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  1. yup. I started waaaaay too late in the season last year so we're trying again without those stupid caterpillars.
  2. um, you're going to want a better way to hold that puppy down...
  3. I stopped antihistamines years ago for a generic of Flonase. works soooooo much better and is cheaper. takes time to build, so it's a daily thing, not an emergency thing. I only take half the suggested dose so I could step it up if needed.
  4. Pete M

    Crewmanche VIDEO

    you've not lived until you're taking apart your drums in the parking lot so as to clean the mud outta them. that giant fire extinguisher you may see in my bed isn't for fires (although it'll do that job too). not all mud is the same. thick chunky mud is my favorite. wet, drippy mud gets into everything. clay mud dries hard as concrete and needs to be cleaned off quickly. I'm not really a fan of pure mud. only did that once, got bored with it fast. I like when a bit of water makes a boring forest trail into something challenging.
  5. and why on earth is the bathroom on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom? there's no way I'm navigating a maze of cars/tools/parts on the middle of the night. and doors that open INTO my car space?!
  6. nah, he was bored last night and went about getting his name on the front page in every CC subforum.
  7. yeah, having all the stinky fumes exit at the back of the truck can be a good thing.
  8. Pete M

    The Army

    some of the best people I've ever met were military guys/gals. if it's for you, then go for it! do you have someone to store the truck for you? and have you started your daily running/pushups/pullups? if so, put on a 20# backpack and keep going with all 3. then step that up to 30#, the 40#, etc. boot camp is hard enough without needing to also get your arms/legs in shape at the same time.
  9. Pete M

    Whats in your cab

    if you ever want to sell it, lemme know
  10. Pete M

    Whats in your cab

    it currently lives in the back of my KJ. that's why the interior looks funny. but it's still thumping with the best of 'em. as I tell people: buy quality, feed it all the power it can handle, and you don't need to sacrifice all your storage space.
  11. Pete M

    Whats in your cab

    my sub of choice. how old is yours? mine is of the 1998 vintage.
  12. seems straight forward enough. just gotta get some info on the motor so you know what to buy.
  13. my newest project is relocating some of the squirrels that have gotten a bit too... used to our house. finally got sick of them digging in my flower pots. I've got a rat/squirrel live-trap and it works great! 2 so far have gotten their first car ride to the furthest side of the subdivision.
  14. Pete M


    4.10s are certainly better than 3.55s to accommodate the bigger tires, but ya gotta change both axles. love the paint!
  15. lots of good stuff in an 86 MJ, but not so much the drivetrain. be sure to snag MJ-only items like the rear window and E-brake pedal.
  16. Pete M

    Tool Talk

    just bought a new junkyarding ratchet from HF. 1/4" on one end, 3/8" on the other. it's a two-fer no idea how tough it is yet, but I'm generally not all that hard on ratchets since I use little breaker bars or the 1/2" ratchet whenever possible.
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