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  1. through amazon. they should show up at this link: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=w_bl_sl_s_ap_web_7141123011?ie=UTF8&node=7141123011&field-brandtextbin=Bedford+Falls+Collection
  2. I'm pretty sure I've asked this before but couldn't find it. Does anyone know of an identifying stamp or tag on the back half of an MJ? I'd love to track down something on my trailer. I have the rear frame and bed to work with.
  3. for just a moment there I thought you ran over the thing.
  4. that's the weird thing though, he didn't girdle it completely, just like 50-75% on a few 80ft sweetgums. and it was years ago because the trees have clearly been healing from it for a while. it's just... weird. I guess it's possible that he did a crappy job and the trees have found a way to recover. whatever went down, they are doing fine now and are far from the house so if they are inherently weaker than they should be, a fall in a storm won't matter much.
  5. In the grand scheme of things it likely doesn't matter one way or the other, but I've found that you can damage the tree by doing that. the tree closest to our fire pit has a giant scar on the one side where I used to hit limbs to break them. I'm guessing the impacts collapsed the capillaries inside? The bark there eventually fell off and exposed the inner wood which in theory would allow insects to get inside. I've put several layers of poly on it to protect it because, well, it's our tree and I like our trees (I've also thrown poly on some of the other trees in the forest where the previous home owner seems to have been prepping trees to fell the next year by slicing off large chunks of bark around the base). Eventually I imagine it'll close the scar back up (same way it'll eventually close over a cut limb) but it's been years now and it's still there. I use it as an example for my nephews that your actions can have unintended consequences that don't show up 'til long after you've left the area.
  6. unless I plan on chopping all day long, I prefer the all steel varieties. I've ruined too many wooden handles. Unless I'm backpacking. then lightweight is better.
  7. awesome! does estwing still make their 3/4 ax? my buddy still has his from like 20 years ago. good size and seems indestructible. or are you looking for more of a hatchet?
  8. yeah, you don't need to organize them or anything. MJ addicts don't care about that.
  9. If I remember right, the 23 goes in, but will have an extra strap involved. but I haven't done it myself, so wait for confirmation from someone else before pulling the trigger.
  10. it's also a modern shorthand for : "your project is super awesome and I need to follow the progress." I see it a lot on the faceybook.
  11. MJs rot from the inside-out. frames, rockers, bedsides, floors. there are 20 + ways for water to enter the cab and once there, it'll rot your floors. it's best to know for sure what you're dealing with. Even if I pulled up my carpets and everything was factory fresh, I'd still probably take the opportunity to coat and protect the metal.
  12. send me a PM with a name/address and I'll send yours out.
  13. that's just plain awesome right there.
  14. haven't been on yahoo in years, but it still makes me a little sad to lose all those great conversations.
  15. MJs rot from the inside-out. and inside the bedsides, inside the rockers, and inside the frames are... difficult to deal with. primer is not a sealer and thus not a final coat. you must hit it with a paint too.
  16. the link in my signature has a few highlight threads for swapping transmissions around.
  17. I swear one of these days I'm going to roll down the window and do all that stuff before pulling forward 3 feet and getting out to grab the pump.
  18. that is one sexy truck. no doubt about that.
  19. grounds, grounds, and more grounds. can't have too many of them
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