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  1. I did a similar swap going from a peugoat 5 speed to the ax15 (out of a 95 xj) I used a pb77hd bushing, I think that's the same as your dorman part, but you might want to check.....
  2. pb 77 hd <--that was the part number of the one I used on my Jeep, but my tranny was out of a 95 or 96 cherokee.
  3. If I could do it again, I would not use the Rubicon Express kit.
  4. I have a waggy 44 in mine, I used the rubicon express bracket kit and would not recommend it. I reamed out the pitman arm using the Snap On "hand reamer" in a slow drill, the taper was right on the money.
  5. bpm4x4


    88 MJ Eliminator, red 2wd from the factory now has dana 44 front (waggy) 4.56 ARB Ford 9" rear 4.56 mini-spool swapped in ax15 and 231 36" TSL Swampers (not in the pic) Located in the area of Des Moines IA, but is a trail rig only factory buckets and roll bar current owner ME!!!!
  6. I have a 44 front and a 9" rear, my 44 came out of an old full size Cherokee (82) and my rear came out of a 79 Bronco. The rear was already converted to disc using f150/bronco front rotors and blazer calipers (which are almost the same as waggy calipers). If I was in your shoes having that front axle I would do like what Pete did on his front suspension. As far as steering I am using factory Waggy 82 Cherokee steering, but I had to ream out my pitman arm a little to make it fit, you may be able to do the same.
  7. is having a 2" dia brake light legal? I like the boxes, but would have used http://grote.com/product.php?product_number=53962 instead. then you would not need a resistor back there.
  8. is there enough room to put in an electric fan there?? Or is there a special one that needs to be run?
  9. the 2 at the top of the bellhousing are 3/8 coarse thread, but I don't remember how long.
  10. i thought there was more like the ford 9'' and i was talking about full size axles it would be wide (look at mine), but a 80-82 F100 rear axle (9") would have that bolt pattern too.
  11. I am just pointing out that Eagle is not helping someone in need, I have reviewed some of his other posts and wonder what he has contributed to solving the problem at hand. I can just post up toggle switches answer all problems, but that is not right for everyone either. The temp sensor that was posted might not have been the right temp for his exact needs, but would have been better than a toggle switch. I might even put that in my Jeep and even do a DIY writeup on it, so you can come over there and tell me that I too only need a toggle switch. Pete, thank you for running this site, I am sure that it keeps you very busy. I was pointing out that Eagle needs to shut up every now and then. :yes: time for another :cheers:
  12. Excuse my asking, but can you explain exactly why suggesting a very simple way for someone to get his truck running with access to the aux fan by a toggle switch while he searches for the magic sensor that nobody has been able to find over the course of the last ten years BS? I'm trying to help him get his truck running with a minimum of hassle. What are you trying to do? As to multiple threads, I have no problem with five threads for five questions. Mr. Collins hijacked three different threads with the SAME question, which spread the discussion of one question all over the board. I don't hang out on Pirate. Perhaps you should stay there if you can't behave civilly here. toggle switch statement is post 10 (or so) but the answer he was looking for was in the 3rd post, so how are you helping more?? :huh???: I saw all 3 threads and the answer was not clearly given, but it was on this thread. You would fit right in on Pirate :ack: I like that--"what are you trying to do??" Enlighten me, what do you think I am trying to do? I am not post padding like you, I don't answer questions that I don't know the answer to, and if someone wants their truck to have a working coolant switch to turn on the fan, who are you to tell them differently? I really don't think everyone wants to have their truck exactly like yours.
  13. 14-16" that's a lot of snow am thinking about upgrading to a 2 stage snow-blower :help:
  14. bpm4x4

    SWB Rollbar

    http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=19604 if he still has it
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