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  1. and on that note, old U-joints don't always like changes in their operating angles, so you might develop minor vibrations that are only cured by installing new joints.
  2. technically you don't have to do anything. the stock rear shaft should work fine with a 4.5 lift.
  3. Pete M

    Out of the loop

    stay safe my friend it's time for a little camping-at-home.
  4. dang. was cleaning up my clusters and was wondering if I should put bulbs in those spots.
  5. and if not, is this a feature I can add by getting a bottle from the appropriate XJ? I seem to remember reading that the wiring is there.
  6. these are where the attachment christmas trees are. note that you can also push up on them with a reduced risk to snapping the plastic if it has become brittle. these tools are a godsend on the christmas trees
  7. thanks for sharing! haven't watched him in forever!
  8. it's a 30 year old truck with a solid front axle. It'll never be a modern car with IFS and rack-n-pinion.
  9. it's the human condition. we tend to glom on to the music we experienced in our formative teenage years. which is weird when you think about the fact that listening to music whenever you want (radio, records, CDs, etc) is a quite recent development in the human timeline. I wonder what people listened to back when if you wanted to hear it, you had to play it. sang songs I guess?
  10. can't hurt to try a junkyard. any excuse to stop by and see what they have in stock. but yeah, the new ones will be... not 30 years old.
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