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  1. thanks found one $90 bucks shipped not to bad a buddy of mine just told me he has a ax15 laying on the ground so i am hoping to go that way
  2. What are you guys using and or whats the best one to buy. Specs on the truck 89 4.0 5 speed 231 t-case. It not the ax 15 i need to just step up to that bad boy. My issue is that a throw out bearing only last me like 3 or 4 trips out wheeling and yes i beat the crap out of it but still these thing should last longer than that. :headpop: :headpop: thanks guys.
  3. seats brackets r sold as soon as i can get them off the badges should be sold if i can get them off with out breaking them any tips
  4. E brake thing just got shipped so what's next I have not figured out this Paypal thing so if you want something check our money order I guess. :nuts:
  5. Rokhound

    short bed

    thanks for the heads up
  6. yeah still have the the brackets. as far as the cab louvers go i would like to sell them as a set so $40 plus the ride. Sorry was sick last week and was out of town all weekend. how do the come off by the way i am going to work on it first thing tomorrow so I am hoping to get the e-brake thing off and shipped and i will work on getting the seats separated and the louvers off. Is there any thing else guys. Does any one want this cab
  7. 100 plus shipping obo
  8. should add that it does have buckets
  9. Trail gate thing got messed up. Gray inside I see about the door locks and keys.its a 91/92 so has the hlgh out motor and plus its a two Wheeler so my plan is to drop the drive train down in to my j-bucket. :wrench: Sorry don't get on here a lot well try to get back to u guys soon
  10. yeah its just as bad as the diver theres not much left of it
  11. Rokhound

    short bed

    looking for a short box close to Iowa and cheap would be nice
  12. what do you need there's not much left. fuel tank bucket seats cab lights my plan is to cut the top half of the cab off so if some one needs it let me no i will ship little stuff but the big stuff your going to have pick up.
  13. Rokhound


    good to hear man thanks
  14. Rokhound


    sold thanks 87Warrior
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