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  1. k so connector disconnected. my wires aren't long enough to reach. and what wire on what side of the steering column?
  2. smart. sttuggling getting that connecter off. how?
  3. snapped the clip off the connecter though
  4. reading bout 1 passenger side turning right
  5. key on there isnt a grey wire on the passenger side
  6. with the headlighs on. headlights off zero
  7. ok thanks guys. blue wire to ground is about 11 volts
  8. I can't find it in the manual I have ok it says 0.1-0.04
  9. the black wires are the ground I am confused
  10. well yes I get that but just what @jdogI am not quite sure what this part means
  11. ok explain that too me in a much simpler way kinda confused what I should do
  12. https://cars.ksl.com/listing/7106888 pretty clean
  13. this is so funky I have no clue where to start
  14. ok early this morning I wired up the rear sockets and everything on the passenger side. the drivers brake light works . but the rear turn signal is just permanantly on drivers side. and he drivers side reverse light works correctly. the passenger reverse light is backwards on when forward off when backwards. the passenger turn signal is always on and the brake light doesnt come on.
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