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  1. don't wait they tend to fail at the worst time
  2. trying out an idea to spread the word for those of us on the hunt for a rare-ish non-MJ items amongst those of us that frequent the 'yards. seems like it might work out once in a while. maybe? I'm certainly willing to have an extra list on my phone when I hit the pullaparts stuff I'm currently looking for: 4.10 geared axles from a 4banger gas 03-06 Liberty factory trailer harness for a 02-04 Superduty (just the rear most bit that has a like foot-long pigtail and the 7pin/4-pin connectors mounted on the bumper) what parts are you guys hoping to locate?
  3. there should be links to writeups in the link in my sig
  4. oooo... good question. that would be a sweet upgrade if such a thing exists.
  5. This september I'm hoping to drive to Colorado. but that's another post about another overly-complicated, ridiculously-circuitous drive for another day.
  6. tech Qs should really go in the Tech forum so more eyeballs will see them. not everyone peruses the projects every day.
  7. 2 weekends ago I drove from atlanta to detroit and this weekend I drove back. the normal path looks like this: and this is the route I took this trip: Ever since Don passed away I've been trying my hardest to meet up with fellow MJ nuts at every opportunity and this last minute trip north I got to hang a bit with Bo, Scott, Will on the way up and then Ron, and Adam on the way down. good times guys. the visits were too short though. We need more PowWows! that way I can drive to a single location. lol.
  8. intermittent wiper module.
  9. look into doing the double booster installation. It's one of the most worthwhile mods you can do to any MJ.
  10. it's a worthless hunk of junk design anyways.
  11. well, I don't know which is which, but I do know you can unbolt the CAD housing, slide the locking collar over to lock it, then either retain it there with a bad clamp or simply reinstall the housing upside down (the fork will then keep it engaged).
  12. be sure to start a build thread about that wagon we need way more details!
  13. interesting question. I also wonder how the old Jeeps would handle that. I know my 97 minivan went to a default fuel curve when the sensors died (and I still got 25mpg freeway so I just ignored it for the next 120k miles.)
  14. Pete M

    How to Reproduce?

    welp, that's how exhausted my brain is. literally couldn't put 2 and 2 together.
  15. then you can imagine how lucky I feel I'd been hunting pullaparts for years now. I can't imagine they sold all that many. minor update: I epoxied the grille back together as best I could and painted it black. I'll get a pic once I can (too bright outside for the black to show up in the image).
  16. Pete M

    How to Reproduce?

    indeed. best I can offer is I can likely tell you how they were made IF I had one of the parts in my hands. There are always little telltale indicators on plastic parts. BUT, I'd wager that knowing how the originals were made doesn't actually bring new parts closer to fruition. you have to work with what you have available, and that is likely going to be 'glass.
  17. I bet they do. apparently that one could have been much worse, as there were some hazmat tankers super close to being part of the derailment.
  18. Pete M

    How to Reproduce?

    rumor has it that bajafiber is working on MJ bedsides. maybe hit them up to pick their brain a bit. https://www.facebook.com/Bajafiber/
  19. Pete M

    Cool item

    neat! now I can see if I'm baking at the right temperature.
  20. Pete M

    size 14 socks

    I've had nice wool socks in the past and had a love-hate relationship with them. The problem boils down to finding ankle socks in a size 14. Even the XL hiking socks were barely big enough new and eventually shrunk a bit over time and I stopped wearing them. I'll have to check out costco.
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