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  1. not really. with zero fabrication (maybe some duct tape?) they can both be made "functional", but in order to not look like crap they both require welding.
  2. nice! always love free stuff that turns out to work great after some minor maintenance.
  3. how the heck does colorado get all the good stuff?
  4. there should be some swap-around threads in the link in my sig.
  5. heading there for a visit?
  6. Pete M

    Steep Driveways

    plenty of crazy driveways in northern GA. I should start snapping pics of the... most creative. my folks got super lucky and found property that has about as flat a drive as you can imagine (for the area).
  7. what do your sway bar links look like? any bushing left? is your exhaust contacting your trans crossmember?
  8. Pete M

    Factory MJ colors

    someday I'd like to own every year's paint chip cards. some day. too poor right now. But I have all the dealership brochures so I can run though them once I'm back in GA next week.
  9. is it normal to wish I wasn't in Disney World right now? pretty sure it's some sort of MJaddiction withdrawal.
  10. I love that storage box! I think I'll be doing that approach for my new-to-me truck.
  11. looks like a solid "upgrade" truck assuming it's possible (given that you have all of the parts on hand), I'd probably swap over the entire XJ guts and swap the suspensions around in the MJs so your original MJ can be passed on to someone else looking for a body for a crazy build. not everyone peruses the projects thread each day so your tech questions should go in the Tech forum so more eyes will see 'em.
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