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  1. although it's not original, the choices for "modernizing" (in quotes because it involves replacing 30 year old stuff with 20 year old stuff) the inside of your MJ are... limited.
  2. Gjeep has a writeup in his build thread about putting one-piece windows in his MJ using the Chinese 2500 guts (their version of the XJ). as for interiors, I'd wager there's gotta be something about the interior panels in the link in my sig.
  3. I love the ol' square-lighters you guys did a great job on that one
  4. I seem to remember that bleepin'Jeep has some youtube vids on the process.
  5. ahh, the joys of the internet. this is precisely why I try to get the actual projects on our site whenever possible.
  6. the link in my signature will have the link to Cruiser's website which covers grounds and such. eventually you should do all of his MJ tips that are applicable to your year. .
  7. what are you planning for your first big project?
  8. better injectors and the bored out TBs are good ways to boost power. if you haven't seen it yet, there's a guy in the "vendor" section of the classifieds that bores out the renix TBs.
  9. it's not the original source, but ruffstuff posted it on FB: https://www.facebook.com/RuffStuffSpecialties/
  10. would if I could, but the open diff is far more important to the rest of the property. the back acre is mostly forest and thankfully I only have to deal with it a couple times a year to fight back the briers.
  11. the HOs have a tiny bit more at the top end, but the renix has a tiny bot more at the bottom end. the engines are more or less the same. the later fuel injection systems are the big difference, but it's not in felt power, but rather more reliable wiring and 91-95 has OBD1 and 96+ is OBD2 for easier diagnoses.
  12. man, I sure wish my lawn tractor had a locker. that would help out immensely with the back acre. unless it hasn't rained for a month, the ground is more or less mushy swamp.
  13. what lift is it? what parts do you have? the cheaper ones are notorious for not including everything you'll need. also, welcome to the addiction!
  14. welcome to the club! and we absolutely want to see more of the tractor! we have a forum dedicated to our other hobbys: https://comancheclub.com/forum/40-member-projects-other-cool-stuff/
  15. Pete M

    Peugeot BA/10 Cost

    all depends. if you're lucky and find someone in need near by, it could fetch a couple hundred. on the other had there have been guys that couldn't give them away.
  16. Pete M


    welcome to the addiction! you really should copy/paste this in the pub though. or better yet, start a build thread all about your truck. not all that many people peruse the VIN registry.
  17. oh, that's nice. that's reeeeeal nice...
  18. some amount of gasses escaping is inevitable. that's what the CCV system is there for. but oil shouldn't be escaping with said gasses and there are steps to prevent it.
  19. the answer is, you'll be just fine like that. tons of guys out there running 4.56s and 33s. my 4.10s aren't quite as deep as I'd like.
  20. oh yeah, it's going to cost all the monies to be the kid on the block with the new toy.
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