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  1. I was able to do it on mobile! Just wasn’t able to find it at first
  2. Thanks a lot!! I’m overdue for a visit to Eastern NC!
  3. 1989 Comanche Eliminator 4.0 / AX-15 / 2wd Current Location: NC, I’m looking to buy! Would love to see some of the build specs, will the VIN identify axle ratio?
  4. Thank you for such thorough responses!! Definitely sound advice and some very good points to think about. I’ll keep the group updated
  5. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the input!! Excellent points all around, especially the fact that no “normal” person will buy a truck that is not running well...and it will probably sit a while as-is at that price. I’ll probably throw a low offer down, see if it sticks, and keep looking!!
  6. Thanks for the education on the CCV system 👍🏼 So currently here are the symptoms that may suggest the most serious engine issues: 1) High volume of smoke/air coming out of the oil fill cap and CCV hose going to the air box when running. The smoke is visible and fairly high velocity. 2) Gas smell and “thin” feeling oil on the dipstick. 3) “Bubbling” in the overflow bottle...but after comparing to my running 88 4.0, this may just be coolant pouring into the overflow bottle. I’m still learning about the Renix engine differences, all my previous Jeeps h
  7. Oh man, this is what most $1500 Comanches look like around here... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/733085310622982/
  8. The CCV tube from the valve cover to air box was definitely pumping fumes and smoke into the air box, so it sounds like a bad CCV valve or way too much blow-by? The air filter was completely saturated with oil. $1500 sounds like a reasonable deduction to me. I’ll see if he minds me checking compression, though I’m still concerned about the head gasket. Thanks for the multi-MJ warning! My YJ is already starting to get worried...
  9. I promise I know how to use the internet... Is there a way to add a signature on the mobile version of the forum??
  10. Thanks a lot!! That truck is exactly what’s causing me to look for a second...I can’t bear to modify it at all.
  11. Really? That’s good input!! It would be cool if we could compile a database of sale prices on Comanches based on region. Sort of like the charts that BaT has for different vehicles. Hmmm 🤔
  12. Sorry for the barrage of posts in a row... In the absence of a way to check compression, what would you guys consider “too much” blow-by? Oil cap removed, there is visible smoke that is pumping out at a decently high rate. How’s that for subjective? Either way, it’s more than I’ve ever seen on a good-running 4.0.
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