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  1. Holy crap the prices have increased! I purchased a Magnaflow CARB compliant direct-fit cat (I also live in California) a couple of years ago for ~$220, now they're north of $500!!! found a site for ~300 not sure if it's legit. https://jeepsarelife.com/magnaflow-exhaust-products-3391229-df-converter
  2. Yea, it has PB3 as Intense Blue Pearl Coat while in 1990 PB3 was Spinnaker Blue Metallic
  3. The Comanche pins are from a member.
  4. fiatslug87

    LJ Thoughts

    Yea, come to CA, we have all the good stuff.
  5. Do you think this would return the same info you guys get when decoding VINs, or do you think some of the reused codes are correct in this PDF since it's from 2008? If it has more accurate info I can create a spread sheet that can decode the build sheets.
  6. fiatslug87

    Overland MJs

    Orangeboxx makes some really nice fold down tables for some Jeeps, don't know about KJs. I have some stuff from them for my wife's FJ Cruiser, great quality. A little pricey but for Black Friday they usually have 30% off.
  7. Congrats, all that matters is you like it.
  8. I would say a bed light is better than a washer fluid low light, but that's just me. Let's just call it a wash.
  9. It goes to the right towards the cigar lighter, that's where I lose it. Sorry, that's all I have.
  10. Looks nice! @DIRT_NASTYY_ what is the diameter of those cup holder inserts?
  11. You need a DRB (Diagnostic Readout Box) scanner with the right adapters, Snap-On also made one that would read the signals. No codes are ever stored, everything is real-time. If you get one of NickInTime's REMs (RENIX Engine Monitor) that gives you all the info you need. https://nickintimedesign.com/
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