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    CC cookbook

    my dad likes to marinate the chicken breasts in a greek vinaigrette dressing for a couple hours and then grills them up. simple and delicious.
  2. I'm going to find out later this week. not sure I've ever seen an aftermarket 3 pane.
  3. so put an ad in the classifieds with prices. not many people are going to look in the registry for parts they need.
  4. he's already contacted me. I'm just too far away. in fact he's almost as far from me as you are from me. 30 hours of driving makes for a very expensive bed.
  5. I would try disconnecting the length of tube at both ends and back flush with compressed air. this will be messy so be prepared for that.
  6. I would eyeball the entire length of the tube and check for any kinks or damage.
  7. this is not the classifieds section all frames are fixable. just add more steel.
  8. score!! I had one of those bras on my truck back in the 90s the hood part is still visible in some of my old photos.
  9. that's only going to happen if I get that big tow truck somehow
  10. if I remember right, it's 42" center of perch to center of perch. a little time with the tape measure should get this centered between the backing plates. (just don't measure off the diff for anything since some axles aren't 100% centered)
  11. been diving into the law lately. some fascinating stuff in here https://www.youtube.com/c/LegalEagle/videos
  12. oh my. the cheapest of cheap tires are better than you have now. hit up walmart.
  13. at this point I just assume any MJ I'm looking at need attention paid to the floors.
  14. others have made it work so I'm sure it fits up there. maybe wait until you mount the visor and see what it would look like then.
  15. glad to hear you're ok! that's a scary thing to survive.
  16. PictureTrail (the site I've been using for photo hosting for over a decade now) is closing up shop and taking all my pics with it. just kidding! kinda. I mean, they really are going away, but Kryptronic worked his magic and now the CC has all of the photos hosted on our site. If anyone hears of any other photo hosting site evaporating, be sure to let me know or we risk losing whatever was there.
  17. note the odo. I'd lose my mind if that happened to me.
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