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One of the Easiest Projects, Keep AC Vents from Rattling

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Alright, ill start this off with a little reasoning behind this little project....

One of the main roads in my girlfriends neighborhood is horrible, i have seen smoother dirt paths!!! I'm sure it has shaken the fillings out of teeth before, and after driving down it twice a day three-five days a week, i couldn't take the rattling anymore! :mad:

So i found what was making all that noise, and pulled them out. The vents appeared to have come from the factory with a small piece of felt glued to the tops and bottoms to keep them from moving about, well that was twenty years ago. The felt had deteriorated long ago.

I pulled out the trusty Super Glue!

Image Not Found

Ripped the collar off of an old t-shirt (any thickish piece of fabric or felt would do). i cut the collar into small squares and proceeded to clean up the area where the felt used to be with a piece of emery cloth.

I then glued the cloth to the tops and bottoms of the vents.

Image Not Found

(ignore the mess in the background)

Image Not Found


Image Not Found

Sorry for the crappy pic - but you get the idea

Reinstall the vents and thats it! took less then 20 minutes, and the cabin is much much much quieter going down any road!!


Don't suffer with that noisy rattle anymore!!

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