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  1. I had an issue where I was getting very low voltage at certain fuses awhile back. I would suggest getting down in there and checking your teminals for corrosion and cracking. I had one that was very obviously breaking apart and when I pulled the panel apart I found that virtually all of them were coming apart to some degree. Even the terminals that looked fine began coming apart when I poked at them.
  2. Just replaced all of the terminals in the fuse box, and didn't take a single picture
  3. I have a grey LWB. I'll probably be going on Friday, I have to work Sat.
  4. Gouda

    Tool Talk

    While I have plenty of Snap On and Matco stuff in my box, I have way more of the lower end stuff that I've been using without issue for years. I find that it's much less the quality of the tool than how you're using it.
  5. Gouda

    Eastern Tennessee

    New to the forum, I'm smack dab in the middle of Knoxville
  6. From what I've read, The Dakota's with the 3.9 Magnum V6 came with the AX15 and all of the Magnum engines had the same bellhousing bolt pattern. So if you use that bellhousing you can bolt your AX15 up to a 5.2 or 5.9 Magnum.
  7. Headlight relay harness is already on there. I haven't pulled the carpet yet, because I know what's underneath and I don't want to see it haha I did see a little rust under the driver side while I was under it one day, so that's gonna have to be addressed at some point
  8. Let me start by saying that I have a Jeep problem So I was sitting at lunch one day just looking at all the Jeep junk for sale locally when I came across this beauty 87 LWB with 170k-ish miles, kind of brownish redish interior, 5 speed (BA 10/5), 4.0 The guy was asking too much money, so being the brainless Jeep fanatic that I am, I just threw all of my cash at him. (I told the gf that it would be alright because I'll just sell the TJ and make the money back... which only took 4 months ) For the most part it's been a great truck. I drive it to work about every other week and it's never let me down. Now this isn't to say that everything does what it's supposed to. The ac doesn't work because the line coming from the compressor to the condensor has a hole rubbed through it. I don't have any reverse light's because the switch on the trans failed. Fuel level sender is kaput, so I have to rely on the trip odometer and judge the sloshiness when I jump up and down in it. Parking brake pedal failed probably years ago and I just didn't notice when I looked at the truck because I was so smitten with it. The aftermarket radio has some funky wiring so if I let the park brake out none too gently then it will cut out. (Oh yeah, I fixed the parking brake at some point) The steering had a ridiculous level of slop too it, so one of the third things I did was to swap out the steering box for a spare adjusted one I keep around. Now let's ignore all of that important stuff for the fun things I did to it first The absolute very first thing I did was find a full gauge set out of a Cherokee, because tachometers are fun and make everything faster I've also swapped out the headlights for a set of Hella E codes, and relay harness from KSuspension fab, and I changed the oil and that's about it for now Future plans for it include an AX15 swap with a brand new trans that I bought from Novak I figured that since I own something nice for once, I should put nice parts on it. I also have a set of 4.10's that I bartered for some Currie TJ motor mounts. They're for a HP30/35. I'm thinking of doing a Truetrak in the dana35 and leaving the front diff open. I know that no one likes the idea of putting a dime into the 35 but I drive like an old man now, so I think it will be okay. I also only have a crappy driveway to work in so I can't very easily swap in a C8.25. Once I have all of that done, I'm planning on going with a 3" lift from Hell's Creek, along with some 31's on TJ Canyon wheels I have tucked away in the basement
  9. I swear it was like that when I got it, but I fixed it when I had to swap out the grill for a new one when it got smashed
  10. Maybe I will once I finish collecting parts. I've got a brand new AX15 sitting in the garage, but the ac went out so I put that on hold while I search for a new line.
  11. Walked out of Home Depot and saw this parked next to me
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