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  1. Oh ok. I still need to take a stab at it I’ve been working on other things
  2. Ok so some serious funkiness none of the reverse lights work. The passenger brake/ running light gets darker when the pedal is depressed. Nothing else works
  3. Ok so the passenger side is the side with the new sockets and things. I have no clue if that is right I just wired it how it was originally wired or at least my best attempt. Sorry the pictures aren’t great
  4. ok this is gonna be cool. I read it as the popes charger at firs and was confused.
  5. thanks very helpful. so can I just splice some extra connections in? or how do I make my parts work. also right meaning passenger or driver?
  6. what is going on with your exhaust good sir?
  7. both of the sockets I have have 3 wires and the other ones have 4-6
  8. oh thats why well off to napa to fill them up. In all seriousness I am having a hard time finding a wiring diagram that is helpful
  9. my front ones work (they don't blink yet don't have the flasher in) my rear ones are messed up
  10. ok well spring break is this week and I am going to try to fix my turn signals and if I have the time maybe get to building a tcase skid plate but I doubt that will happen. how many wires are supposed to be coming into the housings? I don't think I have enough
  11. I might run the same tire size looks super good!
  12. Thanks! but there is actually only one way to find out there is only one me sized person out there.
  13. now I want to go see if I can fit through my stock 3 piece slider. I am 5 10 and 125 pounds I could probably fit
  14. first off that sucks. I really hope it all works out. second only a "jeep dude" especially an xj/mj dude would notice it was a 97+ xj just something I found funny when reading. I agree with pete robo dog in the passenger seats of your trucks.
  15. he built this for his "1 ton" recovery rigs. for offroad recoverys that need a little more oomf than the banana can provide.
  16. It has had it's maiden voyage down at EJS.
  17. well figuring I am replacing the bumper soon enough just hitting it with a coat of black would freshen it up alot.
  18. looks like your dad and brother are having too much fun on both projects!
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