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  1. Hmmm, sounds familiar and definitely looks familiar. I like it, a jeep 2.5l with super charger and tough duck!
  2. Thank you again, have a special few goodies coming too. Certainly can't wait
  3. Yeah teachers foot was in 1st picture I believe asking me, "Hey, we just got this one, they think it has blown head gasket, you want it?" Of course I jumped in as all other motors had already been rebuilt at one time or another by students and this one was still "new". Thank you, earned myself a passing grade and extra credit as all other students had to pair up to be able complete theirs and I did mine solo.
  4. Just a slideshow and video of a 2.8l GM engine I rebuilt for engine repair class, from blown headgasket and milkshake coolant/oil to successfully running and holding oil pressure.
  5. That is kinda what I was wondering too or maybe draglink could maybe be installed on top of pitman to keep angles the same-ish??
  6. Just purchased a GMC Yukon this last month and the dealership had this Ferrari, a few others Ferraris, a pair of Nissian GTRs, a couple Lamborghinis, two very nice Suburau WRX STIs, they even had a super low mileage Jeep JK.lol
  7. Oh very nice, how big is the difference in lower section draglink bolts too? I can definitely see the steeper angle form ZJ pitman arm.
  8. I used 90s Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 front driveshaft for my front.
  9. Oh very clean and thank you for detailed explanation. Looks like a very nice clean upgrade
  10. Mine is SOA with 1 ton chevy drop shackles and I have Rubicon 4.5 coils and 1 inch coil spacer and it currently sits on 31s
  11. So no more fusible links coming from starter relay to everything else, looks really clean. Did you only wire fused links to breaker or all wires that were attached to starter relay?
  12. Ok, thank you Pete for your response.
  13. Sorry, I know this is a really old thread, does anyone know if we still receive a discount and if so is contact person/info in this post still accurate?
  14. I totally hear you there but there is definitely the die hard comanche lovers here almost daily too.
  15. My first trail run, we went through 800 trail taking what I believe was the bypass sections.
  16. Definitely not with these land yachts, together they are almost as long as a school bus, and can carry just as many kids🤣
  17. Seemed like a good spot to make sure our 4wd systems were working properly. Right before you enter LaDee Flats
  18. I like all as well Pete and would like at least 1 & 3 & you should definitely think about doing other design/color schemes. Like camo prints, maybe somehow something that say mall/crawl/trail rated, and even cannabis ones( I probably order 420 of them)!
  19. Awesome, I am part of the collective now!
  20. Pete it is a lot of fun, the whole family has enjoyed both of our trips there but now we need/want some quads and dirtbikes.
  21. You sir are correct, thank you, I couldn't really see where or what was touching until I took this picture. Even in the picture it is hard and to see they are touching and it barely looks like they are touching at all but that doesn't matter because it is enough to cause problems. So I flipped red wire and presto, it starts when I turn key and no longer in own. I also was able to respool the rest of my winch rope in(only 10 feet or so), now time to unspool it all the way and run it all the way in with light load.
  22. So I tried fatter wire in place of yellow wire..... my truck now wants to turn over all by itself just by hooking negative battery cable up...
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