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    Hawaii lifts

    ^ Roller slate status.
  2. I think I want to tackle things in stages. Right now my head is wrapped around my shop construction but the first real project in it needs to be this Jeep. Step one will probably be the drivetrain and axles. I really REALLY want to make this thing a good driver and that means overdrive. Can’t really trust it without adding some caster to the front axle so it stays in its own lane at speed. Can’t do that without cutting the inner C’s and turning them. Here’s the current list in my head: 1.) 4.0/AX15/Dana 300 (or NP231 but this would require swapping the front diff to the driver side) 2.) Slight stretch in wheelbase at least in the front to allow for the drivetrain to move forward for rear driveshaft length 3.) Cut/turn front axle and throw bearings/seals at both axles 4.) Suspension once over 5.) Body work or tub swap ...and so on...
  3. I had to deal with this with my Eliminator years ago. I ended up drilling out the broken screws, filling with JB Weld, and then reassembling with courser screws.
  4. It looks pretty good in pictures but the reality is that the ENTIRE tub is riddled with terrible body work. Just this morning I was investigating a bubble I’d never noticed before. I looked up in a fender well and it looked like a million bondo noodles squirting out from all the holes that previous owners would’ve drilled. At some point a tub swap should really be in its future. I like the idea of finding a decent donor with original paint and just do a whole body and front clip swap... along with the drivetrain... and go through the axles... and... and...
  5. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing this truck just disappear. This was the closest to regret I’ve had with selling a truck, then Jim passed away shortly after. I’ve gotten multiple questions from the current owner over the past year that should’ve been easy answers and yet I continued to just be a nice guy and help. I sat on it for a while at $4600 when I sold it, now a year has gone by, nothing new has been done with it, he says the trans is making noise, the t-case needs a chain, and it probably needs tires. If the timing were better, I’d offer the guy $3600. Otherwise I’m fine if this one just passes on.
  6. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/denver-1986-jeep-comanche-318-swap/6881476391.html
  7. Yard prep today for the shop. Had a couple of fence posts in the way of getting equipment down and a dead tree needed to go. Decided to pull the dozen or so posts just because it was going so well. Had a nice time with the CJ today. Even got the wife working the winch! Nice clean canvas to work with. Future home of the shop... Soon... soon...
  8. Hadn't noticed the firewall until just now. Is that all just bolted together?
  9. Put the little CJ to work again today! See, I’m getting dangerously close to breaking ground on my new shop and I’ve got this problem where I buy shop things without having a shop to put them in. Done this a bunch of times in the past! This time around it’s something I’ve wanted pretty much forever... a two post car lift. I found one super cheap!!! It’s a 1996 7000# Bend-Pak that’ll lift 8’. It’s a little short and a little light in the lifting department. That’s great! My shop is plans are a little on the small side and I’m going to have a 12’ ceiling and scissor trusses. I think the lift height will be perfect and I won’t be able to comfortably be able to fit a full size truck in the shop anyhow. Pictures! Pretty much the same protocol from when I moved my little shed to where it’s sitting. Tug it off the trailer... tug it sideways across the yard... it’ll stay under the tarp for now. The Jeep did great again! Maybe someday I’ll even use the winch for extraction some day.
  10. Looking good Bo. Really looking forward to seeing the future outcome here! This project is right up my alley. Have you figured where the engine will land in relation to the firewall or are you okay with rearranging and getting new driveshafts?
  11. This is where my head is at too. These little engines are super tough and reliable. I think cost is really what would keep me from this swap.
  12. So... I've been thinking again. I found an article from Four Wheeler from a while back when they bolted in a 4.0/AX15/Dana 300 into a CJ7. The rear driveshaft ended up being 20.25". If you figure my little CJ5 is 10" shorter in wheelbase than a CJ7, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with a 10" driveshaft. Let's talk about the T5. Been doing a bunch of research today about them and it's a real mixed bag of opinions. Looks like the 3rd gear is the week link in the whole package but I'm seeing more horror stories from people trying to go way above and beyond what you should with a T5 anyhow. My current T14 three speed is also in that same boat of being classified as a lighter duty transmission. I don't see myself using my Jeep as a real rock crawler. Rather I find myself wanting to go out into the mountains exploring back roads. The gear ratios of the T5 are 4.03, 2.37, 1.50, 1.0, and .86 while the T14 has a 3.10, 1.61, and 1.0. A lower first gear would be nice and obviously I'm still after an overdrive. If you look at the AX15, it's got 3.83, 2.33, 1.44, 1.0, and .79. Comparing a TJ on 33s and 4.10s or 4.56s with an AX15 would be real comparable to my little CJ on 33s and 4.27s with a potential T5 in it. Not sure if I've got a question in there... more so just thinking out loud. Anyhow, tell me more about your CJ5 plans.
  13. Flip your grill right side up. Geez! ... and welcome!
  14. This gets me thinking about the diy overlanders putting good effort into their rigs. There’s a bunch of homemade rooftop tent builds and interior sleeping platforms with creative storage solutions all over the interwebs. Companies like ARB and the like really make sone nice products but I agree... those prices?
  15. neohic

    EJS 2019 Concepts

    How about those concepts, eh? I know the Scrambler is probably the size of a school bus, but I absolutely love it. https://autoweek.com/article/trucks/2019-easter-jeep-safari-concept-lineup-6-awesome-pickups
  16. Did this sweet mod this morning. Old one had just about zero gasket left. Way too shiny though.
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