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  1. got one today I don't have a spout for it though.
  2. pretty much how they are built is I take a piece of chipboard (thin cereal box) then glue the headliner material to it with spray adhesive. then on the old visor I cut the crappy stuff off leaving the rod and the hardboard. Then I take the chipboard/headliner combo fold it over and run a stitch down the bottom.
  3. for sure I didn't even know my valve cover was aluminum until I cleaned my engine bay that's how bad it was
  4. bAcK In mY dAy. I'm joking just not my thing so into the bin or if somone want's it for some reason
  5. we live in the time of smart phones now lol. it was just way to ugly to keep and was super easy to delete
  6. thanks for the words on the visor mini. wish you the best on your ax15 swap :beerchug:

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    2. Jesse J

      Jesse J

      seems like smart enough advice:roflmao:

    3. MiNi Beast

      MiNi Beast

      don't ask me how i know. :crazy:

    4. Jesse J

      Jesse J

      lol. well enjoy your build as well!

  7. that makes me really happy nothing like a clean engine bay
  8. thatnks! that's not a bad idea. I also deleted that ugly mirror on the passenger side because I hated the way it looked and there is basically no use for them
  9. it is pretty sweet. works on my sisters chevy van as well.
  10. wide enough lol. I am pretty stoked I have a plan coming together. the hope is to get it lifted and re axeled by September
  11. yeah the machine kinda had some funkiness with the tension it would get loose then tight then loose I am working on fixing it. And yeah it isn't perfect. thanks I guess you don't have to get one .
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