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  1. found a guy that says he can laminate the stickers to give a 5 year sun rating. the old ones had maybe a year or 2 which is why I stopped offering them. the question is will anyone want them. these ones:
  2. Pete M

    Heater Vents

    ca you get the upper vents to blow cold? or are they always hot?
  3. Pete M

    97+ swap to a 92 MJ

    if you're talking about the block itself, it more or less goes right in. what's gone wrong with the current motor?
  4. Pete M

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    that only works if you know the name of the files... and they exist. turns out they didn't. I never had ai files for these particular images, but I was able to secure some better quality images from the old sticker company. props to them for holding on to them for so long. we'll see how well they work for the new guy soon. Moparbrown, feel free to try something with images in the first post. doesn't hurt to try, right?
  5. Pete M

    Project Villa

    nice work and an excellent writeup! are you going to do a separate DIY thread for that?
  6. Pete M

    Engine swap

    which engine? auto or manual? what year is your truck? there are a bunch of v8 writeups in the Epic Tech forum that you can peruse
  7. Pete M

    how to get a display picture

    you mean an avatar? are you on a phone or a 'puter?
  8. Pete M

    Orifice fitting??

    just for the heck of it I looked it up in my 87-90 parts manual but it appears that the renix years didn't have that particular hole in the valve cover.
  9. Pete M

    Before and after

    one of our members (krustyballer16) is working on production of a weld-on frame brace. it's still in the design stage though. His goal is for much better fitment than the aftermarket ones currently out there.
  10. Pete M

    ShowTime Comanche Build.

    if you're ever bored one day, I'd love to see a build of the sammy. we have an "other projects" forum just for things like that.
  11. Pete M

    La Dee Flats OHV

    good ol' stock SUVs it really doesn't take much at all to find the approach/breakover/departure angles
  12. Pete M

    Orifice fitting??

    admittedly I've never owned a 2.5, but what exactly is the question? are we looking for a diameter of the hole? or a part number for what goes into it?
  13. I suggest the one-piece rubber pan gasket and be very careful with the RMS. brass punches only! also a double lip RMS exists if you find that there is deep scaring in the crankshaft where the single rides.
  14. Pete M

    Teraflex Ball Joint Question

    are the Teraflex adjustable to tweak your alignment? what makes them special? I assume they'd be grease-able, which is nice but not a deal killer. If they are only a "heavy duty" option, I kinda agree with Darren. Balljoints just aren't a common failure point (and the couple I can think of were 30 year old originals). a good brand of stock ones should last a lifetime (unless you're jumping the truck, and even then the axle usually bends/breaks first). Moog/Dana would be my choices. to address your question, I believe that the not-knurled are the ones you'd want.
  15. Pete M

    High Inertia Flywheel

    I've read positive things about it in other rigs. don't remember someone using it in an MJ yet.
  16. Pete M

    ShowTime Comanche Build.

    holy crap those brackets are just... engineering art! look at all those clean bends!
  17. I'm sure most of you have already seen this little truck, but I want to make sure it's officially posted up. The best thing to do is lube all the associated mechanisms on a regular basis (like with oil changes). It happens all too often. An MJ/XJ owner reaches down to pop the hood and the latch release handle comes off in their hand. If it happens to you, don't fret, it's not as bad as it might seem. Crawl under the front of your Jeep and see if you can reach up past the radiator (this can be next-to-impossible for owners with the aux fan or front steel guard). Now feel around and tug on the skinny little bar that connects the two corner latches. It's waaaaay up at the top. Sometimes this works, but usually it only pops the passenger side. See, the bar pulls on the pass side, but PUSHES on the drivers side. If it doesn't pop open, remove the headlight and headlight bucket. You'll see this bolt: It is one of two bolts that hold the bracket that the hood latch, um, latches to. There's two of them though. The second can be seen here above the first: I dismantled most of my front end before I discovered these two little gems, hopefully you won't have to. It's a tight fit, but it's been proven that a ratchet can get at both. Then the whole assembly pops up with the hood. Now open the hood, free the bottom half, and reattach it to the Jeep. Replacing the cable is pretty straight forward. Jeep on! --Pete
  18. Pete M

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    update: I've found jpeg versions of the images. still hunting for the ai files. once I've got usable files I'll start a new poll to get a feel for how many of each I should order.
  19. I love it! if the pics are large, try uploading just a couple at a time. and be sure to start a build thread!
  20. are you using a phone or computer?
  21. yeah, that would be a nice ride at a show.
  22. make sure that when he's done the tire is centered in the wheelwell. and hang on to the old leafs. someone might have need of them.
  23. Pete M

    Jeep MJ Help "Knuckle",

    got a pic of the damage?
  24. Pete M

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    I also have a canadian flag MJ.
  25. Pete M

    Having issues find interior trim.

    at 10 posts the classifieds will open up to you.