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  1. I know of a mint looking... both in and out... 87 black 2wd long box with factory cap And buckets here near Victoria bc. Has approximately 340,000 kilometres on it. 6 cyl. Needs clutch. Wish I had the space for it.
  2. Finally got the wheels back to factory.
  3. I too should have a look at my universal joints as I’ve been feeling a small vibration/resonance at higher speeds that I know isn’t tires. Just being lazy.
  4. Help! Starter motor done in. Trying to replace. 2.5 87 Bosch type. What size is torque type socket and why are they unbelievably tight? I’ve done hundreds of starters and can’t get these bolts to budge. Quick response would be appreciated.
  5. Hey Eagle. Done your swap. I have a mint bench. Could use your buckets
  6. How much effort to put 2dr xj buckets into a Comanche with bench seats
  7. Wheels finally back to factory
  8. It’s official. I now have a Comanche part in my living room.
  9. Know a guy here in Victoria BC that’s got a 87 2 Wheel Dr. straight six Comanche with about 300,000 km on it and inside and out is mint. How’s the factory cap. Needs the usual clutch slave of course, if I had the room and be in my driveway right now, beside my 87 Comanche.
  10. Local wrecker supplied me with a great used xj box for 60 bucks when I added PS to my truck. Rebuilt pump, pulley and lines from NAPA cheap.
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