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  1. Pete M


    one of our members is working on finding build dates for all the trucks in the registry.
  2. not a jeep, but I'm sure many parents can relate. my dad gave up his TR-6 when I was born for a 4 dr car. seems mom didn't want to keep driving around with me sitting on the floor.
  3. whatever the effort, it's looking fantastic. some things are worth the work.
  4. that would be sweet. just need to get the new truck in running order though.
  5. there's a ton of swap info in the link in my sig
  6. I could fit the whole truck if I had a pic that was just a bit taller.
  7. well, it looks like we've formulated a plan. going to just rent a dolly and haul it to my cousin's place for him to slice and dice at his leisure. this gets it out of the driveway right now and has the side benefit of the axles and trans can then be set aside for resale later on and the body can get hauled in for scrap. The hood will be removed as soon as I get another set of hands here and the hatch will stay on for the drive but he will set it aside for me later. oh, and the steering will remain so he can maneuver it in the yard but will definitely be saved.
  8. nice :) you should include your vin though.
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