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  1. I haven’t mounted these tires on the Comanche yet, still in the planning stage. I had them on another Jeep running 22-24 on the street, 12-15 offroad.
  2. The stock springs are in pretty good shape actually, so I’m torn between SOA and lift springs. It also seems there aren’t a ton of MJ lift spring options out there (for the rear). Going to use a 9” out of another Jeep, but no discs....it’s on the list!
  3. That’s quite a statement!! Great to hear since I wouldn't expect AAL to give the best ride.
  4. That’s great advice, thanks! It would be awesome if I could find a revalving kit to match the Comanche weight. I’m not even sure if the length of those shocks is going to work, but fingers crossed.
  5. As mentioned in another thread, I’m looking at options to build up an MJ for overland/camping-type work. All these guys in shiny Toyotas want to bomb down forest service roads and I’m usually rattling my teeth trying to keep up. So, without getting insane (no $$$$ bypass shocks or super custom suspension), what’s my best shot at getting a smooth ride on dirt/gravel at moderate speeds? Tires: I’ll be running 32-33ish tires. Front suspension: Metalcloak progressive springs seem like a great spring option. And I’ll likely have some sort of 3-link. Should I stick wit
  6. Great feedback, and I did read your other post, so thank you! You have a really good point about the repaint taking away from the originality. One of the reasons I bought this Jeep is because the repaint was reflected in the price and I got a pretty good deal on it. Hmmmmm.
  7. Well I shouldn’t have waited til midnight if I was going to reply to everyone. But thanks a ton for the input, that’s just what I was looking for. Here is some info I purposely left out that is really making this tricky... - I have another MJ that is much nicer. It’s an 88 and needs the AX-15 out of the red one. But....it has 186k miles. - I have a set of decently built 4.56 axles (D30, 9”) with ARBs sitting in the shop. - Since I’ll use it for business, I want it to look clean...so any cheaper vehicle I find would probably take more body/paint work than I’m interested in.
  8. I think this is what actually has me stumped and actually considering building the Jeep. Some of the higher priced vehicles I’ve seen lately have been modified and modernized somewhat.
  9. Ok that’s fair I think the sunset and super clear day were working against me. In real life I’d say it’s bright-ish red.
  10. Tentrax_Brent


    I live in Asheville, so no shortage of beer. Also spent several years in Seattle. But, still, I can’t get enough of NE IPAs every year when I visit NH and VT. Hill Farmstead, Fiddlehead, Stoneface...mmmmmmm
  11. Tentrax_Brent


    Picked some of this up at the end of last year in Asheville and actually really liked it. Pretty cool it’s made with coffee from Dynamite Coffee, a local roaster with a very good guy as the owner!
  12. I’d like to get the group’s thoughts on the value of modified MJs. I bought a pretty nice 89 Eliminator, 1-owner, 4.0, 5-spd, 95k miles. It’s very straight, clean, excellent condition except the repaint is maybe a 7/10. Factory buckets, I have the original wheels, totally unmolested except for the current wheels on it.... I would like to build an MJ as an overlanding vehicle to showcase products and use for business-related shows and events. Also just use it as a cool platform for camping with a rooftop tent. It would be fairly mild with 33’s, 3-link, bumpers, 4wd convers
  13. I was able to do it on mobile! Just wasn’t able to find it at first
  14. Thanks a lot!! I’m overdue for a visit to Eastern NC!
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