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Torque Specs

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I was wanting to know wheel torque and thought there was a thread here but did not find it in a search.

It would be cool if we started a thread similar to the bolt size thread.

I'll start it with the wheel torque found in the 95 XJ FSM :D



Wheel Torque = 95 ft/lb

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Hopefully it is a little more successful than the screw/bolt size thread. This summer I am hoping to have my lift on and tear the whole truck down to por15 it. So I should be able to contribute alot to both threads.


Some torque specs from the 89 FSM based on bolt size:


Bolt size..... Grade 5..... Grade 8

1/4-20..... 95 in lbs..... 125 in lbs

1/4-20..... 95 in lbs..... 150 in lbs

5/16-18..... 200 in lbs..... 270 in lbs

5/16-24..... 20 ft lbs..... 25 ft lbs

3/8-16..... 30 ft lbs..... 40 ft lbs

3/8-24..... 35 ft lbs..... 45 ft lbs

7/16-14..... 50 ft lbs..... 65 ft lbs

7/16-20..... 55 ft lbs..... 70 ft lbs

1/2-13..... 75 ft lbs..... 100 ft lbs

1/2-20..... 85 ft lbs..... 110 ft lbs

9/16-12..... 105 ft lbs..... 135 ft lbs

9/16-18..... 115 ft lbs..... 150 ft lbs

5/8-11..... 150 ft lbs..... 195 ft lbs

5/8-18..... 160 ft lbs..... 210 ft lbs

3/4-16..... 175 ft lbs..... 225 ft lbs

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There are a few more i can get out of the FSM, there's basically a section like that for every section (engine, exhaust, fuel system, etc.). i'll add to my other post when i get a chance to scan them all and resize the pictures.


Sounds good! :thumbsup:


And to Pete and Eagle..............

You can delete the last three messages if Boiler don't mind.

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I don't mind if the thread is cleaned up of any of my posts. There are at least a dozen pages worth of torque specs. not sure if there is a limit on number of images per post, so they may want to leave the other post too.


I cleaned up the first scan (finally got photoshop back on my computer) and posted another one. If anybody has a recommendation on how to organize this better, let me know.

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