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  1. Joh!!! (Which is South African for ‘wowzers’ / speechless)
  2. Hey there ... anxiously waiting for an update!!
  3. I’m thinking your blonde and redhead are both keepers! Good job, keep us posted
  4. Nice! Congrats!! Tell us more about your truck... and some more pics please
  5. Wow, stunning job! That is a head turner of note!!
  6. Update time! So although my Comanche is still 600+km away from home, progress is being made, thanks to some good friends. The injectors have been in and out of ultrasound ever since I got back, and were over the weekend pronounced serviceable enough to drive it home . Pic of the muck oozing out earlier in the process: It was decided prudent to get the fuel tank chemically cleaned, so my friend who is storing it for me kindly pulled the tank and cleaned it for me at his radiator shop ... while building me an upgraded radiator. Apparently the tank looks like new now, and he got one of his workers to paint the skidplate for good measure. I don’t have pics of the radiator or tank ... yet! Seeing as my friend’s ex runs an upholstery shop, and their work is of the best I’ve ever seen, what better time than to sort out the torn seat? And finally for now, the nasty plexi screen was replaced yesterday by a brand new tinted glass screen and facelift seal [emoji41] So now I need to source a replacement exhaust manifold, and get myself up there to get her running. A bit of a challenge, as I fired my boss the other day ... so no leave in my notice month ... and I’ve bought a share in a panel shop (excited much!!!) , so goodness knows when I’ll be able to get away there. Very chuffed to be taking my life back though! Question: Are HO & Renix exhaust manifolds interchangeable? Thanks for following!
  7. Welcome and well bought! It’s rather special knowing it’s probably the only one in the country!
  8. Welcome! Following with interest!
  9. Well done!! That is a sweet ride! And you beat me to getting your purchase home. Great that you’re going the restoration route. Looking forward to following your progress
  10. Now this is the type of thread I love to follow. Sometimes one has to do/save something special even if it doesn’t make sense on a balance sheet!! Been down that road myself a few times, and I’m sure I’ll walk it again. Never been sorry either. Good on you!! Wishing you all success and happiness with the results
  11. Interestingly that perforated weave pattern vinyl is currently available here by us in South Africa, but only in black. I’m guessing its because it’s used in one of the modern vehicles here - not sure if I saw it in a VW Amarok or Toyota LC Prado
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