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  1. I deleted the one of the car driving by. should have plenty of space now.
  2. Pete M


    yup, talked the doc yesterday. MRI shows nothing requiring surgery and I'm approved to start rehab exercises. so tomorrow I'm heading back south with a to-do list. Still hurts like hell if I move the wrong way, and I can't kneel down, but it has been continuously improving so I'm looking forward to maybe being able to rotate a set of tires in a few weeks.
  3. ok, so after some digging it appears you're approaching the maximum of hosted materials. our software doesn't shrink videos so they are huge compared to the tiny pics. I can free up some space by deleting the bigger ones.
  4. you can't be the first to rip one. I would post up in Tech so more eyeballs will see it. I'm sure someone has ideas.
  5. I suddenly feel the need to start stashing spare parts int he airbox.
  6. is that the original color? don't see too many brown ones.
  7. has anyone replaced the coil inside rather than replace the entire unit? my end goal is to fix the windows in my 88 without actually removing the entire thing (trying to keep the truck as original as possible and drilling out 500 rivets seems to defeat that). not yet certain if that's even possible but one Q at a time. and no, I don't actually know what part has broken (haven't pulled the doors apart yet). I'm 700 miles away from it and my mind is wandering.
  8. push up first. they will pop off the little push retainers. if you just pry them off the truck, you might snap off the tabs.
  9. it's a hiccup between different softwares when they try to keep track of the orientation of a photo. I've had good luck with rotating them on a laptop and re-saving before uploading. she looks fantastic! any plans to repaint or are you keeping the schooly look? what will the insides be? beds? couches?
  10. gotta be a reason that doesn't involve actual flowers. that's far too much of a coincidence for both of you to experience the same weird thing.
  11. ah, the joys of older Jeeps that aren't actually all that old. looks like the safety dealio connected to the shifter is out of whack. keep getting a no-start condition that goes away if I slam the shifter into park (it is likely a "no-crank" situation but I bypassed that aspect so cranking is on-demand). looks like I'm about to bypass another nanny state item soon.
  12. which of Cruiser54's MJ tips have you done so far?
  13. I screwed the fascia to a 2x4 to bump it out enough to clear those buckets and the bumper caps (was planning on mounting the bumper too). I didn't snap a pic of it though and it'll be a couple more days until I'm back in GA.
  14. moved this to Tech so more eyeballs will see it.
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