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  1. Yeah I made sure to be gentle. It absolutely is an oily mess, I was putting oil in it constantly. My parking spot at work is clearly marked.
  2. I haven't been able to work on the truck very much recently. I went on vacation for the holidays and visited my family. Now that I'm back I think its time to tackle some of my leak issues. I was a bit shocked to find NO gasket on my valve cover! One of the previous owners must have not cared very much about spilling a quart of oil every week. Everything looked clean and crack free thankfully. Popped in a new felpro gasket and snugged it down. Pro tip... wait for your engine to cool all the way down before trying to slip
  3. Dumble_hub


    We had a few inches one night here in Missouri. I had to stop and help a driver out of a ditch.
  4. Dumble_hub


    I got a chance to try that last year. I liked it a lot but I can imagine it dulls with age very quickly. I cracked open a few Dry Fly session IPAs tonight.
  5. I have yet to see one in the wild, I'm always on the lookout tho.
  6. Unless you have a cat, always over the top! Whataburger or In-N-Out?
  7. I found this bad boy at the local salvage yard for 30$. I wasn't really sure what a good price is for one of these as I have yet to see an ebay listing for one. I just knew they are rare because of this thread and jumped on it. Also... theres a tape stuck in it and I'm really curious as to what it is.
  8. Woke up early today and decided to work on a few things. There aint a better way to start your day. My turn signal decided to go out on me yesterday so that needed fixing. I never really worked on car electronics but this was very straightforward. don't worry I put in an orange bulb after I took this picture. While I had the lights off I might as well swap out the plastics and touch up the trim. I was going to put in some Hella E-codes but they decided to send me two l
  9. I don't have a welder or any idea how to weld. I asked around and found a few people willing to help me out. Hopefully they can come through because the mechanic quoted me 2,500$ for the installation.
  10. Decided it was time to install the headlight relay. I'm starting to work later at night and I would rather not burn out my light switch. I had to clear out a small birds nest from under the passenger headlight area. This truck seems to be the home for many small animal's. An easy enough install, only took me 20 minutes. I have some Hella E-code housings and fresh bulbs coming soon. I also got these in today. With winter fast approaching getting these things welded is my top priority.
  11. Out with the old in with the new Felt like 145,000 miles was a nice round number to swap out all the fluids. I took care of the oil before work. I plan on getting the transmission and differential done this weekend.
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