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  1. Not even close . The University of California motto is Fiat Lux (let there be light) I gratuated from the Santa Cruz campus in 1987 and their mascot is the banana slug so, Fiatslug87 was born (let there be slug 1987). Now the important info:
  2. I have a pair you can have for cheap, one is in pretty good shape, the other not as good. PM me if interested.
  3. Just remember the plugs are different for 1990 and up.
  4. Tesla roadster at Ridge Vineyards in the Santa Cruz mountains overlooking Apple's headquarters (Apple Park).
  5. I collect a certain theme in plates.
  6. Lemmy was much better! The voice isn't gravely enough.
  7. Follow the cable and zip tie it to the frame at the bottom corner to take up the slack.
  8. Finally got to it, maybe useful when people search.
  9. Along with the picture of the Charger Daytona with the moose heads on the wing in the exotic cars thread, this is one of my favorite MOPAR pictures. Page 5
  10. I think if you remove the bolsters from the Eliminator seats and also use the foam back from the black seats the covers will fit. I'll look through my parts manual and post the seat diagrams.
  11. It has the stock bed rails. I have a set but have not decided if I'm going to install them. What do you guys think?
  12. Thanks, appreciate the offer, but getting it out to California would be a pain in the a$$.
  13. You're the one that travels the country, how about you get it, fix it up, and bring it out to CA for me to purchase?
  14. Why does it have to be 2900 miles away?
  15. BTW that is not a factory bumper.
  16. I second the engine hoist, used it to pull out fence posts and mail box footings.
  17. fiatslug87


    What was the 50 cent fix?
  18. Storage for MJ parts that won't fit in the garage or rafters.
  19. There are many write ups on replacing with other lights, but if yours work you can just wrap the body with duct tape, electrical tape, etc. so they fit snuggly.
  20. Yet it is totally acceptable for people to put thousands of dollars into a $500 truck. My point is if you have the funds and want something go for it, even stump tables it that's what you want. Do you know how hard it is to come by stumps in metropolitan areas? Pete, you're sitting on a gold mine!
  21. There are some real nice ones ($$$) that don't require any poles or guy wires. I was looking for one for my wife's FJ Cruiser when she goes to dog trials since it's just her and they are easy to open and retract. If someone is willing to pay for it more power to them.
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