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  1. yeah, the floormat isn't going to give you but a second or 2 before they figure it out.
  2. the blues brothers was playing the instant I hit Joliet so I was already fully thematic. Or at least as thematic as I can get without a half-pack of cigarettes. Pretty sure the durango R/T has the cop motor, cop suspension, and cop shocks.
  3. I stand corrected. I have 7 pair still, so I had 9 total. they are just so easy to remove. and so cheap! I just can't help myself.
  4. awww, I forgot all about wanting to see that. next time for sure!
  5. yes, I know where Lakeland is, I need to know where the junkyard is.
  6. 30 in which direction? I'm up near atlanta.
  7. which yard? I'll be back in GA this weekend. I definitely need to check out those flares. the ones on my new truck are literally disintegrating from 30 years of southern sunshine. It the yard close to you? can you snap me a pic of the tops of the flares?
  8. I stumbled upon the Joliet Prison yesterday. Was not expecting it, but it turns out there's a pull-a-part junkyard across the street. Rumor has it that you can get a tour of the place. Might have to go back someday (with a real camera this time)
  9. I think the total was 7 pair this trip. one went to Katie, one went to Pat and I should have 5 remaining to sell.
  10. And with my last junkyard visit, I scored a flat top Liberty hood that matches my Jeep. :-) (also three more pairs of Liberty tow hooks)
  11. the yards I was looking at are way over by chicago. BUT I see you're not that far from Ron's place in Churubusco! send me a PM with your number and I'll let you know when I expect to get there. If you haven't seen his place yet, you're in for a real treat. (bring money if you need any MJ parts)
  12. that might be a challenge since there are like 5 and I don't expect to stay at any for very long (just want to see if I can pop in and maybe get lucky). what city are you in?
  13. Pete M

    Shipping costs

    I've got a pile of small boxes and envelopes and packing materials from all the smaller things I've bought over the years just so I can reuse them to ship things out.
  14. decided to stay another night at KOA so I can start fresh in the morning to fight with walmart. Then on to junkyards in Indiana and Ron's museum of Jeep wonders. Had a great time meeting up with a bunch of the ol' CC crew today. so very glad y'all could swing by to say hi. In traditional CC fashion we had such a good time we forgot to take any pics
  15. Pete M


    congrats on having an awesome wife! what's a base rubicon come with? I mean, it can't be all that bare boned can it?
  16. on the positive side, this morning I woke up in a campground today and walked around in the cool wet grass with no fear of anything biting or stinging or stabbing my bare feet. Rust may be a big downside, but there are some definite advantages to midwest living.
  17. This is the inside of my previously near-perfect wheel. there are 4 sets of these gouges. The other 3 rims are used and have less severe damage. I'm starting to think I'm going about this wrong and I should really be looking into a wheel repair place to get a quote. it's a real bummer that it's sunday today. Or maybe see if walmart will throw down the money for Brandon's powdercoated set.
  18. I'll snap a pic in the morning, but essentially the machine grabs the inside of the rim and for whatever reason it grabbed it super hard or whatever and the teeth gouged the aluminum.
  19. If you could brIng a couple nice ones I'd supetr appreciate It. I'm not typically a vengeful guy, but they messed up a perfect rim that Jim himself gave me. I'm still livid.
  20. I have no idea if those are factory or not. could someone look that up?
  21. made it to a KOA in Union, Illinois for the night. the nearby walmart was kind enough to pay for it after they gouged the inside of my turbines I got from Jim. (the machine did it while they were removing the old tires and they "reimbursed me for my trouble". if anyone local has a turbine I can borrow, I'm told they would also cover the cost of "replacement" on the worse one. yeah right, like I'm going to find another never-ever-used turbine.
  22. A or B? I didn't realize that they could be had without that plastic trim, and yet found 2 members on this trip that didn't realize they could be had with that plastic trim. Is it a model year thing?
  23. no worries a pic from today with 3 and a half MJs
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