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  1. That seems fair. I'm interested in the jeep vinyl seat like we talked about when your ready to do them will do
  2. @Muncher@89 MJ@BeatCJ looking at about $440 for "jeep vinyl bench" and $410 for a regular vinyl don't know their pricing for just the normal fabric but If fabric interests anyone I can get some samples and prices
  3. big development today on the shop in the sweltering heat it was 95 today. So rocky mountain got all the power figured out last night and the first new box was shipped. Today started at 6:30 and ended at 8. Got a bunch of weed trees in my neighbors knocked down for him. Then the fourty footer and the twenty footer got here then we went up north to pick up some steel from sheet steel and plate fabrication got a truck drove it back where 4 yards of gravel was delivered and the crane got there 30 minutes later because they had an opening. It took only 40 minutes to get all the boxes set. Then the
  4. I will bring it to your guys' attention my machine is currently out of commission building the new shop so it will be a second before it is ready
  5. oh poop I forgot to update this thread. Trailer worked great a little softroading even down some less than maintained dirt roads. It was very nice having our own little home. I will chuck some pictures up tomorrow night
  6. oh crap I really need to get on that. I have been distracted with the shop and all will do some math this weekend
  7. well dan decided to be a fool and not fill the electrical trench because "I am not an electrician" what an asshat and I am not working for him anymore and he is fired. But we got a skid steer for 4 days and I got pretty good at driving it today and got it all backfilled graded out and the hill smoothed out. We found 2 high cube 20' 1 trip boxes very good conditioj and one is coming tonight rocky mountain is also coming to get the line buried and a new pole in
  8. remember a dash mat that fits a 86-96 xj will fit just in case no one sells a "comanche" mat
  9. Finally got it all poured out today stripping forms tonight and Dan is going to backfill on monday.
  10. got the title work done and they are almost done buttoning it all up. Leaving tomorrow morning down south
  11. oh for sure it's a million times better than the carpet I just don't like the design on it to much you know wouldve done the same material different design
  12. Yeah my bad. I am not a fan of the flooring they chose but it's not my place
  13. no worries I didn't think you where I helped him finish up the form work this morning mostly pinch nailing everything and getting things buttoned up and he said if I want a job I should come to a pour hes doing Wednesday . No mud today but we have guaranteed concrete for Thursday
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