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  1. So here it goes: 1987 Jeep Comanche I have a 4.7L stroker installed, had no issues at all for about a year. I replaced the ECU with an 89 a few days ago Just replaced the CPS (must have gone through 3 or 4 of these things in the last 4 years The exhaust was replaced about a year ago due to rust. And it fires right up and runs very strong, however, once its been running for awhile and i give it gas... it starts bucking a little bit... I smelled some burning and examined under the truck and found the Catalytic converter was RED HOT! I Have never seen this before and i am long time
  2. The mechanic I had install it was not registered or certified by ATK... he did have an official business / shop etc... ATK didn't seem to dig too far into "who" installed it. They basically authorized the repair the same day the issue was discovered. If you install yourself however, it might not be covered.
  3. The shop only charged me 500 bucks in labor for the engine swap... the oil pan and all the other stuff i mentioned increased the final number a bit
  4. ‚ÄčI just recently completed swapping out my old 4.0L with a 4.6L Stroker from ATK and I could not be more happy with the results. Prior to purchasing the Engine, I pinged the forums and probed the interwebs for a reputable reman company... all I found were bad reviews and horror stories... It made me feel uneasy but I went with ATK anyway. I figured I would post my experience. Prior to the Swap I had a 1987 4.0L with about 160K on it. The engine was still firing up and running but I felt it was time for a swap. ‚ÄčThe price was / is awesome. I paid 2900 for the stroker. It did not come wi
  5. Interesting. How in the world did you figure that out? Did you have the same sluggish symptoms as mine? The mechanic seems positive that new higher powered injectors with the regulator will solve the problem.
  6. Turns out it is running very very lean. The injectors I bought from Amazon weren't rated to 24 lb/hr and I'm also putting in a hesco adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This should fix the problem!
  7. I had it delivered to the mechanic I will swing by and check tomorrow.
  8. So kind of a silly question... But if the compression is good then the engine itself can be considered to be in good shape? I paid by credit so I can dispute etc... Although I might be out the install cost. They did warrant the RMS fix so it might not come to that but the mechanic is almost at a loss for why it's running like $#!&.
  9. The first question I asked him was whether or not he checked compression. He said it all checks out and he doesn't think it's an engine issue. I was paranoid because the engine arrived with the RMS installed backwards. But if every sensor works etc.... I'm nervous the motor is a dud.
  10. well the mechanic didnt tell me the specifics on how he reset it... i am assuming he connected the battery wires together....the symptoms as he stated were : engine would fire right up but it had very little power... and felt very weak. He didn't provide any other symptoms... they swapped the ecu with one from another jeep and it did the same thing..........
  11. The engine was manufactured by ATK it is their HP25.. no dyno sheet on hand (the mechanic might have it)...my jeep is a 1987 Comanche... from what ive read the renix should adapt to the stroker pretty well... but it just isnt running right..it feels worse than my old 4.0L. I should note that the ECU has been reset... multiple sensors replaced or swapped out with working sensors.. compression and fuel pressure is good....
  12. Gentleman I just installed a 4.7L stroker engine in my 1987 jeep comanche and she is running very sluggish... seems like an old worn out jeep. My mechanic that did the install has tested every sensor, replaced the bad sensors... fuel pressure is in spec... etc... I called the tech service of the engine manufacturer and he suggested having the jeep tuned... Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this?
  13. Please post that engine cleaning regimen .. that would be helpful. I'm mostly worried about a piston skirt being broken but i hear those are not as common in the older jeep
  14. its the jeep 4.0L in a 1987 Comanche... all of the other cylinders were 120psi ... so about a 20% difference. Sorry for not including that!
  15. Lol looks like the post didn't go through... again ... the issue is i have low compression on 3 cylinders ( all at 100psi)... I put in a tbsp of motor oil in each cylinder and the engine fired right up... stronger than ever... while it was running i put a bottle of restorer in the engine and i ran it about 100 miles or so... it still starts right up... I am assuming that my piston rings are shot... I still have a "Valve Tapping" noise coming from the engine... How much longer do you think this baby will run?
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