does not make a distinction between XJ and MJ so it seems they were available.
  3. The Jeep brass have publicly stated they will be selling the new truck for a premium claiming other trucks are not in the same class.
  4. OK, how about more general, has anyone passed any emissions testing with the bored TB?
  5. Has anyone passed California emissions testing with Neal's bored TBs for the RENIX 4.0L? I assume they should pass, just want confirmation. Thanks.
  6. Krustyballer16 sells reproduction roll bar brackets. They're in the seat bracket thread.
  7. I've heard people say the TPS does not like getting wet. I have no first hand experience of this but if the TPS is not working/adjusted properly it could feel as loss of power.
  8. You should be able to press them out and replace them.
  9. Yup, now get off my lawn!
  10. Too funny, my wife is cooking a brisket flat right now.
  11. OK, that's it, no more health issues for anyone here! Glad you're doing better.
  12. I have one I'm willing to sell but it does not have a cup holder. I also have at least one key for it. PM if interested.
  13. The factory brush guard looks like this.
  14. I think that's one of those Brutes. The gas filler is in a different spot, the rear flare overlaps the cab and the grill is more slanted back on the Gladiator.
  15. There is a seal for the end of the 2WD transmission, you can cross reference Jeep PN 83502118, #30 in pic below.
  16. fiatslug87


    Is that near the 2014 mudslide area?
  17. fiatslug87

    Preheat tube

    Thanks, I know there are the generic expandable silver tubes. I would like an OEM one, why? Because I'm
  18. fiatslug87

    Preheat tube

    Looking for the tube that goes from the front of the air box to the exhaust manifold for a RENIX 4.0L, shipped to 94534. Thanks.
  19. This is exactly the point. They are a business, their goal is to make money and they feel there are plenty of people who are willing to pay their price for a Wrangler with a bed. How would soccer moms take their kids to practice in a two door truck? FCA already has a truck for actual truck use, the Ram although it too is getting "plump". As I posted in the previous thread: From back in January 2018: https://www.hotcars.com/jeep-pickup-price-expensive/ Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show on a wide range of topics, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne (now deceased) eventually turned his ramblings toward Jeep’s upcoming light truck. According to Driver, he said that Jeep will take a similar approach to the new truck as it took with the Jeep Renegade, marketing it as a “lifestyle vehicle.” However, unlike the Renegade, the new pickup will be sold at a premium price well above similarly sized trucks like the Chevy Colorado and the new Ford Ranger—two trucks that Marchionne says won’t be competing with the new Jeep.
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