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  1. Pete M

    Bought myself something

    don't look at me. I name my trucks by color.
  2. Pete M

    Street comanche #53

    It's possible that Barrett might bring in that 5th figure. we've seen a couple MJs sold there that were $4k trucks sitting on a cheap lift and stock axles go for 10k.
  3. Pete M

    Street comanche #53

    oh, that's not the white one. I was thinking of the one in california. by all means, start yourself a build thread and show us what ya got.
  4. Pete M

    Interior Pieces?

    there are a few different threads in the link in my sig.
  5. Pete M

    The [poor] little guy

    probably just rust
  6. Pete M

    4th Generation MJ project

    the trans won't bolt up, the t-case is the old 207, the front driveshaft is spindly, the rear shaft is too long, the front axle is a CAD and has the small joints. It might still be worth 200 bucks, but not for a 4x4 conversion into a 4.0 truck.
  7. Pete M

    Street comanche #53

    If it was in pristine shape or fully restored, it might bring that level of cash. If it was cleaned up and got some basic repairs to make for a nice driver, it might bring 4 or 5. maybe. being unique and having great value aren't always the same thing.
  8. Pete M

    what's old is new again

    surprise of the day! we found a couple copies of "The Current", a weekly um... magazine? from 1887 in a box of items that were my grandparents. we got the best laughs out of the ads. nothing like a good ol' cure-all tonic to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. but I could help think but compare them to the more new-age cure-alls we've gone through lately; detoxes, probiotics, "vitamins" that aren't, colon cleanses, etc. Also note that sex sells, even back then what catches your eye? (I apologize that some of the print is tiny. it really is that tiny! these pages are like 10x7". I'll work on linking some bigger images and replace these if I can. either way, you will need to click on the images to make them bigger.)
  9. Pete M

    Sparkplug question

    have you run through Cruiser's renix tips yet? should be one of the top threads in the link in my signature.
  10. Pete M

    Heater Vents

    sorta. there are various levels of vacuum leak and different amounts of vacuum needed to operate different things. a complete failure will do as you mention. a slight leak may do some things but struggle on others. but your issue isn't like any I remember hearing about. personally, I'm just guessing at this point. as mentioned above, it might be that your heater core is partially clogged and so the air going through the top gets hot, but the bottom stays cold.
  11. Pete M

    ShowTime Comanche Build.

    makes sense. stuffing a big v8 in an MJ will always have compromises and tradeoffs. what levels of hp are you looking for?
  12. Pete M

    preventing rust?

    rust doesn't really spread that fast. but I doubt it'll hurt to just hit it with a touch of paint if it makes ya feel better. light coats only. don't make any drips.
  13. Pete M

    ShowTime Comanche Build.

    I think that Driver is referring to using different headers or custom making them. plenty of LS swaps have been done now and some have guys cut the frame for clearance (one guy hacked out quite a bit!), others apparently didn't need to. I couldn't tell you what the various differences are though.