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  1. Well done!! That is a sweet ride! And you beat me to getting your purchase home. Great that you’re going the restoration route. Looking forward to following your progress
  2. Now this is the type of thread I love to follow. Sometimes one has to do/save something special even if it doesn’t make sense on a balance sheet!! Been down that road myself a few times, and I’m sure I’ll walk it again. Never been sorry either. Good on you!! Wishing you all success and happiness with the results
  3. Interestingly that perforated weave pattern vinyl is currently available here by us in South Africa, but only in black. I’m guessing its because it’s used in one of the modern vehicles here - not sure if I saw it in a VW Amarok or Toyota LC Prado
  4. Nice! Well hurry up with those pics!!
  5. Great job on the metal repairs, textbook stuff! Looking forward to see more pics!
  6. SteveW155


    This struck a harmonious chord for me! Although I’ve been following this forum for ages, I’ve only participated to a small degree since finally managing to become an MJ owner a month ago. At the same time I suddenly felt, and was made to feel at home. And since then this has become my happy cyber-place to visit. When I first started 4x4’ing a decade ago I joined a local 4x4forum which I thought was awesome until I started coming across the keyboard warriors and (generally uninformed) opinionated idiots who seem to thrive on rubbing people up the wrong way, and decided that I don’t need that in my life. I’ve not noticed any of that here. My impression has been that the main participants & mods primary goal and interest is to support our common passion, rather than a bunch of other agendas. For that, a heartfelt thank you from my side. This really is a special place. Of course CC is made up of individuals, all of us having unique personalities and opinions, so I guess like any family we will have to agree to disagree now and then, hopefully that too will make us stronger. Thanks again to everyone who makes this place possible!
  7. That is disappointing to hear. Let me rather not get started about how corrupt politicians have looted, raped, pillaged and systematically destroyed this country over the last 20 odd years. And continue to lay the blame for the decay at the feet of a small minority group. And if you’re of European descent, count on economic odds being stacked against you amidst constant threats of disownment of property. And it feels like the mindless masses outnumber the many genuinely good people of all ethnic groups who wish we could just shake off the crap and help rebuild this country. Totally off topic - let’s talk about happier things like Jeeps
  8. Looks stunning! [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  9. Amazon says you don't ship to South Africa...!
  10. Nah, can’t say I do, Cape Town is a big city (well by our standards lol)although I do have an architect friend who probably does... Of course they are, us Capetonians are all super cool !!![emoji41] Our youngest got married to an american lass about a year ago, and they’ve almost got their ducks in a row to go back. I sure wouldn’t mind making a move myself... you have a beautiful country to explore and I love your positive mindset and national pride. I’m afraid we have lost most of that here [emoji22]
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