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  1. My truck is becoming famous.....they have named a town in Texas to honor him... We are traveling to Colorado Springs, CO to attend the American Motors Organization National Convention and spent the night in Comanche, Texas. Nice car Museum in Cross Plains, Texas Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  2. Plan is coming together.......... Ollie
  3. Looking fwd too back filled pics Ollie
  4. Got tired of chasing groceries and paraphernalia around the back of truck so I built this removal wall. Its doing the job....... a handy 1 arms length from the tailgate. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  5. I appreciate innovative work like this. Looking fwd to more progress and results. I love keepin' my "old AMC junk" on the road; sometimes ingenuity is the best answer. I am not a big fan of it must be a "factory screw" and the paint "overspray" must be 100% correct. Having AMC Fun, Ollie
  6. Looking good !!! Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  7. With Grundy I pay $300 a year for full coverage (valued @ 5K each) on 3 vehicles. 69 Rambler, 74 postal Jeep & 89 Comanche Having AMC Fun, Ollie
  8. TKS, thats what I needed to know. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  9. I have a 1989 Comanche. Crank windows, no electric. My question is: What years and models will door panels interchange with my truck? I understand that 4 door Cherokee's will fit. What years? TKS in advance. Ollie
  10. Progress is a splendid thing !! Ollie
  11. Yes you may. I don't care for the gene altering attributes of the shot. They are not like any other vaccinations I have received. Ollie
  12. Glad to hear ya'll are getting the shots, as herd immunity takes over, its better for me . I am going to pass. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  13. When I see items such as these....it makes my back hurt........... Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  14. Personal Opinion.............don't like it Way to rough.....use 1500 grit sandpaper and polish with rubbing compound ........no clear to come off Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  15. Following along your project........love it, sure better than nothing Could not agree more; our house is 1200 sq ft..shop 3500 sq ft and it's still to small Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
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