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  1. I will be driving from Tennessee to Florida in the next two weeks. Will be pulling a nice heavy duty tandem axle flatbed trailer. If you need something delivered somewhere between Southeast Florida and Middle Tennessee and are willing to buy my gas let me know.
  2. None of this makes much sense to me, so ill surmize the whole system once more for myself and others. Car is cold > key in run position > install relay > relay clicks > 12v at two wire fan plug, but no grd Car cold > key in run position > relay installed > unplug thermal switch > same relay clicks again and fan turns on. Jump wires for thermal switch and fan turns off. The fan must be receiving B+ from a different source and not the relay. Looking at just the relay and thermal switch. When there is a jumper wire connecting the two leads of the TS plug the relay is energized. But with how this circut is configured, energizing the relay opens the controlled circuit. The TS is a normally closed postion switch. Car is cold TS is closed and relay is engergized. Car warms up, TS opens, relay is denergized, grd connection is made and the fan turns on. The relay being pretty much constantly engergized would explain why it gets a million degrees. Like can't put your finger on it hot. It also seems it failed to fail as designed too. As metioned it seems they tried to configure it with a fail safe in mind. Should the TS fail it should fail in such a way that the fan will just run all the time, this is not the case for me. Car just got hotter and hotter.
  3. The ole "because they could". I generally associate toyota with robust simplicity. I imagine there was a reason, but i doubt ill ever know.
  4. Right. I was thinking 12v from the battery had to pass through, like to some device. Pwr grd for activating the relay, then whatever circut you want open/closed be it a grd or a pwr circut. But why have the relay setup normally closed? I mean when the relay is energized the connection to the fan is open. When the relay is denergized the connection to the fan is closed and thus turns it on. Does that make sense?
  5. No thats not a typo/mistake. A relay that controls a ground. My old toy tercel's electric cooling fan has suddenly stopped kicking on when the temp starts climbing. After some investigation ive confirmed its the thermal switch in the radiator. The odd thing is the fan runs continuously when (key run) it is unplugged. The plug for the fan has a constant 12v supply and the ground is switched to turn it on and off. The relay clicks when plugging in and when i jump the terminals on the thermal switch. I know relays can be controlled via ground or energized wire, but ive never heard of a relay that itself controls a ground. Does this make sense? How is this even possible? Recap: Toyota electric cooling fan stopped working Cooling fan plug has constant 12v w/ key on, but no grd. Relay clicks and fan turns on when thermal switch in radiator is unplugged Meaning grd circut has been closed by unplugging thermal switch. How and Why? I want to assume they designed it this way such that if/when the thermal switch fails the fan will just run continuously, saving your engine. But that is not what has happened.
  6. All of it can be removed, but none of it needs to be removed. If you live in Cali you have to have it to pass emissions. I removed everything on mine to help declutter the engine bay. As far as removal, just unplug what there is to unplug electrical and cap whatever vacuum ports need capping.
  7. Upgraded to bored out HO TB many moons ago. But good to know anyhow.
  8. Yup, that little "hat" piece is whats holding me up. Like you said the rest is pretty straight forward.
  9. Update: Guys at the parts store did some comparing. The only thing they could see different between my JY cap and a new one was the metal flange had a very slight bend in it, but otherwise identical. We put the new cap in place and had myself and another guy squeeze the upper and lower rad hose. No air/coolant came out overflow nipple and the other guy said he could feel the increased pressure in the lower hose when i squeezed the upper soooooo problem solved . . . . I guess?
  10. Thanks guys, i will do some more pic hunting.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2972758882785491/
  12. For filter either nothing or a simple end cap style. This truck is just a toy anymore, but i don't want to take care of it what i can. FWIW ive ran with no filter, just straight uncovered TB for the last 10k Only equipment in the way, aside from the brake master, is the washer fluid bottle. The ideal material would be flexible but rigged. Think pool vaccum hose. Very flexible but will not collapse under vacuum. How it would hold up to the heat is another story. Also i can't find it in anything larger than 1.5in dia.
  13. I would be very curious to see what the frame looks like. I wonder what the curb weight is. 7k? I would imagine even a well tuned stroker would probably struggle. Anything less than a V8 or a turbo diesel would probably be a dog.
  14. An items value is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Its all relative. Sweet truck though.
  15. Anybody got a pic of their snorkle setup? My truck no longer has any sort of air cleaner so it would need to be connected directly to the throttle body. Trying to figure out a way to configure one out of pvc, but the connection to the TB has eluded me. Also, my master cylinder is in the way for a straight shot over to the driver side fender well. I would like it to be external, meaning not tucked into the cowling. Also, would prefer not to drill through hood if avoidable.
  16. Wasnt aware of any hype. I do know there are a boatload of ebay/amazon radiator suppliers. From what ive read its a real gamble whether or not you get a good one using these, china direct, suppliers. I honestly don't know why i choose CSF, i went through rockauto.
  17. How did they make these? Its not factory is it? Some aftermarket company built them right? What frame was used? Looks like a dually rear? I know the 4.0 is torquey but i would imagine it struggled hard to maintain highway speed.
  18. Do CSF radiators use proprietary caps? I got a cap out of the junkyard off of a late model cherokee with open cooling system since the new rad did not come with one. The spring and all gaskets are in good shape, but when i put it on i can squeeze the rad hose and coolant/air comes out the overflow nipple like nothing is there. I have the cap fully locked into place, of this i am 100% certain, but its like it isnt long enough to seal on the bottom.
  19. What about opening a private consultant business?
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