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  1. Which lifters did you use from them/do you have a part #. When I called them they said they didn't have any specifically built for the 4.0.
  2. The old engine is out and dissembled! I found a surprise, my exhaust has a magnaflow cat and a flowmaster muffler lol. IMG_0251.HEICIMG_0247.HEIC The block is in good condition so ill be reusing it. All the rods looked good too so ill try and reuse those too. To those that have built strokers with the 258 crank: what piston compression height did you use? What compression ratio did you end up with? Any recommendations on pistons? If I can figure out what CR I should shoot for then I can find pistons to achieve that. After looking up articles I'm thinking I'm gonna go with a
  3. Hi all! I wanted to start a build thread for the 4.0 stroker build that I've started to get input and advice as I'm going along. I'm learning as I go and it would make me feel a lot more comfortable if people with more experience looked through what I'm doin. My intended use for the truck is a dd, something with more power and just to make it really really cool. So getting into it.... Starting with a 1989 MJ with a tired 4.0 with a blown head gasket and high oil pressure. 5 speed to a ford 8.8 in back. The motor is completely ready to come out at the moment, gonna pull it in a few
  4. I got an 89 4.0 that’s been missfiring and stalling. It started out missing and joulting when accelerating hard in first and second gear but the other day it sputtered and died right after I started it up. It will start smoothly cold but after a minute or two it begins to sputter and miss and stalls. It’s hard to start after that and if I do get it going it’s missing all over the place. Exhaust smells like gas and it backfires after a couple times restarting it. I’ve replaced plugs, distributor cap and rotor and wires and have a crank position sensor ordered. I believe it’s some electric ignit
  5. 1989 Comanche 4.0 w/ AX15 / Front Danna 30 / Rear Ford 8.8 Limmited Slip / Short Bed / RWD I think it's a Poineer Trim Package but haven't done any super deep digging on it Location: West Minneapolis Suburbs, Minnesota, Originally from Idaho Status: Right now its running strong as my daily driver. Eventually might want to make it 4wd but that's way in the future Notes: Ive lifted it 3" to get more of a 4x4 look and put 31s on. I also did the disk break conversion with the 8.8. It's painted white, interiors grey with the nice comfy ben
  6. There hasn't been a lot of mentioning of just buying a kit and really if going from junk yard to junk yard is a little out of your league, a kit will do fine for a DD. I had the same idea about a year ago about getting a kit to fit 31s and I ended up going with the 3" add a leaf kit from Rusty's. http://www.rustysoffroad.com/rustys-mj-comanche-3-add-a-leaf-kit.html It comes with everything you need , although the add a leaf will not produce the advertised 3" on the rear. I've had no issues with this lift since I put it on. Making a kit yourself will get you better value and doing it now having
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