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  1. still to young. the lady friend is getting hers Wednesday though
  2. I wouldnt be able to help myself either.
  3. yeah I just wish that bumper was straight. that might get rattle canned for now. those bezels used to be chrome. and now they are all the same color with the bumper
  4. here's the new rattle can on the grill and headlight bezels and I don't think I have said this but I got some oem side markers from @eaglescout526
  5. I replaced them with some #8 I got at home depot. . I had to drill out half the screws when removing my lenses the first time and there are still two screws (headless) on my driver lens that are really rusted into the thing and can't get them out still. I have tried vice grips and everything
  6. I have watched all three videos I need to again my focus isnt the greates ok cool thanks
  7. was meaning on how the actual shifting mechanism worked in an ax15. but between videos and explosions I have pieced it together almost good enough
  8. yeah I am not even going to start thinking about how an auto works thank you very much.
  9. that dang caps button I wish lol. that's a 3d model my dad got from the interweb of my older sisters chevy van she is living out of
  10. burn it to the ground please we can afford losing one comanche
  11. the top looks fairly level except for the drivers side a little low. but other than that it looks ok. idk why your bumper is so low though
  12. yeah for sure. When I get my own place I want a shop 3 times the square footage of my house
  13. yeah it won't be huge but better than the backyard
  14. This is a stupid question. I get how the whole gearbox works except for how the shift forks actually shift depending on where the stick is. I can't find any good resources on the internet
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5ZhfkkpSbGLTHdnR2pZcHFpY1U/view found this on the interweb thought it might help anyone in the future
  16. Figured I would get around to the write up on this project. 3 shipping containers in U with a high bay area in the backyard. Got the zoning permits yesterday and some other things need to happen before that such as demo on the shed and moving the hot tub. this project will also include a new fence. We have a 20" container in the backyard and I will try to snag some pictures of where it's going.
  17. rock auto is a great place for any part. I go to the junkyard fairly often.
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