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1986 2.5 to 4.0 Swap

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It seems like there is information all over the place about this swap and I'm creating this as a place for people who have done it to post pictures on the way they did things


I'm going to try to take pictures on all the mods I had to do and try to make detailed descriptions for each pictures

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Here is some info about the early style AX15 With a internal slav


At the bottom is a link to the bearing I had to use for a 1994 engine and a 1990 ish AX15 With with the smaller pilot bearing. I used rock auto to get most of the parts which showed most of clutch components had the same part numbers between years




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Man i really appreciate this thread. I just got my first comanche today and have had xjs and zjs with the 4.0 so i was a little sad when this had the 2.5 but it runs great so going to run it till it dies(or just really get sick of it lol) but already inprocess of looking for a 4.0 to start getting ready and this is amazing to have all the links to help me get things ready. Just wanted to say thanks.

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