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  1. I've seen some mini consoles that are longer in the front, I assumed they were for the automatics to accommodate the linkage but I only see one part number listed in the parts catalog. But as Stroker said each will accommodate the boot, however, you do need the retaining ring for a proper fit.
  2. The Nevada yards always have a lot of XJs and now they have an '86 MJ.
  3. Look through this post, '88 and '90 are the same.
  4. At the Carson City NV Pick-N-Pull.
  5. Isn't that on eBay right now?
  6. Well some of us are not on farcebook.
  7. Nice! You plan on selling some of those tan leather wrapped steering wheels?
  8. What's the blue one in the background? Any more pictures of it or the interior of the Thunderchief?
  9. The driver seat bottom has a passenger side cover. The little elastic band is to keep the female end of the seat belt in place when you slide the seat forwards and backwards.
  10. There's a YouTube video someone posted where he used two pickle forks to separate it in place.
  11. Damn brother! You're knocking it out! Oh to be young, enthusiastic and energetic.
  12. fiatslug87


    I hope you pulled any useable parts for us
  13. I bought my '90 new, used it as a daily driver for the first 12 years (at least 80 miles per week day) used Fram filters and cheap Chevron conventional oil every 5000 miles. Just checked the compression three weeks ago ~140 psi across all cylinders with 258000 miles.
  14. You can try row52.com they search yards and there is a parts wanted section once you find the vehicle you're interested in. I have never used the service.
  15. If the pimp is running and nothing is coming out before the fuel filter, the hose to the pump could be off or the tube is corroded or the sock is clogged or... When you pull the pump apply power to it to see if it's really pumping.
  16. It's not showing up in their inventory search. I usually get emails when Comanches hit the Pick N Pull, nothing on this one. How is the steering column cover removed?
  17. Hey you may be exceeding the LeMons $500 limit.
  18. From what I've seen, only the metal handles had the gaskets. I purchased my '90 new, it had plastic handles and no gaskets, as did my other two. I've pulled metal ones, both black and chrome from the JY and they had gaskets.
  19. Nice! Maybe you can dye it without messing up the graphics.
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