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  1. I realize there's a spectrum of different impact guns, but I can't imagine needing more power than my particular impact. I mean, I know it's possible (the guys that work on big rigs have way bigger guns), but I already have to tone it down for fear of snapping what I'm working on.
  2. Pete M

    wood stoves

    we just trade 4 months of staying inside because it's cold for 4 months of staying inside because it's hot. can't argue about the rustfree junkyards though. that's pretty sweet. I do NOT miss the michigan 'yards.
  3. Pete M

    wood stoves

    If I didn't live in Georgia I'd be all about that. but I don't expect the cold weather to last for much longer. one of the benefits of being in the south. February is springtime! (but then again summer arrives in May so there's that. )
  4. have you read through this thread yet?
  5. Pete M

    wood stoves

    today's experiment went good! after sifting out the ash I ended up with a small amount of coals upon which I built a quick fire of crumpled paper and 2x4 splinters. cracked the ash tray and let that burn bright for a bit, then added more splinters. got a bright and blazing little fire going and that was enough to heat up the flue so I could then add bigger things without smoke escaping.
  6. what's your skill set? 30 year old trucks need more "lovin" than modern cars. check for rust! everywhere!
  7. you are most welcome. have you added your baby to the registry yet?
  8. this is an odd topic though, as most everyone is going to buy the impact that uses the batteries that they already own. just how it works.
  9. yup, add your truck to the CC registry and you'll get a build sheet and birthday for your baby
  10. fwiw, tech Qs from the project thread owners should really be added to Tech so more eyes will see it and then the answers will pop up when people search through Tech.
  11. -one of every kind of MJ (so I can start my museum) -99 town and country with a mid-engine rwd vette powerplant (grocery getter) -7.3L Excursion (camper hauler) -Gladiator with V8 conversion (for towing my MJs to shows) -83 Z-28 HO (my dad's car ) -KJ CRD (less rusty and this time with a manual transmission conversion to be my daily driver)
  12. Pete M

    wood stoves

    I tried a top down for the first one and it went poorly, but I've learned a lot since then and think I'm ready to revisit the concept.
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