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Load / Height Sensing Valve Delete / Bypass

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This doesn't address the fact that this leaves you without a proportioning valve.  If for some reason you have a leak in the rear line, or the front lines, you LOSE ALL BRAKING.  I personally run an XJ block with ZJ innards.  Yes, they can sometimes get clogged, but mostly due to neglect.  I'd rather have that potential issue than no brakes at all.  Otherwise, nice write-up and pictures.

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So read some bad info and hadn't got around to plunging the rear line yet. The line your going to use to go to the soft lines needs to have a new fitting.

You have a couple options here.

You can either get a 7/16 to 3/8 adapter but this adds another failure / leak point

Purchase a new double flared 3/8 brake line fitting, cut the line, add new fitting, reflare it

Lastly what I plan on doing is use the old fitting (mine was still in good shape) and use it on the correct line


Here is the fitting I'll be re using. It was the one that originally went into the soft line from the "T" removed during the previous steps.


You'll cut the end of this line, the one you'll be running into the soft line, and adding the 3/8 brake line fitting. Flare the end using a double flare and tighten it down.

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I recently did a SOA swap in the rear an disconnected the valve where it connected to the diff and mistakenly lost that rod. What kind of issues am I going to face without it properly hooked up or "bypassed" as you showed how to do? (I have yet to drive it since doing the soa)

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If the lever's dangling loose, you'll effectively have no rear brakes. Wiring it up in position (probably somewhere around horizontal or slightly above, 3 o'clock when looking from behind) will restore brakes. You can adjust it up and down to pick an optimal bias point as well.

There's also a DIY somewhere about making a new vertical rod if you wanted to go that route.

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When I deleted my valve, I also installed a new rear hose. Somehow I got lucky and bought one from NAPA that had the correct 7/16 fitting. I believe it's from a 1990 Chev 1500. NAPA P/N 38624.



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hmmm. i will give this a shot. I hate reflaring brake lines. THe idea of using the existing 7/16 fitting entrigues me!

Napa Link: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/UBK38624?ref=Mg==

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I ended up going with a dodge truck rear brakeline or something along those lines so I'd have a little more play. Honestly was a pain at first but practiced a few times on the line I ripped out. Got it to were it would hold and took it to the shop down the road. All he did was look at it, tighten it down a bit and tell me it was a good flare. Easy money. Used a vacuum pump to bleed the brakes and been working great ever since.

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