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  1. Ollie

    How old are you?

    I just getting smarter...........not older......... Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  2. Cody, My house is 1200 sq. ft. Shop 3,500 sq. ft. under roof........ You can see where my priorities are............ Wife says the house is bigger than she needs to keep clean, she likes hanging out in the shop. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  3. I know your Comanche enjoyed his outing carrying you and mom around the country side. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  4. I love it, wish I had the talent to attempt something like that. I always gravitate to "odd Balls" like that at a car show. Sure going to be a head turner. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  5. Lights done...... Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  6. Pete, I have a tailgate spot reserved for the event and will be there all 3 days. The tailgate spot is actually 2 parking spots and allows me to set up a 9' X 9' tent, chairs & table. I have a small generator that can run 3 small crock pots, one with chili, one with pulled pork, one with hotdogs and plan on serving chili dogs and pulled pork sandwiches along with chips and drinks. All supported by a donation jar. Do you have a Comanche Club banner that I can borrow and attach to my sun tent? I have no problems making it the Official Comanche Club hang out. I t
  7. Eagle Scout in 1965, OA with brotherhood too Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  8. Don't know.........they say 12,000 vehicles last year, never attended one, my cousin went last year and he loved it. I will be a expert after this years show. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  9. Working on some running lights for The Comanche.......... Last week during cold weather in the Southland, I had to come up with in the house projects. We faired well as we had water and power all during the storm. Seven days in the teen's is rough for us. Bought some lights from Mossmj13 I didn't know when I purchased them they were Ford Ranger lights. I should have investigated further, my mistake. Working with what I have. I cut the grills off to look more like Jeep lights. During disassembly for cleaning all the reflector chrome fell off.
  10. AMC Union Hall Kenosha
  11. It might be a male/female thing............... Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  12. Ollie

    washing machines

    Just been thru this myself. Our Sears washer was 16 years old and all I have ever done was replace the timer and hot wire the door close switch. Wife says the machine is not spinning the cloths dry as they should and they take longer to dry in the dryer. Ok, so I "looked" at the machine, not knowing what I was looking at, and wow, what a rust bucket underneath. Really didn't know how it was staying together. Now the search for the "new" washer began. I didn't know what type of journey that was to become. Off to Lowes to take advantage of my 10% military discount. Looks as if you d
  13. Me, the wife and The Comanche will be attending the 2021 Great Smokie Mts Jeep Invasion in Pigeon Forge, TN August 26-28. We will be in the Show & Shine lot in a tailgate experience parking spot. I will post the number when I get it. Stop by, say hi and lets talk Jeep/AMC/car stuff. We will have cold beer, soda pop, water, chili dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, shade, fans and a chair available to anyone !!!!!! Anyone plan on attending? https://greatsmokymountainjeepclubinvasion.com/ Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  14. That's all part of the game....... I spent a couple of days in Cheyenne a few years ago. Water pump went out on a Rambler I was driving. Got a pump overnighted, changed it in a hotel parking lot; one of the girls that worked there husband came over with is truck full of tools. Nice friendly people, kinda like Mississippi folks. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
  15. Your "new" truck looks great. Hope you have as much fun getting yours up to your specs as I did mine. Look forward to following your posts. I like the name of your thread, don't change that. Having Comanche Fun, Ollie
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