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  1. That's interesting stuff, i'd never have guessed they'd do that.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I'll get an angle finder for verification of caster.
  3. So I installed a fresh steering box (what a job!) and I've had the alignment done. It's a vast improvement from before but it still drifts to the RIGHT on straight level roads. The alignment results show the camber angles slightly above spec and the caster angles 6.8LH/7.1RH (optimum 7.5). From what I've learned the camber is ok to be slightly off but the caster will cause instability problems which is what i've been experiencing. If I add/remove caster shims to adjust the caster angle must I do the same both sides? The alignment tech I spoke to said you cannot independently alter
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. So my local pnp has some 93 & 95 Grand Cherokees. Think I'll go pick up a box this weekend. I've not changed a steering box before, any special tools I might need to take for removal?
  5. Track bar, got it, I'll investigate that as well this weekend. Thanks for the info!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check that uj. And yes, it's power steering.
  7. Hi guys. In looking for advice about steering problems. There's something amiss in my steering system and I'm not having much luck working out what the issue is. I've had numerous things replaced but nothing has cured it. Two garages have looked at it and found nothing. All the joints have been checked and confirmed to be OK. I've tightened the over centre in the steering box and that's ok now. It did need tightening a little and after doing that the steering issue was even more noticeable. It's unstable, won't hold a smooth curve in a turn and on the straight it feels like it's
  8. Here's the link http://www.t-mfab.com/store-3/cherokee-xj-comanchee-mj-parts/ T & M Metal Fabrication
  9. Just sharing. Randomly saw these guys on Facebook. Small company, they make frame stiffeners, grills, rear light covers and other things for Comanches and Cherokees. The rear light mod will be handy for a lot of MJ'ers. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=697135410359554
  10. Good to see other folks using their MJ's for camper rigs. Didn't build mine, I took the easy option and just loaded an old import slide-in. Good to go :)
  11. Thread bump ... Hi guys :) So after getting a shop to check out all the steering angles it turns out that it's all good except the RH caster angle is @ +10° instead of the factory spec 4° it should be. Progress! I now have a good idea what's causing my shimmy. It seems I have a minor case of "death wobble"! The guys at the shop said the caster angle is non adjustable and they can't help but I've done some CC forum searching and read that you can get shims to make caster angle adjustments. Is that right? If so can somebody post a photo showing where the shims go? And, am I'm barking up the r
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