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  1. I'm confused, people that come to this site for help must comply to all grammatical rules? Was there an education requisite on the rules page or can people just try to work with people when they are having problems with their vehicles. I understand it's not as easy to diagnose a problem when it's hard to understand what's going on, but people are coming here for help with problems. Not so the people on here can give them sh*t for their grammar.
  2. This is where the distributor is at #1 tdc comanche dist.jfif
  3. I put the factory cps back in after checking with an ohm meter and it being at 165. I believe factory spec is 200 +-75. Now have spark but am pretty sure the timing is off. I watched a video where the alignment roll pin on the camshaft sprocket broke and it wasn't aligned properly. I'm wondering if this is what happened when i pushed the power trans switch and it downshifted. It was only a second or two after shifting it died.
  4. Okay, today I went through the grounds and have 12v at all fuse terminals now. I can hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the key over and have 12v to the coil but don't have spark. I tested the cps and it was only at 2v when cranking so I picked up another (off brand). This one tested at 3v and i read on this forum it should be at 5v so I went and got another (duralast from autozone) It still only reads 3v when cranking. I am using a cheap harbor freight multi meter so not sure how accurate the readings are. Should I try another cps or start looking somewhere else?
  5. Thanks again, will clean all grounds and start from there on getting it up and running again.
  6. Okay, sorry for not being more specific. When I checked last night everything I checked was 3v but when I checked the radio and cigarette lighter they were 12v. Tonight they are all 12v with exception to the dash lights which only read 1v but that is visibly corroded, not sure what changed between then and now. Will clean all grounds tomorrow and see where I'm at from there. Thanks for all the suggestions. Wondering what the odds are the timing chain may have skipped a bit when it shifted down into power mode causing it not to run?
  7. I'll have to look when I get home, tested 4 or 5 on fuse panel and got 3v. May not have checked the radio. Was late and dark so called it a night.
  8. So yesterday I bought my first comanche. It's an 87 with a automatic transmission and 107,000 miles. Drove great during the test drive and previous owner stated they never had any problems with it. On my 1 1/2 hour drive home going up a hill I pushed the power transmission switch and the jeep shifted down and after a couple seconds quit firing. Motor turns over fine just won't fire. Had to get it towed home. I am getting fuel and spark and the timing seems to be in the right place just from going to tdc on 1st cylinder and looking at distributor. Not sure if it's related but I am reading 3 volts at all the terminals on the fuse panel. I am taking Wednesday off to try to get it figured out so any advice is greatly appreciated. Getting full 12-13 volts at the radio and cigarette lighter.
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