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A easy bumper to build

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Well I got tired of looking at my stock bumper, so I decided to fab up a quick and easy bumper. Since this bumper was not meant to be used for extractions, I didnt build frame tie-ins.



This is what I did.


I have a front piece of an XJ frame with the x-memeber, so I used that for mock up. The corner pieces are 4x4x1/4 angle. The center section is 1/4x4 flat. I drilled all hole holes to 9/16's using an annular cutter. I also used all 12 mounting holes.






Well after I tacked it together, I put it on the XJ is was meant to go on. For some reason both sets of corner holes were off 3/16's. So out came the plasma for a lil clearancing. I also welded everything up with my old school tombstone lincoln.








Well now it was time for the center section. I had some 4x2x/14 C channel laying around. So I cut it to fit and welded in place.






I ended up making the side pices out of 4x4 angle. I probrably should have used channel or flat stock. Over all it looks good.







I still need to put caps on the ends and add a filler piece on the front center section. All in all not bad for 3 hrs worth of work.


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