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  1. ftpiercecracker1


    Grind'em till you find'em! As has been stated before, manuals are for fun/heavy duty work. Autos are for commuters, stop/go traffic, inner city. My current truck is an auto and to be entirely honest I probably wouldnt want it to be a manual. As for my MJ, she is a manual and i love it, but my holy grail is a long bed, 4x4, auto, column shift. Sweet sweet trans tunnel real estate.
  2. Glioblastoma is a motherf**ker.
  3. So, it has two clutches? Regular automotive and a centrifical, like on a chainsaw? Otherwise i dig the sh*t out of it.
  4. ftpiercecracker1


    Sweet sweet double time.
  5. Uber? Taxi? What is your destination?
  6. Ya, its ok if this thread dies. Can you just delete it so it doesnt take up space?
  7. The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking at buying a different (used) truck. My current truck is an 02 tundra 4x4 TRD SR5 extra cab with the 4.7 She has about 240k on the clock but still works perfect inside and out. My biggest problems are the lack of towing/payload, poor mpg, and lack of passenger space. The rear seat is really only suitable for children. I don't like how bloated the new tundras look and was unsure if they are as utterly indestructible as the first gen. The crewmax has the space and towing i want but man the mpg are just atrocious. Not to mention the cost of entry. Ive also considered going diesel. They toocan have spacious cabs, excellent towing/payload ratings and decent mpg, but the cost of entry and cost of diesel is what has kept me away.
  8. Who has what and what is your opinion of them?
  9. I wonder how much comanche is left? Just the body?
  10. That tan one paired with a 2.8t cummins and a manual trans is my official dream truck.
  11. Ive known about diplomatic immunity (DI) for many years, but i never fully grasped the full scope of just how far reaching it is, until now. I assume most of you gents know about the poor lad that was struck and killed by a diplomats wife. I read tonight that the victim's family is attempting to sue the US, presumably for damages (wrong term?). What is your reaction, if any, to this ordeal? Should DI extend to family as it does in this case? To what extent should the wife be prosecuted, if at all? If so what should her punishment be and will that course of action weaken the protection DI provides?
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