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    La Dee Flats OHV

    Who has gone, anyone got pictures, anyone close to the general area, and anyone planning on going or wanting to go in the near future?
  2. Me&my86MJ

    La Dee Flats OHV

    Seemed like a good spot to make sure our 4wd systems were working properly. Right before you enter LaDee Flats
  3. Me&my86MJ

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    I like all as well Pete and would like at least 1 & 3 & you should definitely think about doing other design/color schemes. Like camo prints, maybe somehow something that say mall/crawl/trail rated, and even cannabis ones( I probably order 420 of them)!
  4. Me&my86MJ

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    Awesome, I am part of the collective now!
  5. Me&my86MJ

    La Dee Flats OHV

    Pete it is a lot of fun, the whole family has enjoyed both of our trips there but now we need/want some quads and dirtbikes.
  6. I went to respool my winch in and at first it was working fine, then I heard click and no more spooling in, I figured my battery is/was weak and needed a bit of time to recharge. After a little bit of my truck running I tried spooling in and just a click no winch movement. I turn my jeep off and now it wouldn't restart. After some inspection I find BUSS(30amp) fuse from battery to starter relay has popped(yellow wire from battery to relay in picture). I only had 20amp BUSS fuses on hand, so I tried them and they worked enough to start and run jeep but as soon as I tried the winch I popped the fuse. So i replaced fuse and tried to start jeep and it starts up and then dies. So I grab so 30amp BUSS fuses and my jeep starts and I am able to run winch.... Temporarily as I neared the last 2 or 3 meters of winch rope, winch starts clicking and not spooling in, so I figured I popped Buss fuse so I turn jeep off and sure enough fuse is popped. I replace it and now jeep will not start, turn over, click, or prime fuel pump.... Anyone else have this issue, does my starter relay need replaced now, what has everyone else done to not have this problem?
  7. You sir are correct, thank you, I couldn't really see where or what was touching until I took this picture. Even in the picture it is hard and to see they are touching and it barely looks like they are touching at all but that doesn't matter because it is enough to cause problems. So I flipped red wire and presto, it starts when I turn key and no longer in own. I also was able to respool the rest of my winch rope in(only 10 feet or so), now time to unspool it all the way and run it all the way in with light load.
  8. So I tried fatter wire in place of yellow wire..... my truck now wants to turn over all by itself just by hooking negative battery cable up...
  9. So would it cause problems if I were to leave yellow fused wire and pull heavier gauge wire both running to starter relay? I believe that the purpose of yellow fused wire is to protect starter relay and it did do so, I did pop 4 or 5 BUSS fuses first before popping my starter relay.
  10. Yes you are correct, I was just meaning the routing of the wires themselves.
  11. Look I didn't go rewiring the underhood or swapping wires for fun. Actually according to wiring diagram for my 1986 2.5l comanche all wires look to be going to and from where they belong. Sorry you don't like the way it looks, but that is the way jeep made them, 100% pure perfect quality.
  12. Me&my86MJ

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Oh oh oh pick me pick me, mine got a BOAR offroad recovery bag loaded with 2 d-rings, a snatch block, 3 recovery straps in different lengths and colors, folding shovel in sheathing bag, a pair of gloves, and line snap hold down bag and hi lift jack with base and anti rattle rubber handle keeper thingy.
  13. Me either and controllers are standard 3 prong wired in/out function only and it has a non wired remote with in/out and on/off buttons but nothing extra is wired or nothing electrical was even running when this happened. A side note I have had that yellow BUSS fuse wire for a few months and never had any issues, it is suppose to replace the fused jumper wire that was originally there.
  14. So the yellow 12 gauged 30amp BUSS fuse wire from battery to starter relay is causing my problem?
  15. Sorry last picture doesn't even have winch hooked up here is picture with it hooked up. I mainly posted picture to show yellow BUSS fuse wire from battery to starter relay that keeps popping.
  16. Those look way more comfy than my bench seat.
  17. It possibly try to fix both, maybe make one a daily sort of thing and other more for offroading.
  18. Me&my86MJ

    The (almost) daily Comanche picture thread

    This comanche looks like it should belong to a member of the Cobra Commander Squad.
  19. Me&my86MJ

    La Dee Flats OHV

    Me too, I also found some YouTube videos of it. I cannot wait to get there. It is so close it is almost in my backyard.
  20. Me&my86MJ

    Cause of knock?

    Very nice, I got some 2.5 envy over here.
  21. Me&my86MJ

    Black Friday score

    I felt the same way when I seen the price, pulling capacity, and synthetic rope on the one I got from Amazon. I thought it was about the sweetest deal one could get but you definitely destroyed my deal price by almost triple too.
  22. Me&my86MJ

    Black Friday score

    Nice score!
  23. Me&my86MJ

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I finally bought the best upgrade for any jeep a house with driveway, and tall-ish 2 car...truck garage.
  24. Me&my86MJ

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    I love it! You guys want to lynch me right now for simply weighting in as someone who currently doesn't have sway bars on, just happens to be how my comanche is right now, never once did I say they are not needed, Pete i totally understand the longer links actually had longer links purchased when i got all my lift components but ended up being too short sadly, and Eagle do you feel you are grasping there just a bit to argue (@#$% no i wouldn't swerve either, you don't know the kids in my neighborhood, lol, just kidding). Calling me ignorant AZJEFF trying to claim I said other than I did, you could read and see bit diffrent but I'm the ignorant one. Man there has been a lot of hate here lately and honestly I getting tired of all of it guys, just read all of the post.
  25. Me&my86MJ

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    I thought you are not suppose to swerve for any animal on public roadways, as it can cause an accident. Isn't the rule of thumb to speed up a bit so front end picks up to travel over them easier, because braking (hard) dives the front end of vehicle, or cause skidding and losing control. Side note my sway bar is only off because my lift and long arms, made stock ones too short.