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  1. I should really start with saying that I've had my eye on this Jeep for a very long time. It's been around the shop I work at quite a bit for one thing or another and I always found myself doing some other thing or another on it while I was there. The history as far as I know is that it came from a previous employee who really didn't care for it, then it was traded to the owner of the shop for a square body Chevy, then it really had no direction until I started picking at it, and now it's mine. This is my newly acquired 1975 CJ5. His name is Pinky. Pinky?... why not? It was originally a cool gray color but at some point it was obviously (poorly) repainted red. Then it faded... and faded.. and then faded some more. Overall, it's a solid little Jeep. There is some rust and bondo hiding under that thin layer of single stage paint, but it's in great shape where it counts. Is it all original? Absolutely not. I'd call this CJ "unmolested", but nowhere near a "survivor". It's still rocking the drum brakes, narrow track Dana 30/44, a 258, and a T14 three speed. It sports such options like a passenger seat. The engine is a later model but otherwise stockish. I'll be adding Howell fuel injection soon. Anyways... here's more pictures of it's transformations as it came in and out of the shop for random prototyping... As it sits now is with the drop dead gorgeous Meyer tin top and doors. Kinda postal looking? I love it! My plans are to leave it alone for the most part. With building a new shop this year I don't have too much of an interest of building another wheeler only to have to deal with the potential fixing of parts and finding time to do such things. Right now I want a little mountain road runner that I can comfortably daily drive. I think this fits the bill beautifully.
  2. If you find any, the'll be used. These are made of unobtainium at this point. They were inject molded for Archer Brothers Racing out of Duluth MN and then sold off to the dealership in CA that put together the 100 trucks. There were a small amount of NOS parts still sitting on shelves a few years ago... all except the one piece on the driver side right behind the cab. I picked up the last set they had. They sat around as I didn't know what to do with them but knew they couldn't sit around on a shelf anymore. Then a few months ago I sold what I had to the owner of #24 as he's doing a full restoration. Good luck with the search. It'll definitely be a tough one.
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    Bought myself something

    You mean sometimes it’s okay to just buy a running/driving vehicle? Wait... guess we didn’t see an engine picture yet.
  4. Been driving the CJ everyday lately. Changed gears after quitting my job at the 4x4 shop before Thanksgiving. As of this past week I’m now employed at a cabinet shop. I know... I know... I’m not exactly known for my carpentry skills. In fact, I don’t all that much care for working with wood. Since moving to where we are now a huge goal of mine was to work in the same town. See, I was driving 25 miles/45+ minutes to work... I couldn’t stand the owner anymore so that didn’t help either. Now I’ve got a leisurely .75 mile commute to work. Slightly more than I had at my bridge shop job in Minnesota where I walked to everyday. Can I walk to my new job? Yup!... that’s the plan. The weather has been bad this week though. Anyhow to circle back, I’ve been driving the CJ everyday lately. ... except today.
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    Bucket List

    Some good stuff happening over here.
  6. Welcome back to the top. Thanks for he update.
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    One of our own is down

    Thanks for the update, Abby and welcome! Your old man is definitely an integral part of CC. I wish him all the best. Tell him to keep his chin up and give'm hell.
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    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Sounds like a good recipe so far. I’m in!
  9. Been driving ol’ Pinkster more lately. I quit my job the day before Thanksgiving and this little Jeep has been more of a run around town rig. Been doing pretty good too! Must be the Lucas being circulated through and gumming things up!
  10. What I've got in my head is pretty much this but bigger and with the lean to on the other side... My brother put together a print for me that shows an overall height of 18'. I think it keeps a better proportion and the city requires me to have the structure match the house. The shed will be 26' deep with an 8' ceiling/loft over the back 8-10'. I'll be able to stand up in the middle of the loft and I'd like to be able to use it as somewhat of an office space. Storage will be in the form of a shelf higher up along one of the 26' walls. I've put a lot of thought into this shop and I've accepted the fact that it's not going to be 30'x40' shop of my dreams. That's okay. Living in a small house for the last year and downsizing for the better part of five years has put things into perspective for me. I'm happy in my little house and I'm happy with living within my means. It'll be roughly the same size as my last shop and I'm proud of the projects that came out of there. As much as I was never quite happy with my last place I'd be tickled pink to have it back. Soon... hopefully. Anyhow... as for the dune buggy in which this thread used to be based on ... it got a canvas tarp over the top of the blue one today.
  11. Mod edit: Moved, combined, edited... now back to this regular scheduled thread. So I'm looking into getting a parts donor for my VW Dune Buggy. I've had the fiberglass body for about seven years now... it was a high school graduation present from me to me! Since then, it's been stored under my parents deck way too out of sight and out of mind. The plan is to use this car for the frame, drivetrain, and title. Here's the problem though: the guy who has the car has had it for a couple years now, he has the title for it, but he never sent it in saying that he bought the car from the previous owner. Now, the previous owner did fill out their part, but the current owner did not. This would be a perfect candidate for my next project. The price is right, it's in my area, the car is complete... everything on the car would just work. Would there be any problems if I just filled in my name as the buyer on the title? I know that it would be "skipping title", but I really want this deal to work. Would he need to fill out his end of the title before I can work with him or is this more of a moral decision over what the state needs to know? What do you guys think?
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    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    Found another interesting hypothetical combo... if that's what this thread is, anyhow... https://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/jeep-hardcore-tech/2672976-lnf-ecotec-yj.html The company ICON put this same platform with a non-turbo Ecotec and a NP231 into their CJ3B reboots too... http://www.fourwheeler.com/project-vehicles/131-1003-icon-jeep-cj-3b/ If it'll fit in a CJ3B, then I know it'd fit in a CJ5. Not that I've got any of these components sitting around, but there are plenty of GM donors. Sure would loose some of its character but I think it'd gain more in reliability and the ease of locating a good donor. Hmm... I'd better find a job.
  13. For reference, let’s consider a starting point of a ‘75 CJ5 with a current drivetrain of a 258/T14 with 4.27 Dana 30/44s and 33” tall tires. So... I’m not convinced that my 258 has lost that long term reliability that they’re known for. I was having some issues earlier this year with a clack and low oil pressure. This was “fixed” with rolling in a set of bearings. I’d call my oil pressure adequit but I catch myself watching the gauge more than I should. This gets me thinking about other options. Sure there’s the near bolt in option of a 4.0, but I’m stuck with zero overdrive transmission options. What about a shorter engine to compensate? Why not a 2.5/AX5 combo? I know... I know... its got to be some kind of sacrilege to replace a six cylinder with a four. But why? The early ‘90s Jeeps with the 2.5 made more horsepower than the 258s, but obviously less torque. The AX5 could prove to be difficult paring with a passenger side drop Dana 30... I guess a Dana 300 could be put behind it, but who does that? By moving the drivetrain forward I could still have a nice driver with adequate power and overdrive to make it a real road tripper. If you google “Project Ground Up” from Four Wheeler from a while back, they used a ‘98 2.5 XJ as a donor to power a ‘56 CJ5. They ended up stretching the wheelbase a little but I think starting with a long hood (‘72-‘75 for those not in the early/intermediate CJ realm) might have some benefit. Open floor here! I’m looking for some hypothetical “what if’s?” and “why not?” type of thoughts here.
  14. The bottom corner where the buggy is sitting is the most level spot in the property. Going to be cutting in and backfilling to clean things up and building.
  15. Oh... and the dune buggy has drain holes in it and it’ll also be getting a canvas tarp over it too.
  16. After months of fighting about it, the city hasn’t budged on the footprint of my future shop. I can only go up to 90% of the primary structure on the property. This puts me with a footprint that I’m okay(ish) with being 16’x26’. Bear with me... my last shop was almost 14’x24’ and it was workable. What kept it workable was that I had 24’x36’ right next door for cold storage... which I won’t have. However, I also don’t have a pile of Jeeps and VWs anymore! So, 16’x26’ will be adequate and it’ll also have a 10’ lean to. I found a loop hole too!!! I can build up to 200sq.ft. without a permit and I can use up to 25% of my property... super easy to stay within with small structures. Moral of the story is I’ll have my 16’x26’ shop with a 10’x26’ lean to, my current 6’x12’ shed that’ll get turned into a greenhouse (for food... geez), a 10’x20’ shed for putting a vehicle in, and my house that fits within a 19’x26’ footprint. It’ll be like my own little community!!
  17. Update?!?!... kinda... not really. Really feel stupid for paying for yet another year of registration. I drove zero miles this year! The buggy got moved today but the MJ is staying right where it is until I’ve got an indoor place of my own to put it. It did get started though. Nice to hook up the battery and it just fires right off. I truly miss this truck. Proof of existence:
  18. Edit for the easy of finding some highlights of my build pages: '88 MJ Eliminator: Miss November '89 Sportruck: Archer '88 MJ Bed: The Comanche Camper / Miss Half September '98 XJ: The Pirate Baboon '86 MJ: The Jim Oshel Edition ... and now back to this regular scheduled thread. I'm not really new to the site... I've just been more of a viewer than anything else. So I decided that I might as well share my two MJ projects. The first is my beloved 1988 red Eliminator that started life in Washington and somehow ended up here in Minnesota. Being that it was only here for a couple of years, everything was still super solid. It also started life as a classic Eliminator (only 2wd). So, that had to change! While I was in there I lifted to about 3 inches and added the 31s. A rebuild in the engine bay was also in order so I figured I may as well punch it out to a 4.6L. Currently, it sits in about a million pieces waiting for me to finish my shop so I can bring it home and finish the body work and paint. My other is more of a play thing that I decided to build after thinking about all the time I was throwing at my red truck with the thought, "... hey, what happens when I bounce it off a rock after it's all done?" So the solution? ANOTHER COMANCHE!!!! This time I found a 1989 Eliminator that was in much worse shape than my red one, but still very driveable. I made a deal with the owner and came back a week later... but there's a twist!... his son took it a jumped it 50 feet... twice. The plan was to just drive it as is, but then that turned into another 4wd swap just to get rid of the bananas that once resembled axles. So, again, since I was in there I redid the floors, seats, fuel tank, and so much more just to get it back to driveable. Oh... and the owner just wanted to get rid of it.. so it was free! I've got plenty of build pictures of everything so don't be affraid to ask about anything. Enough said... enjoy!
  19. Back to the top! Kinda wish this was a productive update, but it isn’t. After moving to Colorado this little car sat. It got pulled out once to wash all the bugs off from being first on the trailer, it got the cover pulled off of it a few times, but most of all it just sat. While I don’t have an indoor parking spot for it, I miss seeing all my stuff in one place of my own. After getting my little shed moved a few weeks ago, I got the itch to keep going. Up to the house! My property is on a hill. Glad the brakes were finished before I left my old shop! Sleep tight, little buddy. My goal is to have a shop right where it’s sitting this coming spring. Maybe it’ll get finished then? Who knows...