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  1. 33s have only one inch more ground clearance than 31s but come with 10 times the headaches.
  2. score! sometimes life is about the little victories
  3. how long ago did you notice this? did it happen at the same time we started hosting our own pics?
  4. did you leave a club card behind?
  5. Little ones are the best! I always have time for their tiny smiles (even though they look more confused than anything in the pic). A big thanks to Bo for hosting and feeding us. Next time though, let's pick a weekend that's a bit cooler than the upper 90s.
  6. welcome to the club! details on your truck?
  7. regardless of what anyone else thinks (it's your truck after all), if there's any doubt in your head then you probably will regret it later on down the road. longer bumpstops can help keep the tires out of the fenders. what lift/rims/tires are you going to run?
  8. saw an ad for a broken CRD Liberty: " Turbo failed and caused an engine runaway condition". I assume that means the oil seal failed and let oil into the engine. that's just fantastic. one more item on the list of ways that Liberty CRDs have failed that I can now worry about. Oh well, I guess knowledge is a good thing and I can now prepare a method of choking the air intake. At least that'll be a bit easier with the V6 intake I have (it's right on top rather than buried in the grille like stock CRD).
  9. your lowers are already shimmed to some degree. they come that way from the factory as an adjustment built in to perfect the alignment. The process is simply adding more shim. But yes, uppers start to be needed around 4-4.5" to fix caster. But having said that, uppers exist for a 3" lift and are an upgrade over stock.
  10. well, technically the lower arms aren't steering or driveline. rules of thumb (and these can differ depending on who is saying them): 1-2" is pucks and shackles at 3" is where things get weird and you need coils, lower control arms, shocks, longer brake lines, longer sway bar links, and some sort of AAL or full leafpacks. 3" of lift and stock lowers usually pulls the tire back in the wheelwell. I've known guys to just run that way and not care (even though it looks funny and lessens your caster). Don found that he was able to shim his forward and since then others have done the same. But because there is only so much room to scoot the LCA bolt and all trucks are a bit different, I always caveat with this may work.
  11. there is one caveat to this. The lower control arms have some adjustment in the form of shims. IF your truck has enough to give, you can shim the WJ (or stock, but who wants that?) arms to accommodate a 3" lift.
  12. Welcome! Be sure to give your truck an introduction in the Pub and include plenty of pictures.
  13. I didn't see it. can you find me a link? I want to add this tidbit to the DIY list and if the older contains more info than just a part number, I'd prefer to use it over this one.
  14. the guy on FB said it "flowed better" or something along those lines. either way, a refurbed injector will likely flow better than a 30 year old unit because old stuff is... old.
  15. maaaaan, that sucks... every single car/truck/van/gocart/horsebuggy on the planet needs a fire extinguisher!
  16. don't forget the dual booster upgrade. probably one of the best upgrades you can do. should be a couple threads for that in the link in my sig. There are some diesel conversion threads in Epic Tech. tech questions from the OP should really go in the Tech forum so more eyes will see them. Not everyone peruses the build threads on a regular basis.
  17. Just saw a tidbit that the 2.5 shares injectors with the Chevy TBI 5.0 I don't remember knowing this info before.
  18. every truck in the registry will get the build date.
  19. Pete M

    Jeep Fail

    at this moment, no. supposedly it's coming later in the year.
  20. the vast majority of every year MJ had the dana 35. the amc 20 was the heavy duty option associated with the metric ton package and there weren't a ton of those in 86 (pun intended). in 87+ the Metric ton trucks got the dana 44 instead and the 44 could be had as an option separate from the metric ton package (though I'm not certain if that was 87-92 or just the later years). We lost a lot of detail info when AMC had that basement flood way-back-when. just an additional point of info for anyone reading this: the "c" in 35c stands for "custom" and indicates when Jeep was buying partial axles and finishing them up themselves. It does not indicate C-clip, so always verify before purchasing an axle.
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