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  1. Tyvm, going to start working on it today
  2. My MJ has 3.07 front and 3.55 rear, I just got a 3.55 front axle, did jeep put a crush sleeve in the diffs? Haven't even looked at them yet.
  3. Renoenvy08

    Cool find

    Look what I stumbled on to
  4. I talked to the owner of the mj's. He told me he had one more. When I asked if I could go look at them he said he'd rather I didn't due to the fact that he was servery injured in a car wreck in the maroon/ purple one, I told him why I wanted to look and that I respected his wishes he told me as I was leaving that it was good to run into another mj owner and it seems that we're few and far between. It was nice talking to him but I hope I didn't bring back too many bad memories
  5. While waiting for a tow truck driver to let me into a yard to let me into a yard so I can empty out the SUV I was driving that got totaled, I ran across these
  6. FYI, the reason everyone quit doing electrical wiring that way is due to fire, I just rewired my friends house, he had knob and tube.
  7. It runs from Lynnwood down the east side of lake Washington to southcenter mall
  8. Nope, Western Washington, Snohomish county
  9. ok, with work and all the other stuff people want me to do for them this isn't going as fast as I wanted, but that's probably a good thing as I'm not racing through this. I accually think about what I'm going to do when I get home on I-405. As of right now left in the block are the cam and crank. I've lapped #1"s valves, put new rings on #2 (that's where the crank was) and tomorrow when I get home it's time to start honing the cylinder walls. I'm off to bed need some sleep
  10. Really bad blow by, started spitting out the throttle body, lifters started making noise, faint but noticeable rod knock all this with a pretty new oil pump and within about 36 hrs
  11. So as of tomorrow my mj is no longer my DD, with over 500k the engine is starting to do things I don't like. But I'm in the process of rebuilding another 4.0 so hopefully it will be up and running for another snow adventure.I'll have updates when I'm able but now it's back to getting greasy
  12. I had to go to Lowe's and get some Hardie siding for my mom's house. As I pulled around to the lumber area I happen to see another MJ backed into a parking spot. I parked next to it went in got my siding and as I was strapping my things down the owner came up. We started talking about our trucks, her's a 86, lbw, 4.0 auto. I told her about the site (she never heard of it) but she said she would check it out. She told me about all the work she had done to her MJ then said she was quoted $1000 to replace the front u joints. I told her that was way overpriced.
  13. I found a 4.0, hardly any ridge at the top of the cylinder walls, need to fix the car I bought to drive while my mj is down but that's easy. Thank everyone
  14. So I went to check my tranny fluid and while trying to get the plug out I bumped the front driveline, to my shock it moved. Then I noticed that all the bolts that hold it to the xfer case we're gone. Can someone please tell me the bolt size of those bolts, much appreciated
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