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  1. yeah I sure lucked out with those! one thing I forgot to mention is I won a $100 gift certificate in the raffle and I bought an MORE steering brace which I am pretty excited for
  2. thats a good point. Next years takeover is going to be sweet
  3. Yeah I am super duper stoked on it. Its really my truck now. Shame its overheating
  4. ok so the long awaited update on Audrey the metric ton. got the rear axle ground down and welded and painted with POR 15 and holy smokes it great stuff. I went a little crazy and painted the leaves as well. I got the rear completed after pulling it in and out 10 times. The barnes kit worked great, great product would recommend. I got the CORE 4x4 Short arms in and they went pretty alright. I also built my ruffstuff 7/8s heim kit. I paid my buddy 20 bucks to Tig weld them. Got the steering in. Picked up some open country tires and they are super smooth on road so far. Dropped off my driveshafts at a local driveshaft shop here and they did a fantastic job. I finished the Ax15 swap and it drives great super happy with it. Just scared wheeling with a manual Thinking about setting up my other 231 for dual cases. chopped the fenders and got the parts cherokee bumper painted, cut, and installed looks great. I had to build a new drivers bumper mount because the other one was crushed. I took it for its maiden voyage after finally getting brake liners that took forever and I pulled in and it spewed coolant and I was like oh it must have been to full then cut to it getting hotter and hotter when I drive it the next times and then I was driving it home from school on Wednesday and it died on me and there was steam everywhere. I replaced the water pump and everything seemed to be working fine put it on the trailer so I could get it down to the takeover. Didn't wheel the first day as it is only 2wd atm because my matching front trutrac and my mater install kits didn't come in time . Then I was driving it for like 40 minutes Friday night and I let it idle for 10 minutes and I pop the hood to see how it is and coolant went everywhere. spent Saturday wiring an O Reileys temp sensor and an auxiliary fan switch then went home. I think that is it I just kinda word vomited. I am swapping to an open system soon and if that doesnt help I am going to do some compression tests to see if its my headgasket and if a new head gasket doesn't work it will get the engine and electronics out of the 92 parts cherokee
  5. lol I will. I am just super dissapointed it failed on me. Uggggghhh why did I decide I liked old pickup trucks
  6. Thanks I appreciate it. I think I am going to go more the full open system conversion. I have a parts xj that makes that a whole lot easier. I just want something I can install and not have to mess with for years to come
  7. I agree the truck is looking very different. I will type one up as soon as I have time
  8. it got another new thermostat so I am pretty sure it isnt that. is there a tstat that everyone loves? what about radiator recommendations?
  9. welp still overheating. at this point I am thinking it is a headgasket??? we will see. I'm buying a new radiator off my buddy and converting to a open?? closed?? (I can never remember) the better one. I spent saturday wiring in an O reileys temp gauge and a non ignition fan switch. If I convert and still hit 240 after 5 minutes of driving I will do a headgasket
  10. Thanks dudes! The old pump was a little crusty but alright I’m kinda surprised it was the problem. I think likely it was a gasket issue?? Never the less it has a new water pump and gasket. Excited for the weekend!
  11. New water pump got in and it didn’t overheat!!! Took it for a 25 minute drive and the bottle was 211 the upper hose was 191 and the block was 157. Leaving for the takeover in 5 minutes!!!! Thanks very much for your help guys
  12. will do thank guys. going to check and if it checks out new water pump will go in!
  13. bottle and cap are mehhhhhh. my upper hose isnt getting anything. I just have a dummy light on my cluster so I don't know how to get proper temp reading. I do have a laser thermometer. should be alright on oil I will double check when I have the chance. and the steam did see to be coming from my head???? or at least on the drivers side. should I go down the road of water pumper replacement. I don't think the pump leaks at all I think it does make a slight whine occasionally
  14. Stock stock and stock. Flushed everything separately ( block radiator and core)with a garden hose forcefully then ran 5 gallons of distilled water to flush out hose water then filled it up and burped it. no Idea if they gave me the right one I picked up a new one from napa an hour ago for an 87 4.0 Comanche. I will check if the pulley has play no clue. why would that cause overheating?
  15. After finally getting my truck on the road again and driving it to school and to a couple friends houses no longer than 15 minutes my truck has spewed coolant everywhere twice. I don't have actual temp readings. I am supposed to leave for the takeover tomorrow if not friday morning. I have replaced the coolant and burbed it and replaced the thermostat again because I thought mine was faulty. I am tempted to believe it is a water pump
  16. LMAO those screws succcccckkkk I totally forgot about that thread
  17. looks great! love the matte gloss wanting to do something to my lwb in the near future.
  18. Jesse J

    College Vehicle

    Doesn’t solve the issue of the 11 hour drive to the school and back
  19. I also need an extended e brake cable for one side of my waggy axle. Not as essential because one side works but where would I get one of those
  20. running 5.5 inches both front and rear. is that c1500 a stock line?
  21. Ok so I know this topic has been covered a bunch of times but I ordered some extended stainless brake lines from Iron Rock offroad and they are not going to ship them in the time I need them. Is there a place that sells the correct length lines preferably a brick and mortar store I can go to? My main issue is that everything for a cherokee is 4-6 inches of lift which I don't think is long enough.
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