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  1. Where are you located? I am interested in a black rear carpet panel. Would you ship? Might possibly be interested in a tailgate if the price is right
  2. Thanks for the help. I believe that the cluster is original but I do not know that for sure. It is supposed to be back on the lift at the shop tomorrow to check the diffs. Hopefully I will have it back next week so that I can get back on what I need to fix and start driving it.
  3. The best that I can remember only the speedo works. No engine temp, oil pressure or fuel. I don't remember if the tach works. It's been in the shop for a few weeks
  4. So I finally bought a Comanche. I have wanted one for years and finally got in a position that I could get one. I bought an 87 4x4 with 4.0 5 speed. This truck was originally an Automatic and the PO converted it to a 5 speed. A bit of a hack job but it works. I am not sure what transmission they put in it. I will confirm that as soon as I get it back from getting some front end work done. I have a few issues that I am pretty sure are related to the Transmission swap. The main one being that the gauges do not work. From what little research that I have been able to do, I believe that the Gauge
  5. I have a full 4 piece set that I just had painted matte black and I don't need them for my new grille. I can look into shipping if you want

    1. tarmac2dirt


      Hi, not sure what you mean by 4pcs, is this the two metal parts upper and lower with the plastic side pieces? Not really needing all 4pcs. Where are you located and how much for the parts aside from what shipping will cost. Thanks

    2. Jeeper1093


      Top and bottom and the 2 sides that the marker lights go in. All with fresh paint for $100 plus shipping. I am in North Carolina

  6. I will once I get the title work done.
  7. Thanks for all of the info guys! This is a great forum so far and I am sure that I will be spending a lot of time on here with the purchase of my first Comanche
  8. Is the front XJ carpet (2 door or 4 door?) the same as the MJ?
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