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  1. so antibody testing has gotten widespread enough that they are testing everyone in the nursing home to see what's what. Turns out my grandma did contract it at some point in time. They aren't giving out info about other patients though, so I don't know about her roommate or other people in her wing. So in the past few months since turning 94 she survived the flu and the covid! but now the stay-in-your-room lockdown might be her undoing. she has gotten pretty dang weak. but as a "positive" of her weakened state we were able to get her on hospice care. It sounds super bad, but hospice care doesn't mean you're dying right now. It means more along the lines of "you're not going to fully recover" (and it's unlikely she's going to be doing jumping jacks again). most importantly it means that despite the lockdown my Aunt can now visit her every single day and grandma can qualify for more personal nursing care than she was previously getting. None of this is especially good, but I'll take the silver linings where I can.
  2. I've heard great things about it. but I've not tried it myself.
  3. can we get a quick pic of what you've got? just want to be sure we''re all on the same page.
  4. the pricing is all over the place for a reason; a clean stock MJ in LA is valued differently by the locals than a clean stock MJ in New Jersey would be. and a heavily modded MJ is different than an MJ pulled out of the woods after 20 years of sitting. For selling purposes the value of a particular truck will always be the compromise between buyer and seller and the market they are in. the value will usually be compared to the other local trucks for sale. For insurance purposes, it's all about MJs near you that are in similar condition to yours that are currently for sale. This can include more trucks than the selling scenario since a buyer might have very particular tastes (needs an automatic for example) I added in the rest of the models to the original post. those names only kinda mean something since back in the day you could add a lot of things to a base model to deck it out like a higher end model. My base model 86 had the big engine, 4wd, AC, metric ton and some other valuable perks. still a base though.
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    dang, I meant wmv files. but then it seems we host those too, the video played, but only after I downloaded it. I'm slightly confused. (that means all is normal)
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    we've got a whole sub forum dedicated to our other passions https://comancheclub.com/forum/40-member-projects-other-cool-stuff/ what you posted is a video file. the CC can't currently upload them. you'll need to save it at youtube and then link that over here. it's easy once you get the hang of it.
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    you do know that you will regret that, yes?
  8. man do I miss living that close to Lowes. instead of a half-mile it's now a half-hour.
  9. you're looking for a couple 10mm square drive plugs. I ground down an old 3/8" extension to fit mine.
  10. I'll never again complain about how heavy my MJ is.
  11. you will get more responses if you post in the right subforum. I'll move it over for ya.
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    yes! havin' fun in the great outdoors! I am envious!
  13. Pete M


    under the seat, behind the rear wall carpet panel, or behind the drivers door interior panel.
  14. Pete M


    waaaaay more codes exist, those are just the ones that remain in the Chrysler computers. problem is you need the paper build sheet that came with your truck to know them all.
  15. will you have a garage of sorts at your new place?
  16. Disney is planning on reopening in mid July, but with a list of caveats and no word I've seen yet on hotels.
  17. may not be able to watch it live, but will for sure watch the video later on.
  18. just for a point of clarification so we're all talking about the same thing, a vibration at speed is not Death Wobble, even if it wiggles the steering wheel. DW is when the front end shakes so violently and out of control that you slam on the brakes and start praying to your deity of choice.
  19. the post office seems to have something against tubes that roll around their trucks.
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