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DIY Renix 4.0 AC bracket bearing replacement

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1. Loosen up the 4 fan mounting bolts ( do not remove yet )

2. Release Tension on serpentine belt

3. Remove mechanical fan together with fan shroud

4. Remove AC compressor



You can see 2 bolts holding the bracket towards the top and there is one more under them (cannot see it in this picture)



It helps to have the bracket on a vise but it is not 100% necessary.



IMPORTANT- measure the gap between the pulley and the bracket so you know how far to press it back on when you re install it or you may have serpentine belt alignment issues, it doesn't have to be exact just close enough.You can use a 3 jaw puller like the one shown to remove the fan pulley. These are easily available from Sears, Harbor freight or can be rented from the big chain auto part stores.



I had to use some spare pieces of steel plate as a shim ( I tried shortening the arms on my puller but they wouldn't hold), I wound up using a socket once the pulley made contact with the "shims" to pull it through



Fan mount pulley removed



Backside of AC bracket





You will need a ball joint press tool to remove the old bearing, set it up so the force screw pushes the bearing out towards the front of the AC bracket. The press has a hole large enough for the bearing to pass through on the other end.



Here is the old bearing next to the new one, the original was also manufactured by NSK.



I used a combination of washers to press the new bearing in. I wanted to use the outside of the bearing instead of the bearing shaft to press it in.



Here's the way I set up the washers, the big rusty washer was to give the ball joint press something to press against. This is a light press and doesn't need an impact or a lot of force.



I used a thinner piece of metal I had lying around so the force screw had something to "sit" on



Front of Bracket



Rear of Bracket


New Bearing installed




Use the same procedure to press the pulley back on (the washers aren't necessary for this step)





NSK bearing part number 885586 or 665325 will work, the only difference is the 885586 bearing shaft will extend further out of the backside of the bracket which doesn't matter since there won't be any interference with anything. I was able to get the 885586 from Motion Industries for $35.00 and the 665325 from locate ball bearings.com for $35.00 also I emailed them to confirm availability, it seems it's a common number so I think it's safe to assume they aren't scarce.

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