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  1. Radio install was painless. How are you guys getting RCA cables and amp turn on wire to the head unit? Area behind radio is sealed pretty tight.
  2. Pete, what gearing do you like for street duties with trail riding on weekends on 33's? I'm thinking 4.56?
  3. Change of plans on the build for Axles, found a killer deal on a 31spline 8.8(with 3.55s and Disc Brakes) setup for an XJ with matching HPD30 locally. Deal comes with front and rear drive shafts from the XJ. Now just need to figure out wheel spacers, gearing and locker for rear axle for now.
  4. Thanks for moving to the correct place!
  5. 1991 2WD MJ Jeep with 4.0HO & 5speed Goal - Street friendly 4WD truck, with a killer audio system. Plans - 4WD conversion with HP D30 & 8.25 axles - Transmission 4wd AX15, T case,not sure yet Phase one - Locate 8.25 axle / Build 8.25 axle with 4.56 gears and locker (lunchbox or ARB)
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