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  1. So… obviously we need pictures!!
  2. neohic

    College Vehicle

    I’d consider a Liberty. My parents had one a little while back and every time I drove it I thought it was a comfortable driver.
  3. Well done, sir! I’ll just go ahead and move this over…
  4. For months until just recently I’ve been picking at my brother’s kitchen. He’s up in Minnesota while I’m in Colorado and work at a cabinet shop. This all started on a visit up there in February. My intent was to build it for as cheap as possible while still creating a quality custom kitchen. I started setting aside damaged sheet goods that were still useable and still looked fine on one side. Then I scrounged scraps and seconds from customer jobs that cleaned up to new condition. This went on through the end of July. Total cost in materials came to just under $800. Granted, this is a small kitchen but it would’ve been about $6000 at our full retail. 77 hours went into this between staying late at work and the install itself. Then came the drive and construction while my dad and brother did the prep and reframing on one wall. Three very long days later… … and after the floor went down… … and the cherry on top was surprising him with a monogrammed cheese board from the sink cut out leftovers. I love my family. It has definitely been the hardest part of moving away from them five years ago now. Sure makes the visits that much more special when they happen! Always do favors and always help other when you can. This was a ton of work but very well worth taking time away from my projects.
  5. Love this build! Followed everything you posted over on Pirate4x4. Welcome aboard! Glad you’re here.
  6. Anything is what you make of it. Unfortunately, this is the third shop space I’ve built for myself and each has been a learning experience for the next. Hopefully this is the last! I will never claim to be a carpenter (even though I work at a custom cabinet shop… sshhhh!) but I will take the title of cheap @$$. I can’t stand paying someone for something I feel I can do for myself at the same or higher quality. You definitely have a leg up if they’re telling you that it’ll take two days for construction! I’m over two years!
  7. Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing yours come together.
  8. I think so? Moving slow today but better as the day went on. The plan is to put a rail up the stairs and along the edge of the loft. I’d like to figure something interesting but haven’t put much thought into it yet.
  9. Right… let’s finally get back to the shop. Today and some of yesterday was spent cleaning up, putting away tools, and making a plan for whatever is next. That all started with putting the truck out and taking quite the three way thread cross over picture… … so the saw could be put in the middle of the shop to cut up the little off cuts from making all of the trim. This felt horrible what with the price of materials these days but just what does one do with essentially eight foot long paint stirring sticks? It’s all going to a good home and will be used though. I’ve got a buddy that burns wood through the winter that has been taking my scraps since the beginning of the project. Now onto finishing the trim starting with the windows… …and then around the doors as well as a finishing touch to the carriage doors. It’s kind of subtle but I like that it matches the exterior. I really need to figure a good latch. Then came the part on Saturday where I fell off a ladder, hit each rung with the back of my head on the way down, somehow put a huge scrape all the way up my back, landed, and then woke up on the floor gasping for air. I’m still not completely sure how I slipped but it’s never a good feeling when you really have to think hard the next day about what happened. Anyhow, today was another day… albeit a slow one. Stairs where built. This was another project to clean up some off cuts. This time the left overs from the carport where finally used as the steps themselves. It’s kind of steep but that was the plan all along. Still comfortable to go up and down though. This is now a real game changer with keeping the shop clean. Super easy to bring up tools I don’t need for now to further declutter. On that note, I’ve got some materials I’d like to hold onto for another project down the road. At some point within the next few years, we’d like to pursue purchasing another property to used as a permanent camp spot. Think off grid cabin type deal. The remainder of the siding steel went under the carport along with the growing pile of large pallet stretchers that’ll eventually get used as framing studs. This all sits next to my free wood stove that still needs fixing. Stay tuned for a future thread on the (hopefully) $0 cabin. As for the current state of the shop, I’m confident that the next logical step is now electrical.
  10. There’s rain coming this week off and on. While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying going top less around town, I’m also tired of throwing a tarp over it. There’s been an issue in the wintertime that I’m trying to address now… the top panel. The sun hits it, warms up, and then the air condensates and rains down while you’re in it. I’ve wanted to do this from the start also anyhow. I painted the windshield frame black too. Jeep stopped doing this in 1974 (I think) and switched to body color starting in 1975. This solidified my plans for making roll up safari sides for the top for next summer. Kind of a best of both worlds type of deal for a top, I think. Then it all went back together with new hardware. It definitely wears itself older than it is.
  11. Yup… you caught me. Still need to pull the trans and replace the front seal too.
  12. Quick little project today. We wanted to add some lighting to the patio but didn’t want to completely commit to anything just yet. I’ve got plans for maybe next year redoing the siding on the house and it also needs a gutter on the kitchen side. She wanted a spot to add some small plants too so I got to thinking. Then tomorrow once the concrete is totally cured I’ll put some crushed granite in and then potting soil over that. Should have plenty of drainage with the braided vinyl hose running through the concrete down to the hole that was already in the bottom of the pot. I really enjoy projects like this! We spent a little more than a few hours on it once we got everything here. There still hasn’t been any real planning involved through any of this. I know that I really should be working on… say… my shop, but this is a good brake to enjoy myself and still talk myself into thinking that I’m still getting something done.
  13. So I’m laying in bed last night and woke up to a light pattering of rain on the roof. “Meh… it’s not that bad.” and I fell back asleep. Not even fifteen minutes later and it’s now a healthy downpour! Meanwhile at midnight… … the only tarp I find could probably wrap the whole CJ about four times! Somehow managed to get it wrapped decent with the wind ripping too. So?… … time to let it air out. Driving into work this morning was definitely my happy place.
  14. Still a great looking rig! Don’t be a stranger.
  15. Right?! Now I’m considering a soft so I’ve got fewer excuses to take the top off in the future but I think it’d loose some of its charm without the crew cut on top.
  16. Things happened today. YES!!! I finally took the top off after “test fitting” over the roll cage. I’ve been wanting to paint the very top of the top for a while now and this seemed to be the easiest solution for doing so. Maybe next weekend? Otherwise I had some running around to do along with the annual oil change. Moved up to 15/50. Good day, indeed.
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