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  1. I found a transport company that ships groupage cargoes to Ukraine. Her warehouses: 600 Markley Street, suite (ID)Port Reading, NJ 07064732-634-1517 or 460 Copper Drive, suite (ID)Newport, DE 19804 732-634-1517 PS Plastic B Pillar very important to me. Condition and color does not matter
  2. Find how Send in Ukraine with https://my.meest.us/ Everything is simple
  3. thanks, i have 3 pane sliding window
  4. I need plastic elements of the interior (left and right) of gray color №6 and №7 element and №3 element Rear Window Gasket who has something and can send to Ukraine?
  5. very beautiful, I have not seen such a model in my life
  6. also an interesting solution, we will probably also do by analogy, only the entire wall of the building.
  7. I need plastic elements of the interior of gray color, who has something and can send to Ukraine? And I do not understand how the ceiling is mounted, it does not make sense to order from the USA, I want to take a restyled model from the Cherokee and cut it off, but how is the ceiling attached to the back where is the glass?
  8. On the body were damaged, began to repair. We plan to pull the threshold in the near future.
  9. The motor did not work stably. The previous owner put nozzles from BMW with a Bosch number 280 150 716 at 130ml / min, in addition to all the rubber rings sucked the air. I was lucky, I found the used original nozzles, after washing and installing the rotations evened out, but sometimes for some reason they still hang for 2000rpm.
  10. where you buy sensor and what part number?
  11. I would be very grateful if you write to me when you go for parts. If you need any of the spare parts for Niva, I can help.
  12. Hello. My name is Anton and I joined the ranks of the owners of the Jeep Comanche. In Ukraine, I know that there is 1 more such car model, but nothing is known about its fate. So I want to share information and history about my car, the owner of which I became a couple of weeks ago. Immediately I apologize for my English, Google Translate helps me)) So, I am the third owner in Ukraine (who are famous to me). The information about the first owner is known to me and the history of this car begins with it. He bought it in 2007, with an AMC 150 engine (2.5 mono-injector), AH-4 (4st MCP) and only rear-wheel drive. Almost immediately, he buy donor Cherokee 1990. Thus, Comanche received four-wheel drive (Dana 30, Dana 35 with a transfer gear in 3.55), a 4-liter Renix, 242 hand-outs, a 5-speed gearbox from Wrangler (AH-15). Installed The ROUGH COUNTRY lift on 4.5", which includes: springs, springs, front adjustable levers, extended brake reinforced hoses, long-stroke reinforced shock absorbers, reinforced steering damper, elongated bipod, disconnectable stubs, adjustable panar with the house and bush( silent blocks), a drop of hand-outs. The air conditioner was also thrown away, a stove was modified and a second generator was added in its place. There were also modifications in the form of installation of high-speed fans and a three-row radiator. And More about the many small improvements that I probably will now only be guessed at. In 2014, the car was sold to the second owner, who did not make any significant improvements, except for the installation of LED headlights. April 2019, I became the owner. A separate purchase history will be in the near future. The condition of the car wants the best. Engine revolutions float, running all fell into disrepair. There are no trim elements of the cabin. Many items are broken. The paint burned out, expelled, swollen. But! Car on the go and all handouts are working. I am very pleased with the purchase! The car gives an unforgettable experience!
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