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  1. I paid 3 grand in Canadian funds. Bought the stripe kit for about 120.00 and installed the stripe myself.
  2. It’s okay…. I’ve got nothing to hide. It’s Nothing you can’t find out on the internet anyway. Glenn Bint.
  3. I put the factory stripe kit back on.
  4. Well. She’s been mechanically rebuilt bumper to bumper and got it back from the paint shop. My sweet 87 2.5 rwd sport. Stripe kit on the way.
  5. Removed from tailgate as truck in for full paint job. Original dealer.
  6. Just wanted to share. Installed daytime running lights on my 87 as two separate led lights on bumper. They turn on with engine running. Now I wanted to have them turn off automatically when headlights are Turned on. Very easy. Used a 5pin relay. Ignition on power to pin 30, ground wire to pin 85, power wire from park light to pin 86, power wire to daytime running lights to pin 87A. Works awesome.
  7. Anyone use jbweld for plastic radiator tank repair?
  8. Stupid question time. Are the front doors of an XJ same as MJ? Looking to swap inner panels.
  9. Sure would love to up wipers on my 87 Base model. What Cherokee parts should I be looking for , as I can’t imagine our wrecking yards here have any Comanches
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