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  1. Last update, the winter truck was dismantle summer 2013, the following parts were keeped - Hood - Rear dif. 44D - Front dif. gearing - Inside esthétique - Seats cover - NP-231 - 4.0Liter - Roof liner I will upgrade the 1989 with these parts.
  2. Okay, It's time for a motor swap follow by D44 swap and a 3" lift kit. :wrench: If my Buddy's garage will be available , everything should be done before winter. :clapping:
  3. Hi, Everybody Long time no write, I am in the process of a motor swap(1989 to 1990). Could any tech wiz help me with the metal fuel line near the intake? I need to disconnect without destroying the quick connect plastic tab? Thanks Éric
  4. Jeep don't make the assembly anymore. Your best place to find one will be the JY. You could find some new part at Rock Auto.
  5. Make a search in the tech section, I think 3-4 guys have made the swap. Good luck
  6. I always want 3" lift, just for the look of it. After 20 years my suspension look tired, need a little lift :wrench:
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