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  1. Bit of a head scratcher eh! It never used to do this and it seems to be intermittent. 🤔 It'll probably just stop doing it at some point lol 😁 There's minimal oil leaks, a little around the valve cover but otherwise ... Only 150k miles on it. wtf I'll just keep on Jeeping on and ignore it then. Thanks for the input chaps. Let you know if it explodes 👍
  2. Hmmm!? So I put on a new filter and everything was normal again ... for a short while. So it seems the filter is not the cause. I don't think the sensor is the issue because it appears to be showing what I'm physically seeing which is ... on removing the old filter after leaving overnight, it was completely empty of oil ... like actually EMPTY, completely dry. On start up in the morning the light stays on for the amount of time I'd think is about right for the filter to fill up then goes out, about two or three seconds. Then on starting again after a couple of minutes it goes out immediately as it should. My local parts guy suggested the PCV valve could be clogged causing pressure in the crank case side of things and therefore pushing the oil back through the system. Does that sound possible guys? If so, where does that live under the hood? So I can take a look at the weekend. Cheers all, happy Friday 😀
  3. Thanks for the pointers guys. I'll get a new filter from Napa. I'm told they are good quality. I'll clean the connections anyways but my observations point to drain back. Once the motor has been started and ran a couple of minutes, when I shut her off and restart the light goes out immediately as I'd expect, indeed as it always had before 👍 Does anyone know if there's a drain back valve in the pump too? Or only the filter?
  4. OK, thanks I'll check that out. Maybe ask my local garage to pressure check the system. Guess it could simply be a dirty connection to the sensor.
  5. You mean the pressure sensor by the filter Pete? and Nah, I like my simple idiot lights 😁
  6. Not sure. I'll look into that 👍 What are you thinking? No non return valve?
  7. Seasons greeting MJ guys 👋 Old Timer here 🙂🛻 Quick question for the experienced 4.0L mechanics out there if ya don't mind. My daily driver MJ 4.0L that's been running faultlessly for me over the last 13 years through thick and thin, now has an issue I'm worried about 😕 The oil light (idiot light, no gauge) has suddenly started staying on for a few seconds after it fires up. It's never done this before. My first guess was the oil filter non return valve got stuck, so I swung by jiffy lube and got it changed but that made no difference. Once running the light stays out even at idle and all sounds well in the motor bay. No leaks. I can stop for a half hour and restart and the light goes out immediately as it should. But over night the problem comes back. To me this all sounds like the filter draining back. But how likely is it for a new filter to also have a failed non return valve? Is there another explanation you can think of? Is there a built in non return somewhere that could have failed? Sensor maybe? 🤔 Any help or pointers appreciated. I don't want my DD wearing out before it's time because it's oil starved for a few seconds each morning! Thanks in advance, pic for attention 😉
  8. That's interesting stuff, i'd never have guessed they'd do that.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I'll get an angle finder for verification of caster.
  10. So I installed a fresh steering box (what a job!) and I've had the alignment done. It's a vast improvement from before but it still drifts to the RIGHT on straight level roads. The alignment results show the camber angles slightly above spec and the caster angles 6.8LH/7.1RH (optimum 7.5). From what I've learned the camber is ok to be slightly off but the caster will cause instability problems which is what i've been experiencing. If I add/remove caster shims to adjust the caster angle must I do the same both sides? The alignment tech I spoke to said you cannot independently alter the caster because it's a solid axle. Is he correct? Or is there enough flex in the axle that adjusting one slightly more than the other will help bring them equal. The best conclusion the tech could offer after much head scratching was the tyres are 7yrs old now so it's probably something to do with the tyres. I'm not so sure about that, I've rotated the tyres all ways and the same effect is present. TIA for any helpful pointers :)
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. So my local pnp has some 93 & 95 Grand Cherokees. Think I'll go pick up a box this weekend. I've not changed a steering box before, any special tools I might need to take for removal?
  12. Track bar, got it, I'll investigate that as well this weekend. Thanks for the info!
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check that uj. And yes, it's power steering.
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