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  1. there are less than 19,000 left on the road. any MJ will get attention at the car shows.
  2. Pete M

    Electric Camper

    Yes! i've been wanting to do this for years! think of the help on trails! solid state batteries are coming. that should double current capacity. more in the trailer could double that again.
  3. I've had success with rotating the image on my laptop, then rotating it back.
  4. 88towmanche's truck you see above has about what you're looking for. pucks are generally preferred over cutting a coil.
  5. always a good thing when all 4 tires are contributing to stopping.
  6. in the short term you can use zip ties to hold it towards the passenger side at about the 2 or 3 oclock position. the link in my signature should have a writeup on a custom rod to connect to the axle.
  7. and it's only taken years of constant refreshing the pages to get this far. lol
  8. my 88 makes so much crank case pressure that oil spews out of every orifice when it gets above 3k rpms. but I've still never experienced what you're seeing.
  9. a whole set?! that's like winning the lotto.
  10. rule of thumb, anything that's fancy is rare.
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