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  1. I have spark now and fuel .175 psi on each cyl . Finally got thanks guys
  2. I have spark now and fuel .175 psi on each cyl .
  3. You guys give out a lot of good info . I’m just not having any luck with this thing . So many new parts and it try’s to start just won’t run
  4. Sorry Just trying to some info Didn’t think grammar was so important if someone wouldn’t give you information thanks for the tips that you have posted jerk
  5. Goin to do some more checking tomorrow it had a new dist in when I got it so many part have been changed I’m having to back track the Previous owner that couldn’t get it to run I’m get a lot of good info on here I have no experience with Renix system and will check comp in the morning
  6. Yep it is new have Check it per instructions from the cruiser54 steps
  7. New tank new pump all Ignition parts lubed the cylinders downIgnition parts lubed the cylinders down
  8. Have done 1 thru 5 lol it won’t to start but it just won’t take off has been setting a long time replaced injectors got fuel got spark just can’t get to start running out of hair to pull
  9. Thanks for the info wish I could get it to run
  10. Red that plug in the coil can get pic later if need be there are two plus in the ignition module and one red wir to the coil the guy I got it from change all this stuff don’t know what really goes where first Renix
  11. I have a no start issue have change everything in the Ignition system still no spark found bad ecu replace with new one no fuel pressure fixed that problem the back to no spark killed ecu wait on new one have tones of Questions about my mj oil light stay on with key off unplug the red coil wire it goes off need help
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