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  1. mud trap! looks solid enough to walk on.
  2. oh wait, I think I misunderstood. so you're talking about making a brochure page like the ones above that happens to contain our own truck we currently have?
  3. can't I just order one with everything?
  4. starter relay do make sure that all your battery connections are super clean.
  5. been trying to get them to swing by our little MJ website for years now. that truck is just insane! shakedown runs always make me super nervous. but then my shakedowns have historically either been just-round-the-block, or drive-3000-miles-to-moab.
  6. I'm not sure I understand your question
  7. what yard is the black truck in? did you grab the rear window and rear flares?
  8. getting new perches welded on to an XJ axle is an easy task.
  9. bummer. keep a close eye on each other.
  10. primer isn't paint. you'll want to hit that with a sealer (paint) as soon as you can.
  11. me too. I'll send ya some magnets
  12. Pete M

    Mac7's Build

    please do. I'm super curious as to what's going on in there.
  13. I had a little filter for a while and I can say for certain that it's important to fix that blowby first like you did. I just saturated the filter in like a week and leaked oil all over.
  14. Pete M

    Mac7's Build

    welcome to the addiction! are you sure it's a 4.0? all 4.0 transmissions come with overdrive.
  15. Pete M

    Hummer EV

    as a michigan-grown dude, I can tell you that salt will kill everything eventually. it always wins.
  16. for that much cash you can get a solid truck from down south or out west. but if you're just looking for a wheeler, it should work fine.
  17. there's nothing on place to prevent you from adding pics. just upload them straight from your phone/laptop. if you're having difficulty with multiple pics at once, try doing just one at a time.
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