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  1. Thanks to JimB I have located them........ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Radiator-Isolator-for-Jeep-Cherokee-Comanche-1987-2001-17470-17-Omix-Ada/191242313033?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Jim !!!! Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  2. Will removing the radiator the bolts inside the rubber mounts were turning and I had to grind them off. The poke up thru the cross member. Anyone know of a source for these?...Ollie
  3. I wonder if they didn't switch something, he says the other line goes to the intake. I disconnect all the ECS today and there was missing stuff. The heater vacuum hose was run towards the the right front, extended by a small line pushed into it. It hooked to nothing. The vac ball had a about a 7/32 vacuum line hooked to it and stopped at the fire wall hooked to nothing. The heat/AC system is is getting vacuum from the manifold. I got all the heat/ac components removed today..... The pink line (faded was originally brown) in the above pic was the one that was giving me a time trying to find. That is the vacuum line to the heater valve. My new issue now are the rubber mounts on top of the radiator. They hold the top of the radiator to the cross member. They were turning in the rubber and i had to cut them off. Anyone know of a source for these? I can rig up something if I have too. Going to be awhile while i assemble all the parts........ Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  4. Thanks guys.........came out today. It wasn't all hooked up anyway. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  5. How much of this system can be removed and my 1989 4.0 still run good? What needs to be removed? Plugged? Wires discarded? Ollie
  6. I found the vacuum line to the heater valve........ It was just below the the the vacuum inlet line. It has vacuum all the time holding the valve closed and no vacuum when in the heat position. Someone thru the years had pushed another long line into the fitting and it ended up by the radiator hooked to nothing. Now I am moving on to redoing both the heating and AC systems. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  7. I found this pic of the AC and Heater control for sale on E Bay. This has gotta be where I pick up the control going to the water valve. Correct?
  8. My graphics came out great....... Worked on the wipers. According to the shop manual the motor and delay board are bad. Today I changed out the wiper motor and hooked up the windshield washer system. Everything works except the delay. I understand the part is not available except a good used OEM. See one on E bay but its not worth $45 to me. Put on some new blades. Heat and AC next. My plan is a new compressor, dryer/receiver, expansion valve and hoses. I am having a problem with the vacuum operated heater water valve. I see it in the eng compartment, but here is no vacuum line running to it. I have found the following page, 24-29, in the heating and air conditioning section. Where does this vacuum line originate? I see no location for it thru the firewall? Where is this panel that all the vacuum lines are hooked to? It must be in the below dash unit somewhere? I assume I will have to a new line. All my doors are opening and closing as they should. The vacuum is entering just below the expansion valve and is being supplied by a line from the intake manifold. Any help appreciated. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  9. WOW...........We recovered this truck from one foot in the grave to a lighting bolt !!!!!! I purchased this truck in Alabama and on the drive home to Mississippi I couldn't get it moving faster than 70 mph. If you went up any type of grade.......it was completely bogging out. That was back in the "olden' days" A new set of good injectors, from Performance Injectors, throttle body clean up, new gaskets, throttle position sensor, air cleaner, fuel filter and my 4.0L has a new life. The spark plugs were new. I also did as Cruiser 54 suggested about the power/comfort transmission switch. Just wire jumped it to power. New filter and trans fluid for a refresh. It is now shifting like a new trans and at 95 mph (still climbing) I backed out of it. Got my gauges all installed and working........ The air conditioning system is toast. I think the seller put as much freon in it as he could the morning I bought it. It wasn't blowing cold but passable. Next project is a new compressor, a Sanden 7 piston, new hoses, drier, and expansion valve. It will be 134 when completed. Wiper motor or switch needs attention. Only has 1 speed and no delay. A new back glass as the slider window is gone and has a piece of Plexiglas siliconed in. I am waiting for my shop manual to get here before I start on the wiper motor. Tuesday I am going to my graphics shop for the Pioneer stripping. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  10. I think you made a good buy on your "new" Comanche. I just got my first one a couple of weeks ago., paid $6K For the past couple of days my friend and I have been playing with it at his shop. I am not sure if you have the switch on the dash to change the transmission from power to comfort. Mine does and I did as suggest here at the site to hot wire it to power. WooHoo..........want a difference. We also changed the filter and fluid. Its like a NEW trans. I am a car guy and the first step is to change all the fluids, at least in my book. Ollie
  11. Started ordering stuff for a couple of upcoming projects. For the Engine New injectors, 4 hole Throttle position sensor Fuel filter Air filter For the Transmission Filter Oil I am going to my buddies shop Thursday and work on the trans and engine. I am up on carbs but not to handy on injectors so Pete is going to teach me. It's great to have car guy friends. I don't like all the idiot lights so I am installing gauges. There are plenty of blank spots on the dash to mount the gauges. Just to the right of the speedometer there is a large panel. The panel that the cig lighter was in I added a gauge I removed the transmission selector switch. I by-passed it to stay in the power mode. I found that info here at the site. The switch was bad and would not move. I filled in all the areas that needed filling with body filler. I had some black matrix contact vinyl paper left over from my dash board in my Rambler, so i covered the pieces with that. Tomorrow I will starting installing them in the dash. Its going to take me awhile but in a time I will have this truck to my liking. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  12. I found a 89 Comanche in Alabama and now I am the new owner. I am happy with it and had a nice ride home to Mississippi with no issues. Got alot of "things to do" on my list. The "Ram" hood ornament is on the list. It is running ok but I know there is alot of room for improvement. The seller told me that he just put in new injectors and they were the cheapest he could find on line. It just seems to bog out about 65 mph, idle is not that great and is rather poop less. I have read here on the forum where 4 hole injectors are the thing to do. I have located some on the internet. Any recommendations as to which are the best? He has done some engine work. It was full of sludge when he got the truck. He cleaned out the engine, put in a new oil pump, time chain, water pump, radiator and new injectors. First, I need to install gauges, not to much into idiot lights. Some white graphics would be a nice upgrade too. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  13. Got Ya BeatCJ......... when asking a question like this......be prepared. I am learning. I got a AMC 727 sitting in my shop. Good to know it will work. They are bullet proof. AMC used the Borg Warner in cars many a year and they were a reasonable trans. Keep the comments coming.....you won't be quoted in a court of law....... Thanks for moving the thread to the proper place Ollie
  14. I am new to the Jeep Comanche's and I know that AMC never built a transmission. I have located a couple of 1988-1989 Comanche's that I am interested in. What are the better transmissions? Automatic's (who built them?, do AMC 904/727's bolt up? to the 4.0)) Manual 5 speeds (who built them? Was there a heavy duty? If so, can I figure it by vin#?) Which would you prefer? Ollie
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    Nice .....got AC ? I am trying to post pics of my latest build. A 1969 Rambler.....Road Warrior I hope it worked. Ollie Road_Warrior.wmv
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