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  1. Yea......rates right up there with......." Ya Honey, I promise this will be the last vehicle......" Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  2. Ollie

    NSRA Springfield

    Any member here? We are, driving our 1969 Rambler American, white with a big road stripe on it. Lets meet and chat. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  3. Great Find. I need a good horn button. My friend is going to bring me one to the NSRA Show in Springfield. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  4. We left Knoxville Sunday and headed north to the Cincinnati area. Monday we went to the Creation Museum. I believe its a must see for every Christian or maybe better, an eye opening experience for non believers. Tuesday we went to The Ark. Another..WOW !!!!!! Wednesday we started home to Mississippi. All 2 lane roads enjoying the country side. A stop at Lincoln's birthplace in Kentucky. Another Kentucky stop, Jefferson Davis Birthplace.......
  5. Thursday afternoon/evening Scott's Rod shop in Knoxville hosted a BBQ for NSRA. Food was plentiful, big variety and delicious !!!!!!! Everything he builds is on his own frame. High dollar and very interesting. One ready to ship...... The best part...... Friday and Saturday was car showing......... More pics to come. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  6. Just got home from our Knoxville, TN cruise to attend the NSRA Car Show. Road Warrior, my 1969 Rambler rambled flawlessly on the 1646 mile cruise. The 1983, carbureted 258 I-6, hummed like a AMC should. AC, defrost and heater did the job as needed; even felt great to use the delay electric wipers. That system was a money pit, but well worth it when needed. . We always run two lane back roads as much as possible. Passed this place and then realized; Heck, we're in Lynchburg, TN.... I see a return visit in my future. Another adventure. More pictures to come as I work t
  7. WOW......I am impressed by how many use their truck as a truck......... Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  8. My 89, 4.0L, 2WD is my daily driver, work truck and towing vehicle for my 16' trailer. I bought it to to replace my 89 Ford F-150 (original owner) After alot of TLC it is now doing the job. I can see it going to some local car shows. Hopefully this vehicle will ride me on out. Having AMC Fun, Ollie
  9. Seems as if these "mansions" we live in are a maintenance nightmare, always something. I have had septic tank issues this year. Playing in poop is not my idea of a fun time !! Guess we can't play with our toys all the time. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  10. Car shows have been mighty thin this year. Wife found this show on Facebook so we loaded up and headed to Broussard, Louisiana in our Rambler. Snapped a few pics of stuff I liked..... I got a thing for flat heads..... Thought we had something here until I saw the 350 Chevy in it. They had the top 25 awards. 112 car turn out. Best part of the trip my nephew and wife came to visit us. That's our Rambler we are next to. Another bonus.....got to mee
  11. I suspect the ground wire that is located by the windshield washer bottle is broken or bad. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  12. I have a 1983 258 in my Rambler. The temp sender was located in the head by number 6 cylinder. I have a Dakota Digital dash cluster and I was sure getting erroneous readings with my temp sensor in that location. I moved the sensor to the inlet radiator hose (top). Now I am getting a true reading as to the temperature the engine is running at. Adaptor's at E Bay. When I put a temp gauge in my Comanche, it was all idiot lights, I used the top radiator hose. Runs dead on 195. Yes, just "tee" your oil pressure sending unit. Stick with Autometer gauges, they are the best i
  13. I have been searching the internet about my box cover. I see how the locking system works and the missing parts are out there. Thats not going to be a problem. After a couple of phone calls I see that I will be spraying the bed liner myself.......... My interior lights arrived..... They are quality stuff. I got them from Infinite Innovations. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  14. Thanks alot for the pic.........I have the clip for the lug wrench in my truck, was trying to figure out how the jack mounted to it. All I am missing is the folding jack handle. Ready for a trip to Pull-A-Part, now I know what I need. You cleared my brain fog.......TKS Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
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